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Glad you're enjoying the game! If you click the Rename/Options button in the Sanctum you can change the protagonist's pronouns, though there's no support for they/them.

Petite cock should live in the Tome of Genital Swapping, though it looks like there's a bug where you can't go back to it from larger cocks. As a workaround you could get a strap-on, then get a petite cock. In general there shouldn't be anything irreversible in there, and if there is, I appreciate the bug reports. Cheers!

It's very unlikely to work on anything less than a full fledged windows emulator. Even in WINE it's buggy. If Lutris gets ported to Android someday it might work, but until then I'd say you're out of luck.

I would've liked to have done that, but the game is predominantly written in Python, and all of the technologies I looked into for running Python programs inside a web page (instead of javascript) required months of work. The Fleshcult blog has the details of everything I looked into.

Sadly no, the embedded browser I'm using has a function for that, but it was really unreliable. Hopefully next time I upgrade it that they'll have a fix, but I've got a lot of other stuff to get to first

I keep deprioritising it, I know, but I still want to make an Intel Mac version after modding is in a good place. As for ARM Mac, I wouldn't be able to break even on the hardware spend, so that's probably never, unless good virtualisation options arrive.

What was the trick? It might help other people

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I don't think the program is deleting itself. When I looked into this problem with another player they saw it vanish when it wasn't even running, so I'm pretty sure there's something external doing it. In their case it was an antivirus called Segurazo. If it's not that, I don't know if I can be much help to find out, because I've never seen it happen myself.

EDIT: I checked it using VirusTotal. 66 antivirus programs give it a clean bill of health but BitDefender Theta, Panda and SecureAge flag it as a generic threat (i.e. they think it smells weird). If you're using an AV based on those, that might be it.

As a side note, if you find extracting ZIP files confusing you could try the Itch App, which automates that whole process. It won't fix whatever's deleting the fleshcult exe though.

Sorry about that, but it's not on the cards. The technological trick I used to turn the server-based processing into local stuff doesn't have an android equivalent unfortunately. And iOS is out for the usual apple reasons.

The saves are stored in C:\<username>\AppData\Roaming\oneirolith\fc1 which is outside the game folder, so they should be safe regardless of what you do with an update. I recommend deleting the game folder entirely and unpacking the new one in it's place.

Save files should be compatible between updates. If you do lose your saves, please let me know about it because that's a bug.

That's great to hear. You can do a lot of visual customisation with the mods. There's already a couple on steam workshop switching out all the backgrounds (all cis-female so far, though), and a player character viewer would be possible, just a very big chunk of work.

If you'd like to know more, it's documented here:

That dialog you got is consistent with the current directory not being the one the exe is in. I'd try cd-ing in there and running it to see if it behaves any differently.

Sadly there's no easy Linux export button to mash. My tech stack looks like this:

  • Game logic in Python 3
  • CEFPython provides Python bindings and IPC to Chromium Embedded Framework, which does the browser UI
  • PyInstaller bundles the Python interpreter with the scripts and libraries and makes an exe

All this stuff does support Linux, but setting up the build automation to cross compile and test is a significant chunk of work, so it's hard to make time for it when Proton is doing such an awesome job.

No plans right now for a native linux version, but I hear it works great in Proton:

Hmm, if you've got file extensions turned off in Windows Explorer, they might appear as text documents simply called 'game', 'debug', or 'error'.  If you sort by Date Modified they should pop right to the top.

You could try running it from outside Itch to see if you get different behaviour. You can just run 'fleshcult.exe' in that same folder and it ought to start normally.

Sorry to hear that! Would this be from the Itch app? You can get more information about what went wrong by following these steps:

  • Go to the Library
  • Right click on Fleshcult
  • Pick 'Open folder in explorer'
  • Check for files named game.log, debug.log, or error.log

Thanks for your patience

Sorry, but no, I'm not planning on an Android port

Fleshcult community · Created a new topic Fleshcult Wiki

The Fleshcult Wiki is the main place to find out about creating and installing mods. Feel free to contribute if you've got tips or tricks for either playing or modding the game.

Nope, I'm afraid not. That'd be a pretty big departure mechanically. :)

I haven't tried it personally but I've been hearing that people are seeing much better results under Proton and Lutris than Wine:

As for your specific error, I'd check that GPU acceleration is working. I don't know if Chromium Embedded Framework will seamlessly fall back to software rendering. Are you on X or Wayland?

No, deactivating a tome doesn't replace any active transformations. Were you expecting that it would undo it to the previous body part?

If you're wanting to get rid of an infestation there are uninfested parts in the anal tome, genital swapping tome, phallus tome and vagina tome.

There are 3 areas to unlock and there is an ending involving building all the accommodation and going hog wild with the merging tome.

