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Interesting Trello-Background 馃槣 and so excited for the new content. 馃馃挦

That sounds great/awesome! <3 

Unfortunately, I cannot access the Game via Steam since Steam prevents it - even though I setup the Adult Game finding -, so the Workshop for it isn't accessible to me for now.

I'm not sure, if you need to unlock it for other than your own country or if Steam does it at some point automatically? - 'Not sure how that works yet, since I got a couple of other Adult Games from my Wishlist, that I put on it some time ago, but I cannot find or add new ones for a while now.

I'll probably contact Steam Support soon, if I cannot find an answer easily soon for that. *sigh*

Thanks for your answer though and I hope some peeps will work on Mods, that will also allow for some (cis-/trans-)male visuals.

Strangely enough, it just worked after WINE had set itself up before launching again - maybe there was a bad Update of some component involved earlier when I encountered this Error.

I could finally play it and love it - the only cool thing, that might be integrated via the Mods you're offering, would be to see backgrounds according to one's preference (Male, Female, Transgender or the mixed ones).

Also wondering, if Mods will allow for images of Encounters, Characters and one's own character (with Upgrades ;-) ?

In a really good way - at least for me.  馃グ

Unfortunately, I just tried to run it on native WINE (6.x) on my System  and then also via a Game environment I had set up for another Windows Game under Lutris and on both the Game unfortunately did not run, but in the second case it gave me this Error-Box instead:

May I ask which Developer Tool/Environment you're using - since many RPG-Maker-Platforms do offer to "bake" native Versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. If it's not too much trouble, it shouldn't be too hard to do even. The Coding itself is much more complex than compiling/baking the end-user-platform versions since this should be a fairly automatic process.

And if you're developing under Windows, there might be a very easily to solve problem on other platforms, that is inherent on all Windows Systems: the different file system there doesn't know the "executable bits" for files on UNIX-based systems like Mac and Linux. But this can be mended very easily under both systems once the files are unpacked there.

Anyway, I was looking forward to playing it since it sounds REALLY exciting and promising/creative, hence my slight frustration on this being at least delayed until I either find a way to still get it to run on my Linux System or you offering other Platform versions.

Thanks for your hard work though pulling this together - unfortunately I cannot enjoy the fruit of it just yet...

Have you tried native WINE or also Apps like "Play on Mac" with integrated WINE support?

I would really appreciate a Linux-Version - and also give constructive Feedback for glitches or bugs, if they occur.

So far I have used WINE (WINdows Emulator) on Linux to play it and I think the glitches I found so far are based on it and not on your Game - since I also encounter them with other Windows-Games I run on WINE.

But with a native Linux-Version, I doubt, that most of these glitches would even occur. So, I'm aware, that it would be a test first, but would really appreciate, if you'd choose to give it a try. Worst that could happen is, that it doesn't work natively on Linux and Linux-users would need to continue using WINE with the Windows Version.

Thanks for your Feedback there and glad you found a way for the Android Version. ("Many ways lead to a goal/destination." ;-) )

Oh, and if your translator would need someone to proof-read the English translations, I'd be happy to help there, too (I found a few weird expressions, which I understood what they want to express, but that sounded a little "off" still - which is normal in translating from such different to each other languages - as Japanese uses different cultural concepts/context to describe things, it's not always easy to find a fitting equivalent in Western Cultures/Languages - especially when it comes to sexual/intimate idioms/comparisons/expressions etc.). So, it's understandable, but some input from (almost) native English-speakers, who know the naughty concepts and expressions, too, might help your translator a lot - and all involved could learn from each other about the Cultural Concepts used to express these things, too ^_^ - So: win-win for your translator and those who would support/help him with proof-reading (of course, the best-possible help would be someone who has grown up or lived for a long time in both Cultures and knows the intimate/naughty concepts well enough, too, but until someone like that is found, I'd do the best I can).

