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Winged Victory: Phase I

A topic by Burnerknight Studios created Aug 22, 2017 Views: 204 Replies: 3
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V For Victory

Winged Victory is a stealth-action game inspired by Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid. It is part of a larger game universe I am designing and developing known as N9NEHART.

Winged Victory explores the character of Victoria Ninehart, as she finds herself behind enemy lines during the Vietnam War. Tasked with keeping vital intel out of enemy hands, she will have to AVOID, EVADE, and SURVIVE. I have broken into smaller pieces the development of this game, each piece a phase which covers one of the core mechanics. Phase I is all about AVOID, Phase II is about EVADE, and Phase III is about SURVIVE. The final Phase, Phase IV, will bring together the gameplay and systems of the previous phases, along with the plot and storyline. This is also an opportunity to visit different visual styles, giving each game phase a distinct identity and feel. In Winged Victory, the intel you have, and the intel you gather, will determine your likelihood of staying out of enemy hands and surviving. INFORMATION IS POWER.

Phase I was released in November 2016, and the current version undergoing testing and bug fixing is v1.3. This latest version adds new gameplay elements that were not available in v1.2. If you would like to give it a play and leave feedback or suggestions, please do! I intend to wrap up this version soon, and will then proceed to work on Phase II.

Phase I v1.2: (for posterity)
Phase I v1.3:

Some screenshots from Phase I v1.2

Phase I v1.2

screenshot Jungle area

Phase I v1.2

screenshot Underground area

screenshots from Phase I v1.3

Phase I v1.3

screenshot Jungle area

Phase I v1.3

screenshot Underground area

As soon as I saw that portrait, I knew this had to be inspired by Metal Gear! I played v1.3 and found it pretty difficult. That last screen from the underground area is actually where I got stuck and stopped playing for now. But the whole premise of this project is pretty cool and I'm definitely going to follow you to see what comes next!

Hey thanks for playing the game! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more as I continue to move this project forth.

Do you have any feedback or any other comments you would like to make about the game? :)