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Yes! Both zines will be available during the Kickstarter and EU orders will be shipped from within the EU :)

That might take a while since I'm all out of the first print. I'll be reprinting the first zine as part of the second zine's Kickstarter campaign, so you can consider picking it up there :)

Do you mean like, trying to hit them all at once? If so, the rules generally do not allow that, but if you want to work that in there I'd say it would require an opposed roll from each NPC against a single roll from the PC. Mind you, this could get very deadly real quick, so just be aware of that.

Awesome! Thank you :)

They are now available!

Hey! Yeah I'm definitely open to that! Can you send me a message on Discord?

Thank you!

Yes, that is correct :)

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The copies haven't reached the store yet, so there will still be a chance for you to get your hands on a physical copy :) And if they sell out quickly I'll make sure to send over more to keep them stocked

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Thank you so much!

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Yes! You can get a copy as part of this bundle.

If you want to buy just this zine, there are copies currently on their way to the following shops:

So keep an eye on those :)

The updated files have reolaced the old ones so all you have to do is download them again to get the new version :) You can check if you have the 1.1 version on the credits page before the table of contents.

Hell yeah :D

Thank you!

Thank you so much, that means a lot! :)

Thank you so much! Reading this made me really happy :)

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I like playing it with 2-5 people, but you can just scale encounter sizes to your liking so adapting it for solo play shouldn't be too much trouble. The encounters tables are filled with encounters that can spiral into their own sub-adventures so I think that would help a bunch when playing without a Game Master.

I'll post about it on my Twitter @emielboven and on here, but you can also subscribe to my monthly newsletter: 

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Thank you :)


Might depend a bit on the shop but I'll try to make it so that physical copies include a digital PDF :)

Thank you!

I haven't officially approached any other retailers yet but Ratti Incantatti in Canada and LFOSR in the US will definitely stock them. ALL THE PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD in Germany will probably also sell them since they were happy to carry my other game DURF :)

Thank you, David!

That's so great to hear! Thank you :)

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Thank you so much! that's awesome! Is it okay if I link it on the main page?

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That's also why character creation is so simple, it allows players who die to quickly roll up a new adventurer and join the game again :)

Yes, that is correct :) The game (like many other old school D&D inspired games) encourages players to be careful in the early game and find ways to either avoid combat, or stack the odds heavily in their favour if they need to fight. 

You can find them here: :)

Hi, I created all the art for this; the cover image is a collage of a few public domain art pieces, but the map, and the illustrations in the DURF version are all drawn by me :)

Thank you, that means a lot :) I'm excited for you to dive into the first zine!

Thanks, Philip :)

Thank you Brian :) I'm excited to share it with you all once it's finished!

Yes, the zine is made for A6 instead of A5 :)

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Thank you!

Yes! I'll upload a print-friendly version soon ✨

EDIT: done :)

Yes! I'm using this brush pack:

lol yeah a button like that would be a nice thing to have

I believe it's some kind of halftone brush! I used a similar one for the Electrum Sea illustration that's in the project banner :)

Awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Thank you!

That's great to hear! Thank you :)