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The Corridor - Roguelike - Free

A topic by Edward Neave created Aug 29, 2017 Views: 159 Replies: 3
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Fight your way through The Corridor against 10 different enemy types, using 13+ weapons looted from chests. Upgrade your character with accessories and claim the 3 areas of The Corridor (The Dungeon, Lava Pits, Necro Waste) face off against endless levels with increasingly difficult enemies. Will be posting regular updates which will all be free while in alpha.

Give it a try:

[The Corridor real-time combat mechanics.]

The Corridor - Gif

[Lava Pits with ranged enemies (Demon with a fireball)]

The Corridor- Lava Pits

I hope you enjoy the game. If you have any feedback or comments about the game i would love to hear them. Please let me know of anything you would like to see or anything you think needs changing in The Corridor. Thank you.

Download for free:

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Works great thru my Virtual Machine.  SO far, so good...

Not much into RPG type games but this one seems simple enough...  I'll give it a go..............

haven't tested it on a virtual but cant see why it shouldn't work. Thanks alot, let me know how you get on with it :)