So, cheers and looking forward to your next steps along the Development Way - but all in your time, since this work should also be fun for you and not just for us end-users/consumers. <3

(1 edit)

If Tsukumon works in Windows I have found, that some Development Platforms cannot set the "Executable Bit", that is necessary for Apps to work under MacOS and Linux. But that can be easily mended, if it is the case:

You need to check the contents of the App-Package and find the .app inside it there.

You can open a Terminal inside the folder, that you've unpacked the Game into and then type the following:
chmod 755 [X].[Y].app/Contents/MacOS/[X].[Y]

[X].[Y] stands for the name of the Game (some use versions and might have it named more complex than just one [X] OR [Y].

So, that is one of the issues I had found with another Game some time ago, the Developer of which told me, that they work under Windows and I learned, that the Windows File System does NOT "know"/support this even since it's working completely different to MacOS or Linux File Systems.

That said: Tsukumon could only change this if s/he or they would be developing under Linux or MacOS, since Windows just doesn't know it.

The other thing is: if you, Tsukumon don't want to install Linux next to Windows, you could also try it out in a Virtual Machine Installation, which is very quickly set-up and then you could unpack the ZIP, change the missing executable Bit and re-pack it.

But since I'm not sure which of these conditions are actually in place, I just wrote them all out ;-)

So, whichever possibility it might be, I hope some of this information could help either of you.

P.S.: Does your Development Platform at least allow easy output for Linux Platforms, since I have read, that it's kinda complicated to put out Android-Apps with it in one of your comments here.
I'd really love to try it for you and see, if I can get it to run. I also have Android Studio installed on my Linux PC, but only played around with it so far and I'm not an Android Developer or anything.

So, let me know if I could maybe help in some way (testing stuff), which I'd love to do to contribute to spreading this wonderful sexy Ga(y)me.

I've wished for one like it for a long time and looking forward to more translations inside of it. Even though, I feel kinda sad, that I couldn't keep up my Japanese Learning Plans now ^_^ . But, Life happened...

P.P.S.: I just found, that RPG-Maker also allows for Linux-Output of Games *yay*

(1 edit)

Very nice and sexy little Gayme - I just got a little flustered when I couldn't get out of the Fullscreen-Desktop Version until I had played it through. Neiger ALT-Tab, nor ALT-F4 or ALT-Q worked and since there's no menu (bar), I couldn't finish it either way (under the Windows-Emulator on Linux OS).

Would be interesting to read from other (platform) users, if they experienced the same. Since that would be a little awkward to play in a "delicate" situation then, when someone needed to "quickly hide the game" for whatever reason ;-P

P.S./Edit: Is your Programming Platform capable of creating files for Mac and Linux, too? I know some Windows-based Programming Environments for Ga(y)mes have a little problem with the "Execution Bit", that Mac and Linux use in their File Systems, but it usually can be easily fixed with a short right-click to the File Properties or with an easy Command Line Fix.

Will you also release a Linux Version with that then? - I played it in the "WINdows Emulator" (WINE) under Linux and it worked pretty well there.

But the problem is, that every time I switch focus (with Alt-Tab), the game freezes afterwards and I need to restart it.

So, a native (to Linux) build would be really sweet, too - since we're talking platforms ;-)

(2 edits)

Yeah, shark won't plug even though I've tried all the smaller ones - even tried to combine two, but doesn't work, after "Raleigh", it seemed much harder to get Sharky inside.

But, it seems you need to try and ram it in real hard though - then it seems to finally work...I needed a couple more tries (in Fullscreen after Downloading maybe even over a minute or two) to get Sharky's Double D-s inside and then milk him to get the stretch increase for Bezzy.

(1 edit)

Aw, thank you so much, that's really awesome! <3

P.S.: I tried it out on my old MacBook and there the two older Ga(y)mes worked totally fine and I could explore the stories. <3

Oh, I'll first try it on my old MacBook (MacOS 10.11.x) and see if it works there - if it doesn't work there, I'll just consider it a nice little donation for your hard work still. I know it's always a learning process, so I don't mind the 5.x 鈧

 But since I'm following you anyway, I try to give some feedback on Demos to help you find bugs or problems.

