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Path from 3rd to 4th spawn point is a tough one. 

The heal may have bug - it sometimes stuck after first use. Game restart may help with that (progress should be saved). Sorry about that.

Did you use the Compiler? Some people miss it - I failed to make a good tutorial for it. Just stand on respawn point, press "ESC" and click on "Compiler" menu item. You can spend bits to buy health and ammo. You can farm bits by killing any bots.

Ok, thank you for feedback! :)

It's online and I already have a running server, so if you see "ONLINE" at the bottom of the screen then you are ready to meet other players.

But today player base is too small, so it will be hard to find somebody in the game.

You just walk into the same room and you will see each other

Yes - this is the final room and now you need to solve 3 optional puzzles (on 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors)

It's not like classic PvP multiplayer. 
You just play the game and you can meet other players and maybe co-op with them to solve some puzzles.

Thank you! 
I'm very glad you like it :)

Yeah! That's one of the best let's plays I've saw!
I was so glad when you finally beat that arena :)

Very cool video! Thank you very much for making it!
I start new thread for investigating mouse issues. Hope I'll fix it.

Yes this game has no pause because it is meant to be online game. :)
Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Destiny also does not have a pause.

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Looks like more and more people face this problem: unable to look around with a mouse. I can't reproduce this bug on my machines so I need your help to investigate this issue.

Ok. If you hase this issue, please try to do following actions and post your results below:

  1. Try to restart game in fullscreen mode.
  2. Try to restart game in windowed mode.
  3. Try to turn on "Mouse Smooth" option in "Settings > Controls > Mouse".
  4. Try to turn off "Mouse Smooth" option.
  5. Try to set 15 for "Mouse Sensitivity" in "Settings > Controls > Mouse".
  6. Try to set 5 for "Mouse Sensitivity" in "Settings > Controls > Mouse".
  7. Check if "Logs" folder exists near the game's executable.
  8. What system you use: 32-bit or 64-bit?

Dark room is a last room and it's a 4th floor. (there is only one room)

Nice! Thank you very much!
And you actually make a montage with funny captions - cool :)

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It's awesome, guys! Thank you very much!

It's even more special for me because you are the first who mention Dark Souls in context of HARDCODE. My game is heavily inspired by souls-games, but I don't have enough of impudence to call it souls-like shooter :)

Fixed! Thank you :)
I'm not sure how to manage discord community so I'm kinda scared about it

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Looks like somebody reaches the 4th floor and a final room of this demo!
Wonder who was it and how was it?

3 hidden puzzles still not solved though... :)

That's funny :)
Thank you for report - I'll fix that!


You need to shoot yellow squares on the walls.

I've uploaded update v0.7.6 builded for 32bit - can you check it out?

That's interesting.. thank you!
I don't have any 32-bit system to test now but I will build next update (v0.7.6) for 32bit system tomorrow.

I'm not sure what you mean :)

You should be able to look with a mouse. And if you can't - it is a bug that I don't know how to catch :(

Do you have "Logs" folder near the game's executable?

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I can't reproduce this problem so I can't identify its source... :(

Do you have "Logs" folder near the game's executable?

I watched this, thank you very much :) some moments, you may even think the game is broken. It just means that you miss something and you need to keep looking...

This game does not have and does not plan to have multiplayer in classic meanings. Instead I want to mix single and online experiences. In the bottom floors you can only see other players. At 3rd and 4th floors you will need other player(s) to solve puzzles.  Latter you will reach true CO-OP and PVP zones.


1) Which version of the game you play?
2) Do you play in full screen or in window mode?
3) Did you try to restart the game?

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You actually reached a point when " some moments, you may even think the game is broken. It just means that you miss something and you need to keep looking.." :)

Yea, there is some bugs but currently they don't block your progress - you need to keep looking. This demo is a lot bigger and you in the very beginning of it. Actually in the video you have correct idea of WHAT to do next, but wrong idea of HOW to do it :)

I have to warn you: game will become harder and harder very quickly

Hey! It's so nice to see somebody playing my game!! Thank you so much!

So sad that you got problem with a mouse..
I have no idea where to look to find a source of this bug.
Did you try to unplug/plug-in you mouse or (and) reboot your PC?
Do your mouse use some special drivers?

Thank you very much!
It's really nice review :)