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Steam key ?

A topic by Bherweg created May 17, 2022 Views: 556 Replies: 4
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Is there a way to buy a steam key?

because unfortunately I can't see it via the shop in my country.

but you can activate the key.

Luckily :)


Which country are we talking about? If it's Russia, I don't want to break the embargo.

understandable but no Germany.

Steam couldn't agree on an age verification and that's why you can't open the shop pages in my country.


Ok, how about this: if you or anybody else in this situation buys Fleshcult on itch for $5 (gotta pay for labour!), I can do it. You'll need to reply in this thread so I know which username to look for in the payment logs, and then I'll send the key to the email address you're using with Paypal or Stripe.

ok i bought it