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#LOWREZJAM 2017 rating issue

A topic by Biim created Aug 20, 2017 Views: 166 Replies: 3
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I have just noticed that after rating someone and receive the message that I have rated, the page still give me the option to rate the game again. Leaving the page and coming back do not change anything, I can keep looping rating endlessly.

Am I doing something wrong? After clicking the star I go on Save Rating but nothing changes. I even add the comment but the rating thing seems lost every time.

Any help about that?



Does your rating get saved? When you rate again you're actually updating your rating. After saving a rating and reloading the page you should see what your rating is pre-filled when the page loads

I have tried on the mobile and seems it works, I will check again with my computer later (I use Firefox with both). However even if finally on the mobile I can see the rated ones, I am pretty sure that I have rated more games. I will do some rating again and come back to you if the problem persist. Mybe my computer just needed a reboot at that time...


Actually I think to know what happened since some games had the games
rated and other no. I guess that I was too much in a rush to write a
comment that I didn't click on Save Rating and instead just using Post
Comment to post comment + rate at the same time. I shouldn't do this
things at late night :-p

Sorry about the post, it seems that everything works well now.

Thank you!