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Beautiful game, it evokes a feeling of power over your mindset and how you approach life, and brought a huge smile to my face :)

Thanks :)

Thank you for taking the time to play!

What a beautiful game you have made. I really enjoyed my time with it.

Over about an hour of playtime I developed a routine of first petting both goats every morning, then watering the plant. Then I would make 2 wheels of cheese, and finally read the letters if I had time before the day's end. 

Reading this post, I didn't even know it was possible to close the hen house door, or pray in this game. The routine I settled into felt really intuitive and self-rewarding after a while and I never got bored with it or tried to interact with other elements. I'll have to go back to it and see what else I discover.

Interested to hear other people's responses, and keep on making games Memory of God :) 

Thank you so so much :D It's really interesting for me to watch you play this, I've never had anyone do a lets play of my games before haha. I'll definitely look more into your youtube channel!

This is an incredibly brilliant game, because it doesn't rely on the typical horror tropes to play with your emotions, and in only a 5 minute experience leaves you feeling disgusted. Awesome job :D

You finally got around to playing it, did you? Thank you :)

Mind explaining a bit more how you felt the controls were loose? Did the game feel unresponsive, or were the buttons themselves awkward to control? I'll try to put more focus on that, and physics in the future.

Thanks again!

Thank you so much for playing, and taking the time to give feedback on everything!

First of all, quitting the game seems to be a windows only issue that I didn't have the ability to test there, and I haven't found a solution as of yet, so sorry about that. However, I've never heard of the second bug, so thanks for making me aware of that. I did try to fix the impossibleness with the suicide option, but it didn't turn out as smoothly as I'd hoped due to it being a last minute feature. And I'll do better with the icon next time ;D

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Glad you thought so, thanks for playing ^-^