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Got it, thanks for the info!

Hi, quick question - I know it says for GM LTS, but by chance, does this work without any issues for GM v. 2023/2024 (not the BETA version of GM)?

Thanks for this. I will make a report on this to YYG shortly if you haven't already.

Thanks for the reply, but I don't know what to do with this response. GMLive is clearly not working correctly with event inheritance. If I report a bug to YYG and tell them this is an issue with this extension, you know they'll just tell me they won't look into how GM works with non YYG extensions.

So is event_inherited just not going to work with GMLive moving forward or what? I'd be happy to file a bug report, but whatever it is that is causing event_inherited to no longer work with GMLive has to be replicated without any interaction with GMLive. If you know how to replicate it and tell me, I can file the bug report.

That's good and well, but why are you being snarky about it?

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Not saying I don't believe you, but that's not what I'm seeing (with GMLive disabled).

fnc_eve() has the following:

function fnc_eve()  


show_debug_message([typeof(self), instanceof(self), self]);


The child object has fnc_eve() running it its step event. The output window shows the following:

[ "struct","instance",{ ammo_rld_manual_rt : 12, pnce_dur_default : 200, pnce_upkeep_default : 100, pnce_img_spd_ini : 0.25, pnce_ini_vsp : 6, pnce_ini_wsp : 8, pnce_end_wsp : 8, pnce_end_vsp : 4, pnce_enemy_rec : 75, proj_max : 0, use_type : "use_en", addon_snd_sys : "alarm", proj_curr : 0, ammo_rld_amt_default : 1, proj_snd_tri_hv : ref sound 358, proj_fired : 0, brth_phase : 0, brth_duration_def_fr_multi : 130, brth_dur_def_lt : 120, brth_type : 0, cancel_force_dur : 150, alarm_snd_max : 0, fire : 0, can_snd : 1, alarm_snd : 0, ammo_fr_rld_very_slow : 420, can_snd_loop : 1, cancel_allow : 0, proj_dir_l_b : 180, proj_dir_r_b : 0, cancel_force : 0, proj_grav_b : 0, proj_speed_b : 0, proj_dmg_b : 0, proj_img_speed_b : 0, proj_img_index_b : 0, proj_y_offset_b : 0, proj_x_offset_b : 0, can_shoot : 1, proj_inst_b : ref object 484, overlay_sprite_jump : ref sprite 1329, can_fire_hov_rt_default : 75, overlay_sprite_stand : ref sprite 1329, alarm_can_shoot_curr_b : 0, cancel_allow_dur_quick : 30, dir_hov_type : "n"

,...., pnce_upkeep_curr : 100 } ]

I'm not seeing the vm_group_call_on ... stuff. Are you using the same GM runtime as I am (2024.2.0.163)?

Hi all,

I can see other people use code tags, like so:

Can someone explain how to do this when posting a message? I don't see the option anywhere, but clearly others are able to do it.


Okay, so I tested to check things out and would like to report the following:

In the step event for a child object, I run a function called fnc_eve() that is stored in a script container. This function only contains:


If I have the parent object of the child run a simple print debug message in its step event, then I can see the debug message printed when an instance of the child is present in the room. No crashes or anything.

When I add the "if (live_call()) return live_result;" along with either the event_inherited() call or fnc_eve(), no crashes or error messages are printed in the output window. When I make a change and save, the change does not happen, and instead the output window shows the message in the op. 

Not sure what to make of it, but doesn't seem like a GameMaker bug?


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Reporting that GMLive produces the following error in the output window without updating saved changes in the code:

[ERROR] Runtime error: [error] Attempt to dispatch event on non-instance object called from [obj_name]

I've update GMLive to the latest version and tested this with both the gmlive-server.exe and gmlive-server-alt.exe files. Of course, using GMLive with event_inherited used to work without issues before the update to GM. Live updating seems to work fine when event_inherited is commented out.

Hope this can be fixed. 


Thanks for the reply. Just DL'ed and tested it, and it opened without issues. 

Going by what you've said, might it be worth a consideration to make GMEdit 2024+ a premium buy to help support its ongoing development alongside GM? GM's own IDE is horrible and I haven't used it proper since using GMEdit a few years back.


I just updated GM and have the following IDE / Runtimes:

IDE: v2024.2.0.132

Runtime: v2024.2.0.163

Unfortunately, any project saved with these updates cause them to not load in GMEdit (The top-left window remains stuck at "Loading..."). I'm using the most recent version of GMEdit (Feb 2024). Would it be possible to update GMEdit so it works correctly again?


Thanks both for your input!

I would second this as well if you're willing.

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I'd like to ask two questions:

1) In the FAQs, you have:

What platforms does PFE run on?
PFE only fully works on Windows. Both the Opera GX and HTML5 exports do not support online play. There are no plans to officially port PFE to any other platforms.

Is there a reason this shouldn't work for Android/iOS? If it works fine for Windows desktop, shouldn't an Android/iOS export work also (or Mac even)?

