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Where The Goats Are

Where The Goats Are is a slow-paced, meditative game about life and raising goats. · By Memory of God

What's your daily routine? Sticky

A topic by Memory of God created Sep 04, 2017 Views: 3,705 Replies: 7
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Hi all,

In Where the goats are there is no prescribed objective or goal, and many of the interactions are optional (it could be argued everything is optional). This is by design, however as the designer, I would love to hear the daily routines that people have developed, and what you spend your days doing. Do you water the plant first thing in the morning? Or collect your eggs? Do you close the hen house door every night? Read your letters before bed? Pray? 

Please share, I'd love to hear how you all spend your time in the game.

Looking forward to reading

Memory of God

What a beautiful game you have made. I really enjoyed my time with it.

Over about an hour of playtime I developed a routine of first petting both goats every morning, then watering the plant. Then I would make 2 wheels of cheese, and finally read the letters if I had time before the day's end. 

Reading this post, I didn't even know it was possible to close the hen house door, or pray in this game. The routine I settled into felt really intuitive and self-rewarding after a while and I never got bored with it or tried to interact with other elements. I'll have to go back to it and see what else I discover.

Interested to hear other people's responses, and keep on making games Memory of God :) 

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Starting the day, I head over the coop and grab some eggs, which leads to breakfast! After breakfast I usually settle into a routine of watering the plant and petting the goats until they've eaten enough hay for me to make cheese. By this time the mailman has usually arrived, so I greet him and read the letter immediately on delivery. As the day closes I would pray at the shrine, close the hen door and check if there is more cheese to be made, before heading inside for the night.

Cheers :)

First, if you wake up in the morning, water the plants. It is important to keep the fence closed when you go to the well! It 's inconvenient for a goat to run away.

As I walk through the fence gate with water, I pray for a moment. When the water cycle is over, put the eggs in the basket. I do not eat it right away, I put it on the ground for a while, then I milk the goat and make cheese.
It's the only thing that can save the goat's food. I arrive at the time of completion of the cheese, but I receive the letter immediately. If you need something else, I can trade.

When the sun goes down, all the chickens await to enter the house, close the door and take the eggs and eat late dinner!


Thanks for sharing! These are great.

Keep them coming  :)

In the morning I let the chickens out and gathered eggs, then dropped them off by the house. Next, milk the goats. Then make cheese. As the cheese cooled I'd either have lunch or pray, then finish making the cheese. Pick up mail, trade for more hay, then close the chicken coup and milk the goats one last time, as time permitted.

I'd usually run out of time, but I'd try to first milk my goats and pet them right after, make some cheese and open the chicken coop. By that time the mailman usually comes but if he hasn't, I go get water from the well where I usually run into him then. I try to buy two hay bales each time. Then go water my plant, and I read my letter before bed if I have time. 

lol im late but...  get those eggs, get some goats' milks & make me some cheese,, while wait for the cooking, i yeet myself to the gate (with can on hand) and to see if mailman arrives, go to the well, get that H2O  & water em thirsty plant, make em cheese (when it's done cooking), read letters, get basket of eggs inside the house.  [the only thing i didn't notice to do was to close the chicken door every night because one day i realised my chickens are all gone, which was sad leaving me eggless]