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I love this game

Backland community · Created a new topic I played a game.

I use a translator because I am a non-English user.

I bought the game because I liked the overall atmosphere of the game. The way the game looks and plays makes me think that there are many stories that the game doesn't tell.

I bought it and played it a few times, and I haven't found five beacons yet. I thought I'd share some of the ideas I had while playing.

- I'd like to add an action key to activate the beacons. I happened to know how to operate the beacons. I don't know if that's the right way.

- Make sure to clearly indicate which beacons are working and which are not working beacons are clearly marked. I thought the yellow beacons were activated beacons. Until we find the beacons that emit blue light. I turned five beacons into yellow lights and thought, 'Why isn't the game over?'

- The moment you have to hide under a building to avoid acid rain is the loveliest scene in the game. But buildings are disconnected from each other, and I feel the time to stop playing and wait is repeated at every point of acid rain. If there's some sort of passage that's connected to each building, you can figure out if you're going to find the passage or run between the buildings at the expense of your physical strength.

- The enemy doesn't seem to have a concept of vision. I want to feel the moment when I think I've been more dramatic about avoiding the enemy.

Thank you. I look forward to the game.

Thanks to this game, I was able to have a peaceful time for a while. :)

First, if you wake up in the morning, water the plants. It is important to keep the fence closed when you go to the well! It 's inconvenient for a goat to run away.

As I walk through the fence gate with water, I pray for a moment. When the water cycle is over, put the eggs in the basket. I do not eat it right away, I put it on the ground for a while, then I milk the goat and make cheese.
It's the only thing that can save the goat's food. I arrive at the time of completion of the cheese, but I receive the letter immediately. If you need something else, I can trade.

When the sun goes down, all the chickens await to enter the house, close the door and take the eggs and eat late dinner!

Thanks comments :^)

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v0.1 - Edit balance and add potion drop

v0.2 - Edit balance

v0.3 - Edit balance and Retrieve lost title logo

Thanks comment guys!

I didn't know pixel grid rule. sorry rule breaking!

Little update in today! :^)

and i can't try other platform version. *sad*

Thanks! maybe I will try :)