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Try saving at places before choices are made, the day you discover the planner, and/or any other scenes that may be significant to the plot. That way, if you don't get the ending you're happy with, all you have to do it load up the scene in which you feel is best, (sometimes it gets all ~too~ messed up because you didn't get the planning right, which is why it's good to have a slot saved for the moment Mira starts talking about the planning app) and you don't have to suffer through skipping dialogue that you've seen countless times. Also check the guide for the desired character's favorite traits and what choices to make as well as deadlines for certain things. Hope this helped! 

!!!!! ALSO SIDE NOTE: If you're trying to load up a scene from before when you're in a scene that came afterwards and you messed it up, BE SURE TO CLICK LOAD BEFORE YOU CHOOSE A SLOT. I've made the mistake of instead of going back in time to rewind my error, but I end up saving the scene where I realized I messed up, usually prompting me to have to restart all over again. So, uh, yeah. Don't do that. It's a pain in the rear and kicks about another 45 min in playing time when I could've reached the ending already. !!!!