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Hey there!

I've covered the most recent demo for Mortuary Assistant on the channel. I'm looking into Our Secret Below now. Looking good so far, will let you know if I cover it. :) 

I really enjoyed this. While only a prototype the core elements are feeling on point. Could become something very interesting if coupled with a compelling story.

Thank you for making this. I didn't know it but this was exactly what I needed tonight. 

Well That Was A Thing. 

Hey guys!

I enjoyed your game It gave me vibes of "Do You Copy" and "Five Nights At Freddies". While the game is very rough around the edges I think the core concept is what shines. It has potential to grow into something far larger. 

I wish you luck in the future, I've featured the game on my channel. 

Hey guys.

I really enjoyed your game. It was wacky, random and made me smile. And +10 points for random Michael Jackson photo! However, while it's not a massive problem I don't know why you called it "This Side Up" when the name "What's In The Box" is way more obvious, in your face and remember-able. Just my 2 cents. 

I featured the game on my channel, I hope you do more in the future. OH and also the console is still active. I found your unfinished bathroom scene :D I didn't film it thought. 

This game was so charming and adorable. Thank you for making such a treat for us. 

I featured the game on my channel. Best of luck! 

This game is by far my most favorite from LD42. Amazing well done to the entire dev team. I honestly hope you continue to work on this after the jam as it has a lot of charm, character and opportunity. I can see this being a great multiplayer as well!

I've featured the game on my YouTube channel. Best of luck. Spammals!

Hey guys,

Very much enjoyed your game! It's got a lot going on for it with opportunity to expand even still in difficulty. Would love to see a 2nd level where the ship is in a storm and the eggs roll around for example. 

I featured the game on my channel. I hope you enjoy the video. 

Unsacrifice shows potential but In my opinion doesn't go far enough to show what we're getting ourselves in for. 

A lot of time has obviously been spent building the world with it's healthy selection of breakable objects, but other areas feel neglected such as sound effect and music. This is a big deal as sound design is a major factor of a good Horror game / film. 

I wish the dev team luck with the kickstarter and look forward to future updates. 

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There's a lot of promise with Exiles.

While the game play is missing the world design is pretty great. The sound design is on point. I look forward to seeing how this project evolves over time. I'd strongly suggest focusing on writing a strong story before working on more level design.

I really enjoyed this. It's cute and silly. I wish you good fortune in the competition :) 

I really enjoyed this game. The camera angle is a little crazy but i think it actually adds to the wacky vibe the game has coupled with the crazy arms. 

As a game mode I'd love to see it expanded as it honestly was fun. It would even make for great multiplayer if a friend could be the cop. 

TL:DR - Great game. Check It out! 

I'm going to get to the point. Inch by Inch is worth your time. It's fun. The core mechanic of shrinking was exciting! Would love to see this expanded on and on Steam!

Good job buddy,  all sounding positive. I will get testing asap. Comic Con is this week in London so i'm getting videos pre-recorded for while I'm away.

Glad you liked it and glad to hear updates are coming albeit 1 day too late for my video lol.

I'm getting requests to make the game into a series so will check out the updates. So long as I can close the doors, toggle the lights and access the cameras all should be good. :D (move the door close button and job done! lol)

Be aware that some people like myself have to trick the pc to think our play space is bigger than it actually is. For example 1/3rd of my place space is above my bed lol. I'm sure everything will be fine :D Again great work buddy.

RUIN community · Created a new topic My Review

Ruin looks visually stunning there's no arguing that. As a sample of what the author is able to do it works brilliantly. However, clocking in at under 5 mins play time it's barely a demo. I would love to see the author continue down this road as what they have right now is very promising. I'm reaching for something more with something of a plot line as to why we are there.

Don't give up. you're on the right path my friend!

Hey there!

Off the bat I'd like to say I love this VR experience. Of all the fan remakes for the franchise this is by far the best and most in keeping with the original game. Playing FNAF1 In VR made It a lot scarier, having that human delay reaching for the doors / lights / cameras really pushes that sense of urgency and tension. It simply made the horror more real!I have recorded a let's play of my time in game if you would like to see. This was my very first time playing the VR version so should give some real feedback for first time experiences.

HOWEVER! There are things that aren't perfect and sadly in my case make it a game breaker. 
• The buttons for the cameras are a little fussy at times. Sometimes my finger will pass through them or slide off them turning them off. 
• I found the CCTV screens hard to see at times. I put this down to a combination of size and static. However, I do wear glasses and didnt have them on during this play through so that perhaps could be a reason.
• Telephone volume. I found it hard to heard the voice over the phone, if it could be turned up, and perhaps the game background sound dropped a little it would make it easier to listen to. 
• GAME BREAKER. My room simply isn't big enough to continue playing this game. Even after adjusting the room I was unable to reach the door close button and the CCTV buttons. A potential fix to this could be to move the door button to above the light button. At least for my play space that would 100% resolve the issue. (Perhaps have a limited size option before starting game) Additionally the telephone behind me I cant reach without moving my place space. If the call could be auto answered, or the handset be moved to the table / wall by table. That would be super! :P

Keep on what you're doing :)