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New Itch Upload Catgogorisation (Mod)

A topic by Annie Kennedy created Aug 27, 2017 Views: 103 Replies: 1
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I was looking at the new categorisations for uploads on the edit page and I absolutely love the idea!

The question I had was, if you mark a download as a mod, how does the download happen? can you specify a download location as certain mods need to be placed in certain folders?

If you can do that I may consider using that feature to provide what could effectively be an expansion to my game which is locked unless you have access to the file (e.g. by purchasing it)

EDIT: I just tried it by uploading a game, marked as executable, as well as another file, marked as Mod. the mod file did not appear to be downloaded (by the itch app),


The mod classification does nothing special at the moment other than preventing you from selecting the platforms it is available for. In the future we may have a more full featured mod system. The app will not download things without platforms. I think this is the correct behavior for mods, it doesn't make sense for the app to download them since they would need manually installation anyway.