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Artists, AI programmers, and Community managers for Krypnoda Studios [REV SHARE]

A topic by Argen created 9 days ago Views: 38
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Hello, guys, I'm Argen, a 16 year old game designer for Krypnoda Studios. Currently we are working on our first game, a rogue like. You can use the terrain to your advantage with spells, force, or cunning.  Fight off the hordes of undead, lizard men, goblins and terrifying insects in the game Into the Depths. But what we need now is a cover artist, logo artist, concept artist, and an in-game artist. All of these need to be made with the best of your ability, because after we launch you will get paid. After that we will also need an AI programmer to fill in where our current programmer can't work, and a community manager to recruit new people and post game updates. He also needs to be battle-hardened to stand up against trolls, spammers, and more. If he could work on Facebook, twitter, maybe even instagram, then that would be nice. He also needs to start a website that represents the game, but that will come later. Lastly, he needs to edit the wiki, which has already started up but does not have much. Technically, anybody can edit the wiki, just be sure to keep it to the facts! I hope some people will consider joining our team, but as a warning, it's a hobby, not a job.