I'm almost certain, given some time, I might even find a WINE-configuration on Linux, that will make it work. - Just didn't have the time and "muse"/inspiration to fiddle with it last night.

So, it's alright from my point of view, but if you feel better with it, I'm not denying a gift on my birthday ;-)

Could you maybe "bake" a Linux Version from your Creator Platform, too?
- I have just tried to start the Windows Versions under WINE (Windows Emulator) on Linux, but I only get a black screen, sound and the changing Mouse Cursor, but no image/User Interface at all.

If anyone (else) knows a fix for this, I'd highly appreciate it.
But I thought, that most Ga(y)me Platforms support Linux-Packs nowadays, too, don't they? *prays*

Yeah, I saw that about the App Plans and liked them already.

Yet, there's another Browser-Game related to this one ("Finding a Place"), that offers the HTML-Files as ZIP to be played offline, too.

So, it would be fairly easy to ZIP-pack the Site-files and offer them as a download to be used on any platform offline in any browser, too.

Ehm, is there a reason the ZIP-File isn't downloadable? - Would be nice to be able to play it offline - given how many blackouts were happening during the last winter blizzards...

(1 edit)

Could that ever be an option - something like a "character creator", that allows for different body options? - I can imagine, it would be a hell lotta work - especially when drawing the different body modifications then, too.

Yet, I think doing a little bit of that over time, might eventually allow for it to be implemented. But,  I wouldn't implement it before it's not almost completed then, since otherwise people will bother you about it all the friggin' time.

But seeing all the sexy characters and exciting body mod options in the game, really would make it exciting to see that, too. But, of course, also (partly) re-drawing some sprites and scenery images with the different mods could be a little too much then. Even though, I don't think people would mind waiting. At least those fans, that really understand the effort and work that goes into it (and which should be done with joy and love - since only then it really can be the most beautiful and "best" possible version of it all.)

So, the creative process is a fragile thing, I know - but whatever your "Muse(s)" is(/are), keep it happy and pleasantly "milking" those sexy, "creative juices" - 'always excited to see where it's going, especially with such intriguing and smart, yet subtle works like this.

Ah, thanks so much Ghuraok, that certainly helps a lot to know the limitations and boundaries of the current Game Version.

Personally, I don't need you or your team to "pressure" things, but clear communication certainly helps prevent frustration and disappointments as to what is to be expected from current status of development of the Game. So, don't let others pressure you into stuff - clarity in communication is all that seemed to have been missing a bit for me about the status.

I know a little bit of coding myself, but never really applied that knowledge much so far since people, who do not know it, often times seem to have entirely unrealistic expectations as to the effort and time, that goes into it. So, if anyone keeps pressuring you or your team, ignore them please and keep on doing your thing with an attitude, that "sparks joy" in you and celebrate the step-stones with those, who can appreciate the work done until each of them.

So, thanks for clarifying and being transparent about that process - the Game runs much more stable now (at least with the newly created Save-Games,  which makes sense since you were just writing, that you upgraded the Code behind, too) and I've just checked the hints in the "Memories"-Archive again - which are pretty helpful already.

Alright, so much from me - 'love the Game and also the "Placeholders" are really self-explanatory, i.m.h.o.

Keep up the good work and looking forward to the further development when you and your team's ready.

I also found, that getting the smartphone to work after having Yuvee isn't an option - if I want to introduce the item in my inventory to Yuvee, it's not working. And even though I get the Dialog with the Satyr in the Guard Room, there's nothing else I can do afterwards but going down the corruption path.

