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Making dice apps, wondering if anyone would use them?

A topic by ArgondevilGuiderods created 18 days ago Views: 64 Replies: 3
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I have been getting into making these speaking dice apps recently, not sure how useful it would be.

I love tabletop gaming but unfortunately do not have the chance to game with others in person much.

I always revert to RPG PC games for my fix. Just wondering if something like this robot would appeal to actual tabletop gamers?


I can only speak for myself. This is a really cool app, but I probably wouldn't want to use it during actual play, unless the game I was playing was very specifically on brand with it (retro-futuristic science fiction or cyberpunk, maybe), the reason being that it would likely distract from the aesthetic and the imagination-play otherwise. If I'm playing in a fantasy, steampunk, gothic, or even modern day (horror, action, investigation, supernatural, etc.) setting, I wouldn't want my rolls to be associated with a robot. 

If I WAS playing in an appropriate setting, however, this could be a cool  little addition to the vibe. It's certainly VERY well made. Personally, I think you're on to something here. If you plan to create a larger variety of themes for this (or have created them already), I am sure some folks will be interested in using them to enhance the mood of their sessions and just add a bit of fun to the proceedings. You know, a mechanical calculating machine for steampunk, a divining pool or enchanted mirror for fantasy, a sentient skull amulet for horror or gothic fantasy, etc. 

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thanks so much for having a look, i appreciate your opinion... and i suspect you may be psychic (see the video below)

Definately need to polish this one,perhaps redo the  voice, but have done what i can for tonight. Literally published it an hour ago.

They use old recordings of mine from a semi-failed project years ago (it was an app but not great, these new programs are what i was dreaming of at the time). I am trying to resurrect the idea. I have no proper microphone here but have someone willing to do more voice acting. Also trying to keep the apps light to run on mobile, and add as i go.

I have quite a thick scottish accent so it was an challenge to try to make the voice clear.

can i offer you keys or a download for them? happy to share if they are of any interest to you.

Your idea for the steampunk machine is really cool. makes complete sense and could really go to town on it.

Can email you a link for downloads.

as long as they  are fun!