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Prohibited or allowed to publish ?

A topic by created Sep 07, 2017 Views: 228 Replies: 4
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When i start blog with "hi, hello at all people" have I to ask a question ? Nooo...

Hi, hello at all people... I have to ask you a question (sorry): seriously, it is allowed to publish your application also in others site as well as IOTCH.IO, supposing that same application was just published on ITCH.IO ? Or it is prohibited. Tell me what do you think about that, please.


What I was able to understand from your post: "Can I publish on other websites as well as itch even if I published on itch first?"

Yup! As far as I know you can do whatever you like with your own IP.

You've understood well, thank you for your answer. I had doubts about's rules, which I thought they hold publishing rights on my software, so that it does not allow publications on other sites.

As far as i'm aware does not have any sort of exclusivity deal, much like Steam, indiedb, etc. uPlay/Origin/Consoles might though.

Very well, thank you for your answer!