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Been a while since the last steam update

A topic by waylo2016 created Jan 02, 2022 Views: 828 Replies: 2
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Are there plans on a new steam update? It seemed like before that there was right around a monthly update schedule, but there hasn't really been an update for what is getting close to a year. I love the game! I just would like to see some more content coming towards it! I saw a lot of activity on the patreon awards, and it feels unfair as I paid for the game as well, I just cant handle a subscription service at the moment


The new content will make it into the base game, albeit with a generous delay. I want to give the Patreon version enough of a lead that I can make a well-rounded content release for the base game - some characters, some tomes, some plot, and still have patrons on newer stuff.

Ah okay, thank you for the reply! I am looking forward to the new content!