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When will I receive my payment?

A topic by ChiffaProdaction created 64 days ago Views: 28 Replies: 2
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Good day.

I apologize for writing here, but 58 days have passed and I still haven't received my payment.

I answered technical support questions, as well as sent several messages to technical support, but I could not get an answer, when can I receive my payment?

The only thing that I realized was that my payment was suspended, and for how long I don't know.

Thank you for understanding.


I’ve let an admin know. It’s unusual to wait 58 days for a payment, but you mentioned some other issues that potentially delayed it. An admin would know all the details and they can help you further.


Support will have to follow up with you. We ask that you don’t create topics about individual account payouts on our community message board. The circumstances for each account regarding payouts are unique.


Admin archived this topic