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Sure thing, sent!

Male equivalents for the artwork have been on my list for a while, but unless the game abruptly starts making more money I'll be hard pressed to commission more art for it, I'm afraid.

Glad you like it. Looks like I need to do a better job of communicating what the differences are between the versions.

Not sure what you mean by the Steam release? I do Itch and Steam releases at the same time with the same game content. As for workshop features, so far there's only one thing for modders that hasn't made it to steam yet, and that's an extra debugging mode for finding out why a particular encounter message does or doesn't trigger.

I'm overdue to put more patreon stuff in the other versions, so I want to get an update out before the end of the year. I don't have a date for that, but if you follow my itch account, you'll get notified when it happens.

Are you sure you've unzipped the zip? I can see that windows explorer window has a compression ratio column, which would be consistent with just looking inside the zip. Also, the paths on the command line are in a Temp folder, which is where Windows uses to unpack individual files, rather than the whole shebang.

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Hi, if you run python.exe on its own it won't do anything. You'll need to run "PLAY FLESHCULT" instead. Also, unzipping python37.zip will likely break things, so I'd start from an unmodified install too. Lastly, I'm sorry but this game is mostly text without a Chinese translation, so it's probably going to be very difficult to play.

Ah, well thanks for the attempt. I've uploaded a patch (v1.26b) which I ought to work regardless of whether the registry keys are there or not.


I figured that installing it would be enough. The installer would associate itself as the default application for .ogg files and that would be enough to fix the problem. So I guess it didn't work?

(To be specific, I believe Fleshcult is blowing up because it can't find this registry key)
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.ogg\Content Type = audio/ogg

Oh oops, it's inadvertently relying on Windows having a file type association for .ogg files, but I guess that's not always there. As a temporary workaround you could install something that associates itself with that file type (e.g. VLC, Audacity, Foobar2000...)

Sorry about that, I'll have a fix in the next release.

First up, are you in the itch app or downloading the zip? From the sounds of it, I'll assume the zip. If you unzip fleshcult-windows-release.zip, you should see a PLAY FLESHCULT.bat file in the unzipped folder. 

If not,
1. Your download might've been interrupted, so try it again. 

2. If it happens twice, could you give me the address of where you're finding that download, so I can make sure it's the right one? It looks fine when I download it

3. Maybe there's some security software on your end that hates .bat files? Are there any errors or messages along those lines, or something that shows up in that software's quarantine?

Well, it's a windows application with only the windows version of cefpython. This is well into trying to port it to linux, which I haven't attempted! I hear it runs under Proton but not under Wine, so that would be your best bet.

Transplanting a linux build of cefpython in there might work, but probably not without modification. Maybe the current directory is wrong for chromium's subprocess to find all its bits? If so, that's weird because I've run the game using a cefpython3 in site-packages before. Hmm, dunno.

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Hmm, that's weird. I guess it might just have been slow to start if the computer was busy the first time. If it hangs again, could you send me the game.log it writes? This is in the same folder as the launcher batch file.

I'm afraid not. I'd be hard pressed to break even on a mac version, and I'm already spread pretty thin with time commitments.

Knock yourself out, either version is fine by me.

Oh and just in case it comes up in the future, while at the time of writing there's no audio, I do have a soundtrack on the way. It's produced in house and not affiliated with a label, so it ought not to get you content strikes.

That error can happen if you try to run the game from inside the zip file. You'll need to extract the zip file's contents into a folder before you can run it. Let me know if it's still happening in an unzipped state.

No, no progress I'm afraid. And I think I need to be honest with myself that at this rate I'm not gonna have an intel mac version before the death of the intel mac! Sorry, but I think I'm gonna have to cancel it.

Oh dang, RIP your monitors. So you're saying if you edit the DPI of the JPEG to 150, it's OK? Weird!

Wow, never seen it corrupt the graphics like that before. I can see why you'd interpret that as a palletised video mode, but I checked and there's more than 256 colors in the gradients of that PNG you've posted.

The only thing I can think of right now that might cause this is really messed up Color Management settings, but that would be screwing up all kinds of things. If you hit the windows key and go to the Color Management control panel, there's a master switch labelled Use My Settings For This Device which toggles color correction on or off for a particular display. Does anything change if you toggle it off and relaunch the game?

Ok, how about this: if you or anybody else in this situation buys Fleshcult on itch for $5 (gotta pay for labour!), I can do it. You'll need to reply in this thread so I know which username to look for in the payment logs, and then I'll send the key to the email address you're using with Paypal or Stripe.

Which country are we talking about? If it's Russia, I don't want to break the embargo.

It should start if you unzip the zip somewhere and double click on "PLAY FLESHCULT". If that doesn't work, is there an error message that pops up?