Is there any other "story" hidden there? I am so lost and have tried out so many things now, that I'm a little lost and losing patience - maybe it'd be nice to know where there are options without spoilering them. Since if it gets too complicated, people might also lose interest...but I'm really trying to get it all right, but there's always something not working (yet) or impossible to go back and I need to start all over again. *sigh*'

I remember long time ago, I had the mobile working and possessed, if I'm not mistaken, but I have no chance of recreating it with the new version now...

What is nice that there is a menu coming up with the options now of what can be done after trying to enter certain actions.

I also tried to follow the trail the Satyr told me, but I cannot get past the Goblin either (I chose to go together in the Dialog with Satyr Buddy in the Guard Room).

Maybe I'm just too sleepy already, but I'm getting a headache trying to figure it out, so I'll look into it later again.

It works much more stable in the new version, but the old Saves made the Game crash, so I started anew...which works pretty smoothly now (Linux).

Cheers and I'd love to have an "Option Tree" unlock when we tried something out, so it's easier to see which options were already tried and which ones are still open for trying. Because the conditions are pretty multi-leveled and that always gives me a headache after trying for a while.

No worries, if you're creating on Windows, it's something that's out of your power to change because Windows' File System works entirely differently and doesn't "know" something like an "Executable Bit" - as Linux and Mac OS do.

So,  it's easy to set the executable bit - in many Linux Distributions, you don't need to use the Terminal to set it, but just right-click the file, and then set the permissions in the "Properties" Menu.

But can't you already do that via the Book in the Library, once you've unlocked any character's preferences? - You even get some rewards from that.

(1 edit)

Is Scene 4 already included? I hoped with the sexy red-horned Demon in the Chat, but whatever I answer to him, the conversation stops with "Nevermind" *sigh* - Is there a Guide how to unlock them all?

P.S.: I reckon you develop on Windows, since before playing, I need to set the Game File to be "executable" on Linux. It's nothing you could change under Windows, since it has to do with the Filesystem and how the Operating System manages it. Windows doesn't know (other than MacOS or Linux) the "Executable Bit", that can make any file "executable" like an *.exe-file under Windows. Just in case anyone asks that question like I had on another Game, where the developer had put out a Mac Version, that had the same problem. Under MacOS, people might need to do that, too - but haven't tested it on my old MacBook yet. - If so, you need to use the "chmod"-command on the correct file of the Game App (Pack) then. If anyone needs that explained, I'll edit this comment or answer to it with the step-by-step procedure, once I've checked it out myself.

(1 edit)

'Should be fixed with the new version (0.05b) - had the same problem with the old one, but @DevilEroki fixed it with the new one - now it all works smoothly (at least with the 64-Bit-Linux I use).

Same here - using Linux 64Bit-Version - and when I click the hack tool on the char in the park, the Game crashes and ends itself.

Wow, I hope you two are going to be alright. These reasons are powers far beyond your control and nobody with a sane mind could blame you for it.

So, I'm still looking forward to the release of the Game - there are a few I can play in the meantime still.

And your personal well-being comes first - both of yours.
I hope, Francisco will be safe and sound, too - and you can enjoy the full-time work on the Game next month.

Virtual hugs for both of you and be careful - there are too many idiots in the World these days. Idiocy has become a Pandemic far beyond that of the SARS-CoV-2-Virus.

Alright, will do.

Well, basically it's the different Keyboard Layouts "QWERTY" (standard English Keyboard) and "QWERTZ" (Standard Layout for German-speaking countries obviously) - but a remapping in Options would of course not just be useful for these, but for any other Layouts than the Standard English one.

Hey there beautiful people,

I love the Ga(y)me a lot, but getting frustrated, that I cannot remap the keys - especially the jumping key - to another one since on my German Keyboard, the Y and Z key are in interchanged positions on the keyboard and using them this way really is kind of an annoying, if not "painful" experience.

