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doesnt run. cant find file

If its not too hard then I'm interested. I really enjoy all parody type games

Is there a "Bindy's 1" download anywhere?

ok cool

Doesn't work with the vive remotes. or at least work with a normal controller?

Top left corner. Can't find anywhere inside or outside of game. Also beat the game but still can't access the door. Is it one of the FNAF3 box situations or is it actually possible to open. Would like more gameplay/story but seems to hard to access after spending hours looking after beating the game.

My computer wont let me download at all. Says its a virus

I loved it. I think this game is what the sonic.exe games need right now. Really fresh. Looking forward to episode 2

Screen stopped scrolling on the level with the spikes all over the floor. Couldn't progress further.

Wait...... there were humans driving the cars the whole time?!?!?!

The new 1.3 update might be too easy. I just beat in 10 minutes. Also the other ending is not visual?

yeah I literally would only need the monitor to be like 6 inches closer. I was trying to play it properly right now but couldn't do it

Can't wait for night 2

I'll update you with my video tomorrow

alright I just played it and it was AMAZING!!! Seriously insanely scary. You really should finish more nights because seriously THE WORLD IS GOING TO LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!

This could be huge. I'll be making a video on it shortly.

WOW. I LOVED this game growing up. Can't wait to play!!!