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Hi Nathan!

Your post caught my eye because I'm sitting here browsing this forum trying to figure out how I want to find help for my main game project. It's a NSFW visual novel RPG hybrid and what I really need most is an artist. I'm trying to get it to a state where it's worth promoting and drawing attention to.

I also have endless ideas for other RPG projects I'm always writing down and archiving.

Anyway, it'd be helpful to have someone to bounce ideas around with, especially if you're at all interested in the main game project, which you can find on my creator page. It's tentatively titled "Undies". You can reach me on Discord at Evren#1025.



Is it just me or does the game become unable to keep the players' cards separate after a certain number of turns? Both the first time I played it and today, I am unable to finish a match because at a certain point it seems the cards don't update to the other player's hand until after you click random cards until you find one that works. Then it seems to update but you've effectively lost an action.

Anyway, looking forward to more updates!

This is really cool and I'd love to see this expanded! I actually have ideas for a very similar style of game... I wonder if we could collaborate?

This was fun. I hope you get around to continuing it!

This was a cute little game! I do wish the window was bigger or resizable.

This was neat, I hope to see it continued!

Alpha6.1 addendum: I feel 6.1 is a bit more than a minor update, but I didn't add any new story, so I didn't feel a new major version number was warranted.

That said, I tried loading an old save in the browser version and got a big ol' list of errors that forced a restart... So yeah, old saves might not work at all.

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Known issues:

  • For some reason, the shop says Sarah can't equip any weapons, but that's not true. She can equip sabers, handguns, canes, rods and wands. She's still subject to the stat requirements, though.
    • Completely fixed! Small side effect, the basic Saber is now equippable by everyone from the start.
  • Music does not loop properly, it just restarts from the beginning. It can be jarring with certain tracks.
  • The music switching mechanic in the city is a little weird, it may make you take a step back for seemingly no reason sometimes. I am aware of it and looking for a way to fix it.
  • Some mobile devices may not support certain sounds/music in the HTML5 version. Some sounds inexplicably don't work in my desktop browser, either.
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Alpha5.1 Changelog:

  • Began implementation of new artwork and story format! Please start a new game and check out the very first story. After that, go right back into Water's room to see a brand new story also using the new artwork and format. Please leave feedback here on this forum or on Discord:

Alpha4.1 Changelog:

  • Fixed issues with missing spaces after implementing word wrap on all text.
  • Added 10 copper and 10 burlap as a reward for "Roles of Engagement", along with directions on how to find the disassembler item and the first synthesis recipe book.
  • Added ability to spend multiple gems at the Arena gambling statue.
  • Fixed player character being invisible after secret scene in Fire's room.
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This thread will be for minor updates between major version numbers. The current version number convention follows this format: Alpha#.#, where "Alpha" is the state of the game (currently early unfinished), the first number is the major update number and the second  is the minor update number.

Now we're using Volumes, Vol. or V for short. Version numbers can look like this: V#.#.# - First number is major release, or new Volume, with significant gameplay changes. Second number is major updates including story content, and the third number is minor updates such as bug fixes or small additions.

It just sounds like you're the perfect target audience for this game! I'd love to discuss more via Discord! I'm Winterfeed#1025.


Well, that certainly makes me want to keep adding to the Archive!

I'm also interested in your feedback regarding Undies. I'm glad you recognized the Harvester thing, heh. I don't know why I went with that, but I guess part of it is I want to emphasize that literally anything is possible for them.

I really like Wind and Willow too! It's the most similar to some of my other romance/erotica stories, light and cute.

Do you think you could describe what was different with Undies compared to other yuri-themed games? Did you enjoy the combat and crafting mechanics at all? The whole clothing and exposure system is something I want to continue building on, either in this game or others.

Aw, thank you! This really makes me want to update it. You might have noticed it hasn't been updated in a while. However, the short story you read in there has actually been expanded as a chapter in a larger story that I'm working on, and has been revised a bit as well. I should work on updating the story and maybe adding new chapters!

The rest of the story isn't quite so simple... It deals with some darker and more violent themes, though there are definitely more sexy parts involving the two characters. The story isn't available to read anywhere else just yet, but this could be the first place it goes. What do you think? Would a longer story that isn't strictly erotica be nice to have in the Archive?

What I planned to do originally is bring in more erotica short stories and make them interactive as well. Those would definitely stick to the more erotic side with each entry. Would you like to see that?

As soon as I saw that portrait, I knew this had to be inspired by Metal Gear! I played v1.3 and found it pretty difficult. That last screen from the underground area is actually where I got stuck and stopped playing for now. But the whole premise of this project is pretty cool and I'm definitely going to follow you to see what comes next!

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Here I will list bugs and other problems with the game as they are discovered. When an item has been struck through, it means it is no longer an issue in the available version of the game. Please limit posts in this thread to discussion of known issues. If you have a new bug to report, create a new topic with the tag "bug" and let me know!

  • I know it says the game is unavailable at the top of the page. That's just the in-browser version. Please scroll down to find the download link. Browser version is up and running! May be having browser version issues with 5.1, investigating now.
  • Sound and music are pretty loud by default. As of Update Week 2, The player will now be prompted to choose these settings right at the beginning, before any sound has played.
  • Gambling room teleport in arena takes you to the old gambling room. It should function normally, and the exit takes you back to the castle map. Fixed as of Update Week 2.
  • It may be difficult to tell when text is being spoken or is narration with the new window skin.  I need feedback on this. Is it clear that the darker text is narration when both are in the same dialogue box? Testing new format which does away with darkening text altogether.
  • The first story after the intros, Roles of Engagement, has been reported to be pretty difficult. This is intentional, so you can learn how to use each role in your party effectively. However, I realized that the enemy party composition is a little unusual in that they are all offensive. So I think I will remove one of the enemy party members as a compromise here.
  • On the Windows executable version of the game, there may be weird formatting in message windows. It works fine on the HTML5 version. This will be addressed after a new font is chosen for the game.
  • I had an error and forgot to replace Lola's battle image in the first story. Fixed.
  • Some mobile devices may not support certain sounds/music in the HTML5 version.

I enjoyed this! It's short but functional and not bad at all for a first effort. Keep it up!

Yep, it is. I'm waiting for support to check it out and tell me if they can make it work. In the meantime I decided to leave it as-is. Thank you! 

First: you say "No."

Then: you get outta there!

Meet Water and Fire.

Hello, everyone! This here's my first post on I've been around for a while as a lurker, but now it's time to show the world my game! It's a work in progress, but there's already several hours' worth of gameplay.

Please note: this game is marked as NSFW for adult content (erotica). More details can be found on the game's page and my first Devlog.

Welcome to the world of Undies: Undervalued Independent Elementals. These four lovely ladies are the embodiment of the traditional elements of nature: Water, Fire, Wind and Earth. Together, they keep the world running -- more or less. Wow, I like this. I think I'll post it on the game's page after this!

Why Undies? Well, a major game mechanic is clothing destruction -- but it's not like some other games you might have seen with this feature. Here, having your undies exposed means you lose some core skills, but you gain other powerful skills in return. Enemies can be exposed too, with the same effects. This creates a dynamic element that is unpredictable and can force you to change up your tactics on the fly. Even an average battle can become a fight for survival if you're unprepared!

Anyway, check out the game's page here for more details and to give it a try! There's currently a Windows download, and hopefully I can get the browser version working soon. I'm just waiting for a response from support!

Thanks for reading! I welcome any and all feedback, here or on the game's comment section!