I know, I could just quickly change my language locale to English, but eventually this will be a step, that international clients won't want to make anyway. So, it would be awesome, if you could either remap the jump key to the "spacebar" for all keyboards - like most PC-Games have it anyway - or allow manual keymapping altogether.

Thanks for considering that and I'll join your Patreon as soon as I could get my expenses and income balance fixed to be able to afford it besides my MMO subscription.

Cheers and sometimes an escape to an ill-/sickness free sexual wonderland would be awesome

馃寣 馃グ 馃槏 馃挦 馃ゴ 馃 馃コ 馃寛

(3 edits)

Hi there, 'love your Game and played it on Linux, but I get this weird Exception when I want to access my Followers - every time:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.
While loading <'Image' u'Ama\xefrbutton.png'>:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 177, in script call
    nobody "Don't worry, {any=start.LeaveNow}I'll drive you home{/any}."
  File "game/script.rpy", line 345, in script call
    g "Is it the sight of those {any=start.LustyHumans}lusty humans{/any} admiring your state of debauchery that makes you so hard to see me?"
  File "game/script.rpy", line 1360, in script call
    call NotEnoughPerception
  File "game/script.rpy", line 1381, in script call
    call NotEnoughPerception
  File "game/Modules.rpy", line 455, in script call
    call RandomEncoutersModule
  File "game/Modules.rpy", line 571, in script call
    call TimeChecker
  File "game/script.rpy", line 3461, in script
    call screen Trading
  File "renpy/common/000statements.rpy", line 531, in execute_call_screen
    store._return = renpy.call_screen(name, *args, **kwargs)
IOError: Couldn't find file 'Ama茂rbutton.png'.
-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------
Full traceback:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 177, in script call
    nobody "Don't worry, {any=start.LeaveNow}I'll drive you home{/any}."
  File "game/script.rpy", line 345, in script call
    g "Is it the sight of those {any=start.LustyHumans}lusty humans{/any} admiring your state of debauchery that makes you so hard to see me?"
  File "game/script.rpy", line 1360, in script call
    call NotEnoughPerception
  File "game/script.rpy", line 1381, in script call
    call NotEnoughPerception
  File "game/Modules.rpy", line 455, in script call
    call RandomEncoutersModule
  File "game/Modules.rpy", line 571, in script call
    call TimeChecker
  File "game/script.rpy", line 3461, in script
    call screen Trading
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/", line 1949, in execute"execute")
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/", line 1937, in call
    return, parsed, *args, **kwargs)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/", line 277, in call
    return method(parsed, *args, **kwargs)
  File "renpy/common/000statements.rpy", line 531, in execute_call_screen
    store._return = renpy.call_screen(name, *args, **kwargs)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/", line 2905, in call_screen
    rv = renpy.ui.interact(mouse="screen", type="screen", roll_forward=roll_forward)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/", line 297, in interact
    rv =, **kwargs)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/display/", line 2702, in interact
    repeat, rv = self.interact_core(preloads=preloads, trans_pause=trans_pause, **kwargs)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/display/", line 3194, in interact_core
    self.draw_screen(root_widget, fullscreen_video, (not fullscreen_video) or video_frame_drawn)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/display/", line 2094, in draw_screen
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 490, in renpy.display.render.render_screen (gen/renpy.display.render.c:6805)
    rv = render(root, width, height, st, st)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 259, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:3520)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/display/", line 722, in render
    surf = render(child, width, height, cst, cat)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 166, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:4075)
    cpdef render(d, object widtho, object heighto, double st, double at):
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 259, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:3520)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/display/", line 361, in render
    top = render(self.new_widget, width, height, st, at)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 166, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:4075)
    cpdef render(d, object widtho, object heighto, double st, double at):
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 259, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:3520)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/display/", line 722, in render
    surf = render(child, width, height, cst, cat)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 166, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:4075)
    cpdef render(d, object widtho, object heighto, double st, double at):
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 259, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:3520)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/display/", line 722, in render
    surf = render(child, width, height, cst, cat)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 166, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:4075)
    cpdef render(d, object widtho, object heighto, double st, double at):
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 259, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:3520)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/display/", line 675, in render
    child = renpy.display.render.render(self.child, w, h, st, at)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 166, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:4075)
    cpdef render(d, object widtho, object heighto, double st, double at):
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 259, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:3520)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/display/", line 722, in render
    surf = render(child, width, height, cst, cat)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 166, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:4075)
    cpdef render(d, object widtho, object heighto, double st, double at):
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 259, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:3520)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/display/", line 574, in render
    rend = renpy.display.render.render(self.children[0], child_width, child_height, st, at)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 166, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:4075)
    cpdef render(d, object widtho, object heighto, double st, double at):
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 259, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:3520)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/display/", line 774, in render
    rv = super(Button, self).render(width, height, st, at)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/display/", line 1127, in render
    st, at)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 166, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:4075)
    cpdef render(d, object widtho, object heighto, double st, double at):
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 259, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:3520)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/display/", line 583, in render
    return cache.get(self, render=True)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/display/", line 266, in get
    surf = image.load()
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/display/", line 628, in load
    surf = renpy.display.pgrender.load_image(renpy.loader.load(self.filename), self.filename)
  File "/home/sweet/Downloads/Gay Games/APR-XEN-1.101-linux/renpy/", line 576, in load
    raise IOError("Couldn't find file '%s'." % name)
IOError: Couldn't find file 'Ama茂rbutton.png'.
IR alpha April 2020 - EN 1.101
Wed Jun 17 23:58:56 2020

