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Please leave me feedback! Sticky

A topic by Dielji created Aug 14, 2017 Views: 435 Replies: 17
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I'm pretty new to this, and there aren't many people available in my area to help me test this thing, so: if you download and play my game, please leave me some feedback!  Does it work?  Does it crash?  Does it run like crap?  Are there gameplay quirks that you hate?  Are there things you love and want to see more of?  Let me know!

I will be attempting to update this demo on a regular basis, real-life-permitting, so keep an eye out for future versions!

This could be huge. I'll be making a video on it shortly.


Please post it here if you do!

alright I just played it and it was AMAZING!!! Seriously insanely scary. You really should finish more nights because seriously THE WORLD IS GOING TO LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!

I'll update you with my video tomorrow


Excellent, glad to hear it!  Incidentally... Night 2 will be out very, very soon.


Can't wait for night 2


Night 2 is gonna be rough if you can't reach the security monitor; I'll try to whip up a V0.2.1 that has some roomscale options, I sometimes take for granted how lucky I am to have a pretty spacious setup.

yeah I literally would only need the monitor to be like 6 inches closer. I was trying to play it properly right now but couldn't do it


I am actually about to upload a version with a setup menu that lets you fix that.  Should help for now, although in the future I'd really like to make the security room resize itself to fit any size play area.

I love your game but I have a small room scale and I cant reach the lights... You have to fix the jumpscares to because they aren't scary enough.Also, the cameras are very difficult to control so maybe you can change it to push one time the power button to open them and then push again to close them(I have a htc vive)


Better roomscale options are coming this weekend!  I'm working on the cameras; I do want them to be a little difficult to control, like I want the player to need to use two hands, but I am also making the buttons bigger and easier to press and hold down.   And I'm definitely working on the jumpscares!

Hey there!

Off the bat I'd like to say I love this VR experience. Of all the fan remakes for the franchise this is by far the best and most in keeping with the original game. Playing FNAF1 In VR made It a lot scarier, having that human delay reaching for the doors / lights / cameras really pushes that sense of urgency and tension. It simply made the horror more real!I have recorded a let's play of my time in game if you would like to see. This was my very first time playing the VR version so should give some real feedback for first time experiences.

HOWEVER! There are things that aren't perfect and sadly in my case make it a game breaker. 
• The buttons for the cameras are a little fussy at times. Sometimes my finger will pass through them or slide off them turning them off. 
• I found the CCTV screens hard to see at times. I put this down to a combination of size and static. However, I do wear glasses and didnt have them on during this play through so that perhaps could be a reason.
• Telephone volume. I found it hard to heard the voice over the phone, if it could be turned up, and perhaps the game background sound dropped a little it would make it easier to listen to. 
• GAME BREAKER. My room simply isn't big enough to continue playing this game. Even after adjusting the room I was unable to reach the door close button and the CCTV buttons. A potential fix to this could be to move the door button to above the light button. At least for my play space that would 100% resolve the issue. (Perhaps have a limited size option before starting game) Additionally the telephone behind me I cant reach without moving my place space. If the call could be auto answered, or the handset be moved to the table / wall by table. That would be super! :P

Keep on what you're doing :) 


Thank you so much for playing!  I appreciate the feedback so, so much.  You'll be pretty pleased with the next update coming tonight (hopefully), in which the room's size and layout adapts to match your roomscale.  I also am aware of the issues with the buttons, and am working through a solution; the biggest problem is that the buttons are all physics-based, and that tends to feel odd when you don't actually have the feedback of physically pressing a button.  Next version works on that by improving collision-detection, but I'm also looking into a more technical solution for the future.

Glad you liked it and glad to hear updates are coming albeit 1 day too late for my video lol.

I'm getting requests to make the game into a series so will check out the updates. So long as I can close the doors, toggle the lights and access the cameras all should be good. :D (move the door close button and job done! lol)

Be aware that some people like myself have to trick the pc to think our play space is bigger than it actually is. For example 1/3rd of my place space is above my bed lol. I'm sure everything will be fine :D Again great work buddy.


V 0.3 is out!  So, the game will auto-calibrate to match your play area, but you can also use the sliders on the title screen to fine-tune it, and you can pop on your HMD in the title screen to check that you can reach all the buttons.  You can fiddle with it until you've got it just how you want it, and it *should* save your calibration from session to session.  You can adjust the width of the room, as well as shift yourself forward and back to reach the security monitor more easily.  Should be helpful for recording!

The only downside to the whole thing is that, for now, I had to change all the lighting to Dynamic to accommodate the dynamically scaling room, and that has the potential to hurt the game's framerate, depending on peoples' computers.  It might be fine, but if you do notice it lagging a lot, just hold on for a little bit, because there will be a performance update coming up later this week.

Good job buddy,  all sounding positive. I will get testing asap. Comic Con is this week in London so i'm getting videos pre-recorded for while I'm away.

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