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Cant turn with the mouse

A topic by SenpaiPed created Sep 06, 2017 Views: 411 Replies: 17
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Hey creator i cant turn my mouse around in the game

But keep up with good working i think it will be a really fun game :) when you can turn ;)



1) Which version of the game you play?
2) Do you play in full screen or in window mode?
3) Did you try to restart the game?

Hey i played window mode and the 0.7.2 virsion

and i did try and restart

And full screen dosnt work either

Not sure if op has the same issue but turning is horrible, as it leads to me losing sight of the player char. camera-to-char should stay the same

PS: maximum sensitivity settings are not enough.

Can you explain how to play multiplayer please?


This game does not have and does not plan to have multiplayer in classic meanings. Instead I want to mix single and online experiences. In the bottom floors you can only see other players. At 3rd and 4th floors you will need other player(s) to solve puzzles.  Latter you will reach true CO-OP and PVP zones.

PPS: here's a livestream archive (will stay online for 1 week)


I watched this, thank you very much :) some moments, you may even think the game is broken. It just means that you miss something and you need to keep looking...

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same for me. I'm trying it out at work on a laptop and neither the track pad or "nub" mouse are working for turning. When I pause, my cursor is visible and moving. Looks very cool though, dev. Looking forward to trying it out


Do you have "Logs" folder near the game's executable?

tried it on the other work computer and it apparently doesn't work on 32-bit machines


That's interesting.. thank you!
I don't have any 32-bit system to test now but I will build next update (v0.7.6) for 32bit system tomorrow.


I've uploaded update v0.7.6 builded for 32bit - can you check it out?

I took that for a feature of the game. Perhaps a way of making sure players don't rely on their normal instincts and instead think about what new one to form.

? @Mike Farlenkov@


I'm not sure what you mean :)

You should be able to look with a mouse. And if you can't - it is a bug that I don't know how to catch :(

I'm not sure it's what OP SenpaiPad meant but I'm pretty sure it's what @iwanPlays meant

There's a lag between moving the mouse or player and moving the view direction or view point.