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what happened to sniper_gamingwastaken? Locked

A topic by deeznutz2.0 created May 09, 2021 Views: 10,487 Replies: 44
This topic was locked by null May 18, 2021
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PLease tell me he/she is a good mod exporter

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What are you talking about?

I think the website is broken because I tried on my phone too and It still didn't work.

Nvm, It's my computer because when I go to my replies it says "Error, message not found"

u talking about the guy who ports fnf mods?

i think he got banned or something or deleted his acc

i know i tried to play hatsune mikuand it says this

I want to play hex mod :(


yeah now how do i play fnf mods on my chromebook

go to kbh games 


kbh games sucks ass

unblocked games pro


that sucks ass too tbh



He has a github so  he's still modding

how? have u used it

that can hack you and its cursed.

it was made in google sites..

go kbh games and are you real :o

is this a joke?


yep it is

Try ether kbh games, fnf mod menu, or snokido

Yeah what happened?

Jeez I didn't expect actual people to reply

But anyways, guys try going on kbhgames, snokido, or this person

he’s on GitHub now


github now

i cant go to github its blocked

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are you using a chromebook? if you are i can help you unblock stuff this is how i do it you have to sign out and go to apps then click college board and go all the way down a and press the YouTube symbol and then press sign in then go to privacy scroll all the way down and click "google" and the search up anything!

thank you

They were banned for probably posting a link to games asked to be taken down :/

idk what happened I just came on my chromebook to play fnf and its gone

that sucks anyways

He made a new one sniper-gammingwastaken

A new wat

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he made a new account here already

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you sure also if he did what's the acc name

i just said it

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yeah i found it

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But sniper still moved to github as i said


Banned prob sry dude

spell kbh games you can play alot of fnf

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