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It was so immersive and beatiful. I think the music picked out and how it was placed was perfect for setting the tone. I noticed the radio wasn't going during the heavier part of the rainfall, and I thought that was a perfect touch. Just the sound of the rain and wipers coupled with a thick tension. I could go on and on about how much I love this game. 

I told myself I wouldn't fall for the teacher since that was strange but...agh I just love him. It's too bad he rejected her the first time, but at least it was sensible. Honestly, if I were a teacher I wouldn't have known how to respond other than the way Liam did.  I did notice a bit of typos, but I'm sure y'all will fix that. Honestly, I've been waiting so lon for a new game from you guys, and I'm so excited to play the full thing when it's released!

At one point in the game, about five black/phantom goats aproach my house as I'm about to head inside. I quickly tried to open the gate as I thought maybe they were goats that ran away and were looking for a new home (not sure how I'd be able to feed them all though). However, they didn't even use the gate. They passed right through the fence and walked straight across to the other side, passing through the other fence. I'm curious, because it seems right after this is where all the bad things started happening. Do they signify anything? I also noticed that two days, the mail man didn't show up, and the last day he was running.  Everything seemed to have an almost supernatural tone to it, as the crows I took as an omen of death. I thought it might be a deadly plague or virus that was killing everyone. I'm still curious about the phantom goats though!

I'd usually run out of time, but I'd try to first milk my goats and pet them right after, make some cheese and open the chicken coop. By that time the mailman usually comes but if he hasn't, I go get water from the well where I usually run into him then. I try to buy two hay bales each time. Then go water my plant, and I read my letter before bed if I have time. 

*hit space bar really fast* hehe gay

I was ready for anything. Except this.

I played through all your other games before playing this one and WOW I laughed! What a juxtaposition my gosh I love it. 

I love the tone of this game, and the way that it's a full narrative yet there's still more left to wonder but I like it that way. It's not often I play a game and am fine with not knowing everything. I don't know, there's just something calm and relaxing and joyful about this short game.

I always leave these games with a new perspective or thought process. It's healing.

I love this game developer. They're all short but well made. Simplistic but scattered with hopeful touches. I always exit the games with a soft smile.

A bit anticlimatic but mysterious! I enjoyed it! I liked the constellations in the background.

Oh wow. This was really simplistic and the was so simple as well but the moment I reached it my heart just sank. I've been to the ocean and I know it really is a place of wonder. There's something so beautiful and powerful about the ocean that it draws you in. I know the longing to see it, and I had a small smile on my face the whole game, knowing that the character would not be disappointed when they finally see the ocean.

This game is like a little gem. Small and endearing. 

Try saving at places before choices are made, the day you discover the planner, and/or any other scenes that may be significant to the plot. That way, if you don't get the ending you're happy with, all you have to do it load up the scene in which you feel is best, (sometimes it gets all ~too~ messed up because you didn't get the planning right, which is why it's good to have a slot saved for the moment Mira starts talking about the planning app) and you don't have to suffer through skipping dialogue that you've seen countless times. Also check the guide for the desired character's favorite traits and what choices to make as well as deadlines for certain things. Hope this helped! 

!!!!! ALSO SIDE NOTE: If you're trying to load up a scene from before when you're in a scene that came afterwards and you messed it up, BE SURE TO CLICK LOAD BEFORE YOU CHOOSE A SLOT. I've made the mistake of instead of going back in time to rewind my error, but I end up saving the scene where I realized I messed up, usually prompting me to have to restart all over again. So, uh, yeah. Don't do that. It's a pain in the rear and kicks about another 45 min in playing time when I could've reached the ending already. !!!!