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Would be cool, if the Digimon would EVOLVE with each load it's injected with and get stronger, too...maybe open up more (smutty) ways to interact (let him top even when "big" ;-P )

Woohoo, thanks for including the Linux-files again for the PC-version! <3

Thanks so much for your answer! <3

I see now what I missed, I think: the emotional challenge of accepting the non-conventional affection/love/urges usually can end in a dra-/traumatic event, that's true. Especially in the "conventional", emotionally immature human beings, that most of us have been or stay throughout our lives, unless we either want to (intrinsically) or are forced to (because of criminal behavior as a consequence of the incapacity to deal with our Emotions more constructively as the source of information about our very own being/values/spirit/psyche/mind etc. they  represent) learn to deal with them more constructively.

Without a certain amount of "pain-pressure" and the understanding that this pain is showing us, that something within our Identity/conviction/belief is not as coherent with our needs and actions as it should be - and instead pain is fetishized maybe as a way to overcompensate this incoherence in worst case scenario (which is fortunately not always the case, but it's definitely ONE way, a significant amount of people deal with it, I've learned) -, only very few people have been able to stay curious, self-aware/-reflected and open-minded enough to go on this path without that need for a painful "catalyst event", that breaks their idea about themselves ("identity") down beforehand...

So, I see your point now I think and I think it'll help me enjoy it even more - even though I still would hope for a "good end" option then, too - where the characters becoming destructive eventually find help to process all those things before "channeling" those inner conflicts into an overly destructive outlet (since then, the story - if it happens to be played by someone who's horny but in such a similar situation could inspire their sub-consciousness maybe to seek out the professional help they do need at such a point of an escalating [inner] conflict, you see?).

If you've already done that (I have to admit I haven't gotten there yet), please ignore that last last paragraph and just account it to my temporary ignorance of it at this point).

Thanks for creating this piece of (adult) art - I think we need naughty and uninhibited stories, that also don't give a damn about dogmatic moral ideas around some of our most fundamental human needs (meaningful connection on the one hand and sexuality on the other, both of which are most pleasant when served together, but depending on the kind of inter-human relationships we have with our unique fellow human beings, they can or cannot be present together).

Cheers and looking forward to reading and exploring more! <3

Is there or will there be a Love-ending with BOTH characters when they're both on max. affection and lust? - It'd be kinda hot to get spit-rosted by them every day then ;-P

And since they're all affected by the "Family Curse", they could probably save a meal or two pumping so much "lovejuice" into each other.

Just an idea though...I'd just hope to have a possibility for more income somehow since I have both now on max. affection and lust but not all scenes unlocked yet and would need to reduce "suspicion" quite a bit for both.

Also, it doesn't seem quite as logical for them to be "suspicious" in a negative sense, when they love the MC and lust for him all the time.
It would seem more logical for them to kinda admit to their loving affection since they're already breeding and sharing their seed with each other regularly and not turn around from "suspicion" into something more destructive suddenly (at 100).

I mean after sharing their seed a couple of times, it's obvious for the dumbest mofo, that there's more going on. And since they then obviously enjoy it (with love and/or Lust at max.), it would be kinda self-defying for their own greatest source of pleasure (the MC) to be suddenly expelled from their access for whatever reason, i.m.h.o.

That mechanic still feels a bit "off" to me for the named reason(s).
I dunno, but with affection and lust at max., a good ending should be "inevitable" really - either for all three or for at least the MC and one of the others then (choice whether to becum a happy couple or throuple).

Of course, I'm aware, that maybe adding another layer of complexity is pretty work- and time-consuming and therefore probably unlikely, unless enough peeps from your player-audience would wish for it and you'd find it worth your time to implement it. The Game is still really awesome and I love it, despite the little "annoyances" I found in the Gameplay! <3

So, I'm looking forward to see where you're taking this or if you're gonna create a new Ga(y)me anytime soon even.

Cheers and keep up the good work! <3

Well, I trust you and put the folders in the proper sub-folders and it works again *yay* I can even load my old saves again (unless that's not recommended)...

Thanks so much! <3

Well, if I still had the previous version with those files...

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Ehm, why does the 1.02 Public Version not contain a Linux *.sh Starter anymore? I would have loved to continue playing the new storyline from my saves, but now, I'm kinda "bummed" since the version only has the *.exe-Windows-files in it (which I can still run via my WINdows-Emulator, but I'll need to start all over again probably *sigh* ).

I'd be really thankful if you could be so nice and add that again... <3

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I LOVE this Game!

The unexpected developments and plausible conditions as well as the whole complexity, that didn't seem to have any un-commented plot-holes and does have quite the integrity, really got me hooked for a few nights now playing one possible path through (planning on doing more exploring).

(May contain still minor spoilers, even though I tried to mention as little as possible from the precise developments of certain conditions I mention in my intended constructive reflections on the story so far)
So, I already gave this a 5-star-rating since your choice of gifs and screenshots really do their part in helping immersion (even though I hope you won't get in trouble with copyright issues since they seem to be screenshots/gifs from gay adult movies.

But if you have asked them if you can use them, the studios would be happy to get free advertisements in your VN.

Speaking of cool VNs by you: could you also make "young marcus (expanded)" available here in - Since I cannot even register at F95 for whatever reason and had to find an alternate Download-Site (Lewdzone) to get the newest version of the VN and the expansion (would be nice to get the optional body and naming settings also in the expanded version - where I only merged the "Pics"-folders but had a few broken or missing image-links nonetheless [only a few in Demitransference]).

