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That's great to hear!

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Thank you!

To answer your questions:

1. Leveling up and advantages give some leeway after rolling a bad character, but your character will probably still struggle more than others. However, it's not as bad as it might look at first glance, since there are three other things that smooth it over a bit: 

  • Besides the odds being fairly low that you roll five 1s in a row, the character also starts with attribute bonuses gained from their background, which means they never start with only 1s, even if they have a ton of bad luck.
  • The combat system does not rely on character attributes except in special cases like for saving throws for monster attacks and the odd class ability that the player has chosen themselves.
  • Issue 02 contains downtime actions characters can take to increase their attributes and learn new talents outside of the normal leveling increases. This system has a higher chance of success for characters with low stats.

2. I've played a bunch of Caves of Qud! I love that game, and even though it wasn't a direct inspiration it must have influenced my thinking about TEA in some ways while writing it :)

In my experience, it takes around 35-40 sessions to reach level 8. I'm a big proponent of systems where you actually get to reach the later levels and do cool stuff, so this feels like a good amount of sessions before players get to retire their character and wrap up a campaign. The first few levels go fairly quick (players will generally reach level 3 after around 3 sessions) but it slows down a bit after that.

As for adventures to sustain a campaign of that size, issue 02 will have two adventures in it which will roughly take a party up to level 3 or 4, and has a system for handling downtime in between. A bigger third adventure is also planned for after which will probably take players up to level 6. But TEA is made to support sandbox play, so just letting players come up with their own goals and letting them run wild using only the factions and encounters in the first issue will get you pretty far if you're comfortable with some improvisation :)

DURF is the Dutch word for bravery/courage, and I liked how it sounded for non-dutch speakers (reminds me of the old video game ZORK) :)

Thank you so much!

Armor is subtracted after the damage has been tripled. So in your example the fixer would deal 7 damage (roll of 3, tripled to 9, reduced to 7 by the opponent's Armor Value of 2)
I hope this helps!

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It is not :) Althought the map falls under a free license by Dyson Logos

It is not :)

Not currently, but I had solo games in mind while working on the first issue. So, if you use some kind of GM emulator, the random tables presented in issue 01 lend themselves as seeds for solo campaigns :)

For this project I used Godot 3.5, specifically for that reason :) But I've heard that the web export should be fixed or closer to being fixed in Godot 4.1, which released last week

Yes, the full version will have more uses for coins :)

Yes, they can't be used in melee

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If you email me at emielboven[at] I'll send you a download link :)

That's awesome! Thanks for playing!

15 levels :)

Wow thanks for playing! 

Really creative and inventive puzzles! Was a joy to figure them out :D

I really like the art style!

Thanks! I'd love to continue working on this after taking some time to refactor some of the terrible code I wrote to get this finished in time, so your feedback is very much appreciated :D

Thanks for playing! I'll add your feedback to my to-fix/to-do list for an eventual update :)

I had some trouble with submitting it, but that is fixed now! So if you'd like to leave a rating, you can do so here:

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy it :) 

I have a list of bugs I need to fix and additions I want to implement. I'll try to update this when I have some time over the next few months :)

more like a design oversight lmao

Hey, thanks for playing! I didn't find the time to add a way to return to the main menu from the game during the jam, but I'll add it later in a proper update!

Thank you! There are remap options in the Options menu at the start screen :) I just didn't have time to create a way for the player to access it during a run, so you'll have to restart the game to remap controls :)

It should be fixed in the current build :D

this should be fixed now!

this should be fixed now :)

Thanks! I'd love to see what you are working on!

Hell yeah! I switched over to Godot last year!

Thank you! 

They still take up inventory slots. "Inventory slot" are just a measurement of what a character can carry with them, whether it is in their hands, backpack or on their body.  If you want a system that uses separate slots for body, backpack and hands you should take a look at Mausritter by Isaac Williams, Errant by Ava Islam, or The Electrum Archive by me :)

Yeah being able to attack from range is a lot better when you are able to do it. But having a bow in your hands when you are being surrounded by a group of goblins in a tight corridor is not going to do you any good, so there are situations where ranged weapons simple aren't an option. Close combat is dangerous so players should try to avoid it or try to stack the odds in their favor. For example, they can try to only pick fights with creatures they know are weaker than them or try to catch a bigger foe off guard so they can get a Buff on their attack. The rules merely sketch out what happens when both sides are evenly matched, clever adventurers will try to use the world around them to shift that balance in their favor.


Yeah, that is completely fair


The bonus just increases the amount of Armor points the armor has. They are still subtracted as normal when taking damage.

To answer this and your next question at the same time: the bonus of magic armor is added to the Armor value. So if you wear a magical set of +2 Light Armor your total armor would be 5 Armor (3 from the Light Armor and +2 because it is magical. So being magical just increases the amount of Armor points a set of armor has, beyond this it just works like normal Armor and is reduced when taking damage. 

A magical +2 Light Armor is better than mundane Medium Armor (even though both grant the wearer 5 Armor in total) because the magical Light Armor only takes up 1 inventory slot while the non-magical Medium Armor takes up 2.

It uses 3  slots; two for the pistol and one for the ammo.

This spell automatically hits without the target being allowed to dodge