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Post Positive Feedback Here Sticky

A topic by Max Oakland created Apr 29, 2021 Views: 171 Replies: 8
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Did you have fun? Did you play this so long you got fired from your job but you want more? Let me know here


This is very fun! Great concept for a minigame and I find myself really trying to pick apart exactly how it's working behind the scenes. It flows together great and even with all that movement on the screen I didn't experience any lag, which impressed me for GBStudio.

We can cover this on the discord but I'd love to know more about your gravity settings. I remember you giving me feedback on Birb about the gravity being a little too heavy still, and this has a really good feel IMO.

Developer (1 edit)

Glad you like it! I can explain how it works behind the scenes. It's actually quite simple: 

Each enemy hides itself on Init. There's a Manager actor that checks the score and it Shows the different actors at the correct score. Then they they start their On Update script and that controls their behavior. They have a wait at the beginning of the On Update script to control how long it takes between each attack

I spent some time tweaking how long they wait between each attack so that's probably why it seems like they flow together really well. I made some of them wait for amounts of time that aren't divisible by each other so they don't appear at the same time as others.

As for the gravity settings, that was tricky too. I ended up setting the gravity to a high number (1850) but I changed the Maximum Fall Velocity setting to a low number so the player doesn't fall too fast (3239). The jump velocity is at maximum and I'm using Small Bounce to jum


Whoa, this is cool! You’ve really nailed the scope of a 2-day jam game with this, I love how tight the design is. Also, as ever, I really dig your color choices and the cute but distinctive art style. Your skill with GB Studio is really evident in this, too – there’s so much going on in this one space! Great work~


Thanks! Really glad you like it. Believe it or not, the color palettes are all the defaults for GB Studio. I think I am going to tweak the color palettes in an update. I like them too, but I have some ideas

Oh wow, I didn’t realize! I’ve never really looked at those palettes XD

I’m interested to see what changes you make

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Yeah I just did it to save time. They’re pretty weird and sometimes I was like WHY did they choose this?

I hope you like the changes! I think you gave me really useful feedback 


Pupper is an extremely cute design, I love them so much! I also really like how the title is displayed during gameplay for some reason! Not a fan of arcade games, but this was definitely a delight {O:


haha thanks! It’s definitely quirky that the title is on the main screen. I’m glad you liked that and I think Puppers is really cute too :)