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Yeah, there's no more fleshcult.exe, just a batch file that runs a python program. This should fix problems people were having. I haven't yet found a way to point the itch app to the new launcher (by default it just seems to guess which file to run!), but I'll do some more digging in the next few days.

EDIT: The itch app should now give you a nice launch menu now

The new content will make it into the base game, albeit with a generous delay. I want to give the Patreon version enough of a lead that I can make a well-rounded content release for the base game - some characters, some tomes, some plot, and still have patrons on newer stuff.

Planning on it, for Intel Mac at least. I get that it's very frustrating that I keep prioritising other things, sorry about that.

The error about api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is likely misleading. That's a part of Windows for running programs written in the C language. It's very unlikely that you're missing it, SMADAV probably just blocked access.

I've been having on-going problems with false positives from some kinds of anti-virus software because I use PyInstaller to make the game. SMADAV is a new one on me, I'm having trouble finding any information about how it works, so I don't know if I can be much help. Sorry about this!

I have plans in the new year to replace PyInstaller entirely, so hopefully that should help, but I haven't settled on a date for when I'll have that done. In the meantime there's not really much you can do other than tell SMADEV to make an exception, if that's something it allows.

Ok, I have a pretty similar laptop but haven't been able to find the issue. If anybody else is seeing this, please chime in with your own configuration and I'll see if I can see a pattern.

What's the scale factor you have set in Windows display settings? Also, what's the exact version of Windows you're on (e.g. Version 21H1 Build 19043.1348)? You can find this in Settings -> About -> Windows Specifications


Sorry about that! Looks like it's drawing the screen twice at different scales, so it's probably a problem with High DPI. I thought it worked fine with that, but apparently not always.

Mind if ask some questions?

  • Which version of Windows are you on? 
  • How many screens do you have? What sizes are they?
  • Is it only on the Create Character screen, or is that happening always?
  • Does it go away if you:
    • Right click on fleshcult.exe and select Properties
    • Go to Compatibility tab
    • Click Change high DPI settings
    • Turn on High DPI scaling override
    • Change it from Application to System
    • (This will turn off high DPI and use a lower resolution instead)

Thanks for your patience

Ah, I can see how that would be irksome. I fixed a couple of others at 395 and 739-740. The fixes will be in the next release, which admittedly I don't have a timeline on yet. Thanks for letting me know

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A list would be great, I can roll the fixes into the next release. Cheers!

Edit: If you need to search for particular lines, you can load up dialogue.json in a text editor and it'll contain all text for encounters.

Glad you're enjoying the game! If you click the Rename/Options button in the Sanctum you can change the protagonist's pronouns, though there's no support for they/them.

Petite cock should live in the Tome of Genital Swapping, though it looks like there's a bug where you can't go back to it from larger cocks. As a workaround you could get a strap-on, then get a petite cock. In general there shouldn't be anything irreversible in there, and if there is, I appreciate the bug reports. Cheers!

It's very unlikely to work on anything less than a full fledged windows emulator. Even in WINE it's buggy. If Lutris gets ported to Android someday it might work, but until then I'd say you're out of luck.

I would've liked to have done that, but the game is predominantly written in Python, and all of the technologies I looked into for running Python programs inside a web page (instead of javascript) required months of work. The Fleshcult blog has the details of everything I looked into.

Sadly no, the embedded browser I'm using has a function for that, but it was really unreliable. Hopefully next time I upgrade it that they'll have a fix, but I've got a lot of other stuff to get to first

I keep deprioritising it, I know, but I still want to make an Intel Mac version after modding is in a good place. As for ARM Mac, I wouldn't be able to break even on the hardware spend, so that's probably never, unless good virtualisation options arrive.

What was the trick? It might help other people

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I don't think the program is deleting itself. When I looked into this problem with another player they saw it vanish when it wasn't even running, so I'm pretty sure there's something external doing it. In their case it was an antivirus called Segurazo. If it's not that, I don't know if I can be much help to find out, because I've never seen it happen myself.

EDIT: I checked it using VirusTotal. 66 antivirus programs give it a clean bill of health but BitDefender Theta, Panda and SecureAge flag it as a generic threat (i.e. they think it smells weird). If you're using an AV based on those, that might be it.

As a side note, if you find extracting ZIP files confusing you could try the Itch App, which automates that whole process. It won't fix whatever's deleting the fleshcult exe though.

Sorry about that, but it's not on the cards. The technological trick I used to turn the server-based processing into local stuff doesn't have an android equivalent unfortunately. And iOS is out for the usual apple reasons.

The saves are stored in C:\<username>\AppData\Roaming\oneirolith\fc1 which is outside the game folder, so they should be safe regardless of what you do with an update. I recommend deleting the game folder entirely and unpacking the new one in it's place.