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Games has been great so far, I have found a bug when using , and . to change between targets when warp to a system of moving to an area inside a system. It scrolls through the targets normally but it finally goes to a target that names "null" and it gets stuck there without the ability to continue to cycle through the targets again. I am on Linux , Manjaro XFCE latest version. 

Simple yet fun game , it actually reminds me a lot of old DOS game , this one wakes up the nostalgia monster in me. The one thing I missed was the ability to uninstall buildings. 

Unfortunately I could not get the linux version running, BUT the windows works fine on Linux (Manjaro) via WINE. Interesting game I will definetly keep an eye on it for the future. Obviously its still in very early stage . Handling of the ship does not feel like Elite, it feels to me that is a bit too sensitive on rolling on z axis or maybe this is just a setting. Will play more to get a good feel. Keep up the good work.

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Ah ok I understand you now. Make sure if you upload the game manually to create a single zip file or you can use alternative the buttler command line tool. Generally you should be uploading one file, a zip file, that compresses all other files. Other than that I cant see why would have a problem with the number of files your game uses. Is it a browser game ?

The file limit is 1000MB not 300MB. if you want more you will have to contact support via email.