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Take the role of an incubus or succubus. Seduce mortals into your lair · By Oneirolith

Linux Version

A topic by PublicLewdness created Apr 18, 2021 Views: 448 Replies: 6
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Are there any plans for a Linux version ?


No plans right now for a native linux version, but I hear it works great in Proton:

Unfortunately, I just tried to run it on native WINE (6.x) on my System  and then also via a Game environment I had set up for another Windows Game under Lutris and on both the Game unfortunately did not run, but in the second case it gave me this Error-Box instead:

May I ask which Developer Tool/Environment you're using - since many RPG-Maker-Platforms do offer to "bake" native Versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. If it's not too much trouble, it shouldn't be too hard to do even. The Coding itself is much more complex than compiling/baking the end-user-platform versions since this should be a fairly automatic process.

And if you're developing under Windows, there might be a very easily to solve problem on other platforms, that is inherent on all Windows Systems: the different file system there doesn't know the "executable bits" for files on UNIX-based systems like Mac and Linux. But this can be mended very easily under both systems once the files are unpacked there.

Anyway, I was looking forward to playing it since it sounds REALLY exciting and promising/creative, hence my slight frustration on this being at least delayed until I either find a way to still get it to run on my Linux System or you offering other Platform versions.

Thanks for your hard work though pulling this together - unfortunately I cannot enjoy the fruit of it just yet...


That dialog you got is consistent with the current directory not being the one the exe is in. I'd try cd-ing in there and running it to see if it behaves any differently.

Sadly there's no easy Linux export button to mash. My tech stack looks like this:

  • Game logic in Python 3
  • CEFPython provides Python bindings and IPC to Chromium Embedded Framework, which does the browser UI
  • PyInstaller bundles the Python interpreter with the scripts and libraries and makes an exe

All this stuff does support Linux, but setting up the build automation to cross compile and test is a significant chunk of work, so it's hard to make time for it when Proton is doing such an awesome job.

Strangely enough, it just worked after WINE had set itself up before launching again - maybe there was a bad Update of some component involved earlier when I encountered this Error.

I could finally play it and love it - the only cool thing, that might be integrated via the Mods you're offering, would be to see backgrounds according to one's preference (Male, Female, Transgender or the mixed ones).

Also wondering, if Mods will allow for images of Encounters, Characters and one's own character (with Upgrades ;-) ?


That's great to hear. You can do a lot of visual customisation with the mods. There's already a couple on steam workshop switching out all the backgrounds (all cis-female so far, though), and a player character viewer would be possible, just a very big chunk of work.

If you'd like to know more, it's documented here:

That sounds great/awesome! <3 

Unfortunately, I cannot access the Game via Steam since Steam prevents it - even though I setup the Adult Game finding -, so the Workshop for it isn't accessible to me for now.

I'm not sure, if you need to unlock it for other than your own country or if Steam does it at some point automatically? - 'Not sure how that works yet, since I got a couple of other Adult Games from my Wishlist, that I put on it some time ago, but I cannot find or add new ones for a while now.

I'll probably contact Steam Support soon, if I cannot find an answer easily soon for that. *sigh*

Thanks for your answer though and I hope some peeps will work on Mods, that will also allow for some (cis-/trans-)male visuals.