2) I downloaded the demo and tried running a match involving two client windows in the same machine (i.e. how we typically test networking in GM). I noticed there was a join IP option. However, even when I have one client window in the lobby to act as host, and the other to try and join using the device's IPV4 address (or even, the joining client simply remains frozen at "joining lobby".  I've double-checked to make sure the application is not being blocked by my firewall. Is the join by IP option allowed to work this way, or do we have to setup a node js server for local internet connections as well? In prototyping basic networking apps in GM, I'm able to connect two separate game windows in the same machine fine by using the device's IP address or 127.0.01. But it doesn't seem to be working here with the option provided by the app.


Ah, didn't realize we had to hit the 'Save params for later reuse' option. Works great now! I'll keep the watch function in mind as well.



So everything is working fine with this asset, but I note that when I try to re-run commands from a previous run (which GM RoomPack indicates) using option 1 "Yes, let's do that again", I get an error. Here is a screenshot of what I see in the command prompt window:


For now, I have a notepad which lists all the key presses I need to do so I can do it as seamlessly as possible, but it'd be great if this option works since it would make things quite a bit more easier (and since the option is there to begin with). 

If I don't make any changes to my setup and re-run everything with manual key presses using "No, I want something else" option, it works fine. But it gives the above error when I try to re-run it automatically w/ option 1. Am I misunderstanding the function's purpose or is this something that may need to be fixed?


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Thanks for the reply.

Also, you may want to see the following thread before you dive into that though:


Asset looks interesting and I might get it, but I'd like to ask if it supports jump through slopes? The demo doesn't contain any jump through slopes so thought I'd ask.


Ah, got it, thanks!


Great asset, and works pretty well. I'd just like to ask how you'd approach the following:

Say I have 3 rooms - rm_start, rm_node_a, and rm_node_b. All three rooms have varying widths. The goal is to stitch them together, with rm_start as the "starting anchor", and then load the other two rooms in succession (order doesn't matter). So basically, it would look like the following:




...again keeping in mind that they have varying widths. Right now, when I load the other two rooms, it places all of rm_node_a's instances directly on top of rm_node_b's instances (and vice versa). Here's my code:

var _x_ini_node = 2016;
    var json_rooms = scr_room_node(); // generated from rooms starting with rt_
    // pick a random room name from the map:
    var name = ds_map_find_first(json_rooms);
    repeat (irandom_range(0, ds_map_size(json_rooms) - 1)) {
        name = ds_map_find_next(json_rooms, name);
    // and load that:
    room_pack_load_map(json_rooms[?name], _x_ini_node, 0, room_pack_flag_instances);
    // and when you're done:

Could you recommend a way to get the rooms to load one after the other in succession with this extension?


Thanks for the input, will update later with some of these.

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Issue has been resolved.

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1. MKG's rating can be changed back, and buffed a bit, but won't be getting any new moves. The grab/pounce can work if the enemy is doing an attack that leaves them vulnerable, like a breath attack needing a charge-up before firing. MKG's grab is also ranged and reloads faster iirc (if not, will prob change it to do so), unlike the others.

2. How the AI blocks has nothing to do with characters' rank, it's just how the AI works. Can look into adding a difficulty option which makes the AI block less frequently at the expense of more points - later on.

3. Will look into a skirmish mode.

4. MVG's ammo attack is bugged.

5. Some attacks, including furies, don't work on Bio because she's not allowed to leave the floor (if it happens, it's unintentional).

6. There won't be any re-spriting for any character for the foreseeable future even if it may have been planned before. All such plans were scrapped very recently.

7. Will increase Kong's fury duration.

8. Shin will remain unchanged.

9. Will see about the ratings, though in your examples the differences you've cited are only a single point.

10. A lot of abilities / special moves in the pipeworks games are custom, made-up material and not canon. Titano's fury is based directly on the film.

11. Mechani-kong's wave attack is bugged.

12. Will see about Des's grab special against Bio (again, no lifting).

13. Probably not going to happen for the win pose. You already have the roar function which serves this purpose.

Not at this time.

Tutorial is something that was intended to be added at some point, but is still up in the air. Not sure when this will be added, but is on the table of course.

I know this is two weeks old, but I'm experiencing the same issue. Note that I hadn't updated GMS since 2022.3 and it was working fine then. After installing the most recent 2022.9 update (released on Oct 7), I noticed some objects no longer open. Hopefully it can be fixed.


Great. As before, some already addressed, will look into the others. A note on the mirroring - it happens when a character does any action which involves a motion blur effect on them. Fixed, but just an fyi to all.

There is no timeline for the mobile version's update right now. Just follow the project on itch io and you'll know when something is out.

You'll have to set an exception in your antivirus program or firewall. The game is being picked up as a false positive.

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Yes, this is great. Thanks for posting this laundry list of issues. Most have fortunately been fixed, and the more that can be captured now, the less that will need to be addressed in subsequent updates. 

Note also that the issue of projectiles damaging the user itself only happens with the AI, not the player. Fixed, but for now, just an fyi for everyone.

1) Need more info on the flying off screen issue - need specific examples of the characters doing this. 

2) For flying hedorah, did you remember to turn the graphics elements and particle count to their lowest setting (as well turning the resolution to its lowest setting)? You should only be seeing him generate a single puff of smoke from time to time.