Maybe you can make something of it and get it to work in the next version - the Story is sooo intriguing and sexy, but also interesting to find a path out without getting corrupted or sacrificing a friend - which would only work if I could actually access my "Followers" inside my "Inner Space".

Thanks a lot already in advance and I hope this helps.

P.S.: Obviously this seems to have happened after a certain path only: namely one where I take both the guys inside my "Sanctuary" during the Introduction. After that when I click on the Companion Button, the whole thing's messed-up.  Took me a while to find that one since I had to go through the Introduction to get there. 'Would be awesome if you could fix this for the next Update.

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I had it the other way around - at least on my (older) Android Phone, the wood chopping in "Badass"  mode lags so much, that I end up with less than on normal mode.

I actually like the stone one since it is just a matter of turning the tiles around in your imagination to see which one could fit - it's really child's play and I don't think it should be made easier (you can always play "Normal" Mode after all, which is easy, too - like a puzzle, where you need to find the right tile to fit in, only that in "badass" mode it's turned around in different ways, but still only 2-dimensional, so it's not that hard for a mind to imagine it in other ways - unless, of course, you haven't trained your mind in imagining these kind of objects from different angles, but then this can be a very useful skill to learn for one's ["real"] Life, too - which would make the whole Game even more valuable since it would actually TEACH people to do that. - And in the most (naughty) fun way possible - since reaping the "rewards" at the end is always very sexy, i.m.h.o. ;-P

Yepp, worked for me, too, back then.

Also, Linux distributions are much more diverse, so it's highly more likely, that their distribution or "flavor" missed some libraries than your game being faulty.

To circumvent that, you would probably need to create a snap-or flatpack or AppImage, which kinda include certain or all needed libraries, but would bloat up the Data, too, of course.

Linux has a pretty helpful community mostly, so I'd let them figure it out since you only got the complaints counted and I'm quite sure the ones who had it working were still the majority.

Since in the bug reports the people reporting didn't even tell their distros, desktops, kernels or any other relevant system data like it's common in the Linux Forums to be even remotely able to pinpoint the source of the problem - which, again, is highly likely to have been with their "backend"/operating system and not your game, that builds on it.

Cheers and hope you'll reconsider until launch at least. <3

Looking very much forward to it already.

