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Thanks a ton!

I hope things go well!

Oh sick, you did it!

Is this compatible with Bubblegum Wizards in a way that would let wizards and vampires team up?

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I'm looking for a system to run a campaign based on Sonic Forces some time in future, and I think this game could be what I'm looking for. I'm going to give it a read when I get the chance.

Edit: I did notice at a glance that the Move Summary says "Make it Trough" instead of "Make it Through"

Rad, thank you!

Thank you ouo/

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Thank you for making! ouo/

Ah, ok! Thank you!

Ah, ok, got it!

Fair enough, thank you for adding the link!

I actually own the game through one bundle or another, I just haven't sat down to read it (I've spent the better part of 3 weeks sifting through all the bundles), but I'm planning to soon.

Ah, I see. Would you be amenable to adding an info section mentioning the intended system, level, and umber of players, like you've been doing with your more recent releases? I read the description over and back and it wasn't clear to me that it was intended for Quest.

Hey, I'm a little confused. Your cover says "A Conduit for Charge" but your description says it's written for the Dash RPG.

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The conflation of eldritch mutations with teenage puberty and self discovery is a great concept. I'm looking forward to reading through this.

The photo on the cover is also really well shot.

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This is a very well laid out and cleanly formatted playset.

I would suggest that you note somewhere in the description that this is a playset for Masks, it wasn't clear what system it was for until I downloaded it.

This is a system neutral fantasy adventure, right?

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Is there any chance you could export a compressed version of the main book? That's a pretty chufty file size for its length.

The pun alone is masterful. This is on my to-try list, for sure.

I love the artwork for this game so, SO much!

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I was not prepared for an RPG where the core concept is that weather forecasters are mystics that battle with weather spirits. But I love the concept.

When I saw the title and the picture out of the corner of my eye, I thought "Please let this be a satirical takedown of the 40k universe"

You did not disappoint. I barely know what a Troika! is but I'm going to give this a flip through.

What program are you using to lay it out? I might be able to help.

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It's kind of a weird thing to notice, but I love that the objects in the goo man's hands are bigger when viewed through his goo.

I can't afford this right now, but I wanna pick it up later.

Do you think you could export a version of this game with compressed images? 300+ MB is massive for an RPG PDF.

Ok, thank you!


Sordidfirespreads is a very amusing file name.

I very much appreciate it!

This sounds pretty rad, but  would be possible to get these files formatted in a more screen-friendly way? I do most of my TTRPGing online these days, so a printed booklet is a little ungainly.

xD Oh that's perfect.

Works perfectly, thank you!

Man, Viking Blood Feuds are, like... the perfect avenue to explore the concept of toxic masculinity.

It seems like the file might be corrupted. I get this error when I try to open it using my normal unzipper.

Could we get the core rules and worldbooks in a screen-friendly format? I don't play any games in person any more (on account of the plague), so the booklet zine format is... inconvenient.

I imagine I'm not the only person with this issue.

Tricky little platformer.

When I click Download, it says there's nothing to download.

I love the concept of the game, but I have a point of critique on the layout:

You should move the text away from the edge of the page, it ends up looking very cramped and makes it somewhat unpleasant to read. 

This is in the Print version of the document, so I feel like I could safely assume the intention is that when printed, there will be a border between the edge of the page and the text, but you have so much room on the other side, that I would move it over regardless.

I really like the idea of choosing deliberately between Quality, Speed, and Efficiency, instead of those three things being encompassed in one dice roll.

It gives a lot of interesting choice to even simple activities or rolls.

Is Branches intended to be a solo experience?

Holy shit, I wasn't expecting it to get so emotional. This is a finely crafted microgame.