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Official discord server

A topic by Tim Krief created Aug 24, 2017 Views: 455 Replies: 5
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Lowrezjam is now over. It was great. like almost all gamejams, there was a discord server. This discord server was really useful for everyone. Now, the gamejam is over, but it's hard to leave, talking, sharing ideas, asking questions to other devs is so cool.

The idea is to create a permanent "itchio game makers" offical discord server.

This server will allow gamejam makers not to create a new discord server for each jam. They will just have to ask for a new channel on the main discord server. There will also be permanent channels: questions/general/offtopic/screenshots/etc.

The idea is to make a solid community of devs on discord.

What do you think about this idea?


We already have one! Just not well advertised. You can join here:

Cool !


1) it would give more exposure to create channels for gamejams in the official discord server (istead of creating new discord server for each jam)

2) The discord dramatically needs admins / moderators


Yeah, we typically don't have any issues with bad behavior. It's possible this topic brought in some unsavory people. We have quite a few moderators that should be there regularly. I updated some of the channels as well.

thank you very much