Hello folks,

'love the Game so much I can hard-ly await its release in September - particularly in these taxing times.
I've been playing it on Mac mostly these days and had no troubles, even on my old MacBook from 2009.

The only odd thing I've found is the huge amount of disk space it uses after unpacking the relatively small .zip-file from the Demo:
I'd like to know if this intended to be so big or is there an issue with something? - I'm asking since my current harddrive is pretty close to full already and I will have to make space for the final game once it's published in its final version. But if the Demo is already that big when unpacked, will the final version need even more diskspace?

Thanks for answering and looking forward to the final version either way. In worst case I'll only be able to play it on my Linux System (which has no disk space issues at all).


Can anoyne make it for Signal Privat Messenger and post the Link here, too?
If no one else uses it, I would make it if I get the files on Discord (same nickname as here) and then post the Link so you can add it.

The more platforms use it, the cooler it is, right? <3

(1 edit)

Oh, I see. 'Didn't know that was needed on this development platform (since other platforms can also export Apps for other Platforms without the need for them).
I was helping another Game Dev with that on Patreon some time ago, who developed their game on Windows and Unity. But because Windows doesn't recognise .app-files as executables, it doesn't set an execution bit on the files within the contents of each .app-Package.

But this minor misgiving can be easily fixed with a short command on a Terminal entry - but needs, of course, the different file system than Windows'.

Even if you don't have a Mac, the File Attributes change needed to be made with the chmod - command, can also be done under Linux (since MacOS and Linux offer it as part of their common UNIX-heritage, which is a messed-up story in/under Windows ;-) ), which then would circumvent all that nasty Windows hassle altogether and allow you to export with relative ease (yeah, it's far from that if you've never delved into another Operating System, I'm well aware. But since Linux is free and can be installed as a "Dual-Boot" with relative ease on every PC, it would be the "elegant" solution here without the need to spend hundreds for and old or thousands for a new Mac).

So,  ask your friendly IT-Bestie (who hopefully isn't acting "superior" or find folks from a friendly Hacker-Space nearby to maybe assist you with it. If push comes to shove, I would even try to help you there myself since I found Linux to be my favorite OS anyway and thanks to WINE, most Windows-Games (yours included) run via that Compatibility Layer as smoothly (some even smoother) than on cluttered and registry-bloated native Windows-Systems. Especially older hardware like mine runs like a charm with that.

When security updates stop for this MacOS-Version, I'll put Linux on this cute little MacBook I'm using, too.

I can only suggest and recommend here, but I'm sure, if your interest was sparked, you'll not regret it - Linux has evolved quite a bit further since its early days and is still much more stable and less vulnerable to security issues than Windows, even though Windows has evolved in that department quite a bit, too.
Still: Windows had the worse start concerning "clean code", if you believe the history records ;-)

Whatever you're doing, I'm excited about you putting this Game together and looking forward to seeing more from you. Keep the "creative juices" flowing ;-P

Well, he's a cute and fun guy, but I actually have a little bigger "nag" for that "hard-shell-soft-inside" guy Calderon.

And this is the first ever Game, that got me to really/truly love - but on a sisterly/brotherly/friendship-level - a female character so much, I wish I had a sister like her (I'm a spoiled "only-child" - well, I can be, if I regress to that immature state) - yeah, you guessed right: Ayame ;-)

(1 edit)

Hello there,

since I really love the (very well functioning after a few failed tries) MacOS Version of the Demo, I was looking for another opportunity of showing some (financial) support, besides trying to help people with problems on Mac to get it to run - and I've just found it on your Profile here. Maybe put it in the bottom area of the Game Versions, too, so it can be more easily found here.

It'd be awesome to see more of this really cool Game and I'll try to "push" it a little on all the Media Platforms I can.

It's certainly looking well worth it - especially with all the wonderful characters you've planned to implement <3 <3 <3

(2 edits)

Hey there,

I love your Game, even though it's a little laggy to play on "PlayOnMac" via WINE Compatibility Tool on my old 2009 MacBook.

