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Attach downloadable demo file?

A topic by _MHG_ created 57 days ago Views: 85 Replies: 2
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I didn't see this in the creator FAQ or maybe I may have missed it, but is it possible to attach at least one free downloadable demo to your game's project page? The only way to attach a demo right now is to either upload the free version to a file hosting website, then posting the link on the project's main page (where the full version of the project can be purchased), or by creating a separate game page altogether for the demo version.

I ask this because having two pages for the same game might be confusing to potential buyers, whereas the external file link means that potentially anyone could post a link to a malicious application, claiming that the link is for downloading the free, demo version of the game.

If there is currently no option to do this, could this be made a feature?



Yes, this is possible. After uploading a file, you can select the following option:

[ ] This file is a demo and can be downloaded for free

This will mark your project as having a free demo, and also show it on results when users are looking for games with demos.

Hope this helps

Ah, perfect. Didn't notice that option before.


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