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Ferrofluid The Game

A topic by sevr7gina created Sep 19, 2017 Views: 552 Replies: 21
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Hi, all.

I've started one more game with a real ferrofluid :)

Not much is done for now... but game is in progress

Real ferrofluid:

And it's game animation on the start screen:

I have no much time to post everything here so if you are interested, just follow me on twitter :)

looks interesting :)

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1st build ready :)  Only base gameplay


I am in love with animations. How do you import the animations from this glass box to Defold though?

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thank you :)

photoshop > frames to layers import > and frame to frame editing :) crazy work

saving each layer as png and frame by frame animation in Defold

well I bet the glass thing does not have a usb cable to Photoshop =] Do you take pictures frame by frame or? How does the ferrofluid digitisation process look like?


I tried to make pictures (photo) but software for my phone is very poor so I ought to make fullHD video on it and then cut it to frames :)

Then magic wand helps we to make magic in photoshop :)

that's a process!


- added sound

- added new animation

- changed bacground color to white

new version will be upload in the evening :)

new version published :)

so now that you've tried to implement more or less similar game in Defold or Unity, do you have preferences in the tools?


I tried to make another game in Unity - something like pipes game (rotating pipes in order to connect all ends)... the main problem and no result was because of little motivation and big problems with ferrofluid.

For now problems with fluid is still here, but motivation increased because of Defold community (forum and twitter) and that is what is VERY IMPORTANT for me in gamedev. Moreover I like the build size and that it is no intro with ide logo (who really needs will simply get in which ide the game was done). Frame to frame animation is very nice in Defold and simple. 

The only thing I miss in Defold - no opportunity to move and rotate scene.



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thank you! I live 2 months without it

I just didn't know how to google it on english

Russian community for Defold is 145 happy members in a #ru_gamejams channel at is much smaller, but watched by Agulev, so is fine.

Please stay with us after the jam =]

last version for game jam was released :)

not all functionality was implemented, but hope it is looking nice

added rest button, life tracker, new sound effects, speed depends on level and some small improvements

If you need some other builds and resolutions, please, notify me. The default is 640x1136

content in my project:

- icons from

- Weapon Bomb Explosion Sci-Fi Plasma-04.wav and collect_item_hurry_out_of_time_01.wav and XMAS Grains 1.wav from free packs from and

- picture of magnet from

- all other content is provided by me

thinking about new art for danger things

can't get what to do - the most things looks like blood... 

the best variant at the moment is red leaf :(


why not :)


Hooray! Run the game on ios (iPod) with free dev account :)

now #FerrofluidTheGame is paused when game is over and result is shown :)

(new version is not uploaded because it is out of jam scope now)