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Desperately need a file limit extension for an impending deadline! PLEASE HELP!

A topic by Tough Elf Alfalfa Arts created May 19, 2021 Views: 124 Replies: 5
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I put in a request recently (83878) about trying to get a file limit extension to host my game on (need 2000). The game is under 300MB. 

Is there any way to expedite this? As it is scheduled to go live on Sun.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


The file limit is 1000MB not 300MB. if you want more you will have to contact support via email.

Done that. I understand the file limit is 1000MB, but it stipulates a limit to the NUMBER of files. My game is 300MB but almost 2000 files.

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Ah ok I understand you now. Make sure if you upload the game manually to create a single zip file or you can use alternative the buttler command line tool. Generally you should be uploading one file, a zip file, that compresses all other files. Other than that I cant see why would have a problem with the number of files your game uses. Is it a browser game ?

Moderator(+1) has a limit on the number of files, for performance reasons. I believe this is only imposed on browser games, but I could be wrong. In the case of a zip file, it counts all files after being extracted.

Moderator(+1) can increase the size of the uploaded files, but not sure if it supports increasing the number of files.

This limit was set in place, mostly on browser games, for performance reasons. The usual advice it to optimize your project and reduce the number of files.

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