I've just found another promising looking game, that seems to have been developed on the same platform, but is far from as advanced and complex as your Game yet.  The only advantage, that those developers have, is: they offer a native Mac Client (which would work a lot smoother than playing it via WINE).

So, my question would be: can your Development Tool/Platform easily export Mac - and other platforms (since I've seen the many requests for Android Versions) - Apps  (like I know Unity can, but you're using MV or something different even, I saw) or is that still more complicated and you'd need more time to learn that (or components, that would make it too expensive)?

Either way I'll enjoy playing the Game on WINE, too, as long as there's no native Apps for other platforms available (for me the Mobile ones aren't so important since I mostly play on Linux Laptop or MacBook anyway - and Linux supports Windows Games much more smoothly than MacOS I just figured).

I'll check if I can spend my little financial contributions, that I have available at the moment on some of the more complex Games like yours and that other one I've just found.

Unfortunately both your Patreon Tiers are a little higher than my "pocket money" allows to spend at the moment, so I might have to stay below the 1st one until I have enough to increase it to that. It's just that there are so man cool Games here these days, that it gets REALLY hard to decide where to put that little bit of financial support, that a sick little puppy like me can afford these days. I wish it were different, but until my health situations has significantly improved - which will take a few more surgeries -, I just thank all the many contributors, who can already support you and you yourself for making this wonderfully playful and sexy Game of yours. <3 <3 <3

Stay healthy, safe and keep up the good work (I'm thinking of the situation for LGBTQAx-people in many parts of the World today as kinda challenging still - particularly with all that f***ing Fascism rising in so many areas of our Planet - as if that damn narrow-minded Ideology hasn't already been proven  destructive enough not quite a century ago!)

Anyway, if any peeps have questions about how to setup WINE on Linux or MacOS, they may just answer me here or message me on Steam under the same name as here. I'm thinking of another secure way/messenger (maybe Discord, but maybe some supporters are already on another one from other Games, too - I'm on Hyao's "Lustful Desires" Discord under this Nick here, if you're interested).

Cheers and have a wonderful exciting (in all the good ways ;-)  time folks. <3 <3 <3

P.S.: What is your Public Files Updating Cycle? - I'm asking since you have version 0.2 here on and patreon has already progressed to Version 0.14 - which would make 12 version jumps already. Or will there be a final version to purchase in a reasonable timeframe from now?
Since I can only afford 1-2 $ per Patreon for so many and in my current financial and health situation, I'm far from being able to afford the 10 $ / month for the latest Game Built - why I'm interested to find out, how many versions behind the Public Builds will be, since it's already 12 version jumps by the time of this post?

Thanks for your time reading this and just answer whenever you find the time - also in little pieces. I'm patient and stuck with illness for a while longer still anyway. <3 <3 <3

(2 edits)

I'm already a Patreon and love the Game.

Just wanted to ask, if you could upload the Stickers for Signal Private Messenger, too?
- That'd be sooooooo awesome!

*crying from being moved by the wonderful end*
OMG, this is one of the most wonderful, natural and hot Love (Short-)Stories I've been able to play - the "vibe" of the Story reminded me a little of Evangeline Anderson's "The Assignment", but you putting this still unique story into this format is a most beautiful gift, I'll thankfully reward with a double-digit donation from my Gaming-Budget as soon as I can.

Thank you so much for this beautiful little Gayme <3

I beg to differ, ElevatorVibes,  since Steam does support NSFW content now as I have seen on the FREE Game "Blood and Lust" which included a NSFW Scene on the path I was playing through it.

Also you can now chose in the Preferences in Steam whether or not you want to include Games, that Show Adult Erotic/Sexual Content or not.

So, I think this should be no problem, unless other requirements prevent Game Developers from uploading their Games there (would be interesting to know which ones that might be then?).

Cheers and enjoy the cool Games on here and Steam.