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Character artist wanted. 30% cut of gross profit offered.

A topic by Rising Phoenix Games created Sep 04, 2017 Views: 221 Replies: 1
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We're looking for a character illustrator.

We're looking for someone who can turn out 4 character illustrations for a small visual novel we're making for the Yuri Game Jam 2017. The game will be an all ages, non-pornographic game.

Illustrations needed:

  1.  Player character, female, for title screen, promotion.
  2.  Main character, female, full body, walking.
  3. Main character, female, from belt up, conversational pose.
  4. Main character, female, from belt up, concerned pose.

3 and 4 could be similar enough that only the facial features need to change.  We'll also need 2 backgrounds, but I'm hoping I can source those or produce them myself.  The most important aspect is that the main character has to look beautiful, fashionable, and elegant.

About Rising Phoenix Games:

We mostly produce tabletop roleplaying games and content, and would like to grow our mobile games development arm to have a similar reach. You can find out more about us on

Additional Information:

  • Time Frame: 2 weeks for character sketches. 1 month, 2 weeks for final versions.
  • Compensation: You'll get 30% of whatever we make off the game, after or other platforms take their cut.
  • Art direction: You'll receive some art direction on this, to ensure that our look and feel requirements are met. We're looking for a team player who can follow directions and stick to a brief.
  • Contact: Send a link to your online portfolio or 2 character illustrations to , along with a short introduction, by no later than  Monday, September 11th, 2017. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in immediate rejection.

This position has been filled.