Open up Windows Explorer and paste this into the address bar and it'll take you straight to it


I've put a new version up and if you've got time, it'd be great if you could take a look. It uses a different method to construct the file path to subprocess.exe and fixes a bug where errors weren't making it into the log.

I actually have the same graphics card, so we know that works! Subprocess.exe won't be able to run on its own, the error you see when you do that is normal.

I wonder if it's screwing up when it tries to construct the path to subprocess? What's the path to the folder where it's installed? Is there a game.log too?

What sort of graphics card or integrated graphics do you have? The 32-bit on 64-bit thing is totally fine, but not being able to start the GPU process is definitely a problem.

Could you check that there's a subprocess.exe in the cef/ folder? You might get that error if it's missing.

Hi, is that Turkish Windows you've got there? I'm guessing from the Tamam button.

Does it leave a game.log (or any other .log file) in the install folder afterwards?

Oh, well done! It's a shame fleshcult can't possibly live up to this much build up, but I'm glad your machine's cleaner and relieved it wasn't Windows itself. At least in your instance...

I've been assuming fleshcult was getting mistaken for malware but now I'm wondering if Segurazo mistook it for antimalware somehow?

Looks like that event is just Steam deleting a temporary file that was used for the download, after copying the exe into its final location in SteamApps/common/Fleshcult/fleshcult.exe. If there's no deletion from that final location, that suggests that Steam couldn't write the file there in the first place.

To get a broader picture we could try removing the filter for deletions and replacing it with
Path   Contains   fleshcult.exe   then Include

Install fleshcult yet again and wait for it to get deleted again, and you'll get pages and pages of events. You could save the log as a spreadsheet and send them to me. To do that, go to File -> Save... and pick Events Displayed Using Current Filter and Comma-Separated Values and hit OK. If you could email it to me at I'll pore over it and compare it to what happens on my computer.

Dang, it's really crazy that this is necessary. I feel gaslit and I'm not even the one that it's happening to!

This is a lot to ask, but if you're feeling particularly intrepid you could try bringing out the big guns: Microsoft's SysInternals page has a program called Process Monitor. It makes a huge log of which program did what while it's running.

If you run it (procmon.exe), it'll start up by showing a list of filters. Here's a page showing how to add a filter for file deletions.

If add that and hit ok, then try to install Fleshcult in Steam, you might see an entry in the big list for something deleting fleshcult (and probably a ton of unrelated deletions besides). By double clicking on the entry you can find out lots of stuff about that program and what it thought it was doing.

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I've made a new beta version on Steam, which I understand you've also got. It gets rid of some data compression inside the executable, which I hear antivirus programs don't like.

If you have any patience left for all this nonsense, I'd be interested to hear if the computer poltergeist eats this one. (Right click on game, properties, betas, opt into the beta called "beta")

P.S. I strongly recommend turning your firewall back on!

The debug logs from the old version are consistent a bug where it can't handle weird characters or underscores in the install path or windows AppData path.

If you click on the notification speech bubble on the taskbar, there's nothing from windows saying "hey, just deleted a bunch of weird exes"? (assuming Windows 10). Is "Reputation Based Protection" turned on? It's in App & Browser Control.

You're not alone, somebody on Steam's getting exe deletion too. Could I get a whole bunch of details off you and I'll see if I can find any commonalities:

  • Windows version
  • Browser you used to download it
  • Browser extensions
  • Zip program used to extract it
  • Anything else you can think of that might have a penchant for deleting exes
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Well, there's still Windows Defender, which is built into windows. Apologies if you've already been through this, but you can check what it's been up to by opening up:
Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Security -> Virus & Threat Protection -> Protection History

It would be good but while it's doing ok sales-wise, it's not bringing in enough to commission a ton of art. I'm gonna be adding mod support so hopefully there will be some interesting community additions to the visuals

That's a weird one! There's no updater in fleshcult itself, and the only code I wrote that handles deletion is for save files, so I can't think of anything it could be doing to nuke itself like that. If you're seeing exes vanish both in Steam and Itch it sure seems like there's some third party at work. Are they winding up in Avast's quarantine or something?

It might've had trouble starting because there are two executables involved: fleshcult.exe, which has the game logic, and subprocess.exe which has a browser engine that displays the game. If subprocess.exe got eaten, it won't be able to start.

I'm gonna have a shot at a mac port soon, but it'll be after I get the ball rolling on mod support

There's a conclusion to the story, but you need to build all the extra living areas and do something really excessive with a certain late game tome.

That's good to hear about Lutris. Hopefully that'll make it into mainline someday.

This should be fixed in v1.05, but if not, please reply with any error logs you can scrounge up


Hey there, v1.05 is out. Let me know if that doesn't fix it

Oh crud. Underscores break it too. Oof, that was stupid!

Fixed in the next release