Thank you so much and I like how you snuck a few links to some of the other Games and stories into your VNs, too! <3

Cheers and *sings in voice imitation of the Pointer Sisters' original song* "[...] I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I'll like it. [...]" ;-P

I love me some sex-positive Fantasy-Gaymes - just leave the condoms in a Fantasy Environment, i.m.h.o. - especially with a God involved, who can heal everyone from anything. Unless there's a really meaningful story-plot in development, that makes "protection" from "corrupted/infected cum" essential to avoid a "bad end" from the consequences. I mean especially with the companions, they should have enough trust among each other to know their spunk's just a really cool gift for "bonding" between them deeper with each shared load...

I mean, that juice is only available in "limited supply" (even when hyperspermia is involved - which is usually a concerning condition, unless it's a genetic "perk" [which I'd love to have a boyfriend with]) and therefore "precious" because it's only available in limited (daily) "supply" from your partners and trusted fuckbuddies/"friends with benefits".

But I know the "trust"-part is the tricky one in RL at the least, why I love to see that part (trust) be more abundant and healthily developed in a Fantasy Setting.  And as a God, he could just pump his spunk into everyone and gift them with an extra divine portion of God-spunk while breeding or getting bred (I mean he only needs to be big enough to have his breeders reach the tip so they can crave his yummy [love his God-perk of making his cum taste like the yummiest taste of those who swallow/taste it] "lovejuice".

Oh, and can we get more frequent interactions with our "Mentor", PLEEEEEASE? - I miss interaction with Ryder (whom I chose, of course ;-) and training of his related powers. Especially in Act 2, when you the character cannot see HC every night anymore (why would be the spoiler, which I won't type here, of course).

And it'd be nice to have the option to permanently shape everyone's bodies when our Demigod finally taps enough into his powers to do so - for all companions and oneself. - And if being a hunky, priapus-hung vers stud or a slim twink (or Trans-Wo/-Man, Futa or whatever shaped female) would also becum meaningful at some point.

I'll be happy as long as I can maybe save my beloved Ryder-Satyr-Lover in the end though - Love(juice) conquers all! ;-P

And that's all for now - sorry, if there were a few more points still than I originally anticipated in the "flow of consciousness" while typing. But I would never be so arrogant as to expect you to implement my ideas since you alone decide what goes and what goes not in your story and it's already VERY enjoyable (understatement *cough*) as it is so far.

So, I'm just giving some feedback and ideas to maybe make it a wee bit more wholesome for those who may also have a similar perception of "Fantasy vs. Reality" like me and also wished there weren't so many friggin (multi-resistent) STIs in the "real world", that made it quite risky to be promiscuous these days (PrEP is a great advancement for HIV-related protection - even though it also reduces kidney-function on the long run! - but there are a LOT more of those damn bugs out there, that can cause severe problems in our bodies, that are supposed to be "temples", right?).

Even though I personally am hyper-demi-homosexual myself, I care for those who don't limit themselves to emotionally bonded partner(s) - which for me is usually only one at a time since more than one usually is emotionally overwhelming as a hyper-sensitive human. And to me "(ab-)using" someone or being "(ab-)used" isn't something I do with any other human being - big traumatic wall there. People should connect and encounter/explore (with) each other and use objects. If I want to use an object, I use an object (non-sentient toy) and would never de-humanize another human being for that purpose.

While I know there are people who have kinks, that they can consciously sense their limits - or learn to do so - with, I want to be able to completely devote myself to my partner (which many cannot distinct from "submission" sadly and painfully so). It's traumatic to realize every single time, how some folks project their disconnected (from their partners) fantasies onto others without the least care for their pleasure or well-being even (which is usually an anti-social personality disorder - formally know as socio- or psychopathy).

Well, but just because there are so many toxic abuser out there, doesn't make them "normal" in the sense of a Human-Rights-based Civilization.

If we want to throw all the insights, since the Era of Enlightenment began a few centuries ago, overboard, I don't think I wanna continue living in such a Society/Social Environment anymore.

And I've had the "privilege" of experiencing a near-death experience in my early 20s thanks to a Sepsis after  treatment of an STI at the hospital.

Even emotional bonding can be very quickly established on a superficial (desire/"falling in love") level, which is highly delusional and idealizing since the primal urges distort one's perception and "paint" the other person more beautiful than they are.

But, enough ranting from a my sleep-deprived mind for now.

Looking forward to where you're taking us in your VN-journeys...but they stir deep and meaningful "topics"/fields of Life in general for me.

To me "Gods" are nothing more than "(Primal) Archetypes" - and all the hierarchical sub-domains are like "nuances" of the bigger a Fractal, that splits into "the same pattern" the closer we get. Of course reality is not quite as "perfect" as Mathematics usually, but the principle beyond it, seems to fit from what I've experienced, observed and deducted or accepted as logical deductions from others.

We need each other to find ourselves - that is somewhat of one of the most profound realizations, I have also accepted and learned a great deal about its meaning.

And STORIES, no matter if true reports of fantastic novels, do help us to increase and expand our minds and UNDERSTANDING of the complexities in Life, that for one mind alone are not processable!

Therefore I think sharing our ideas, let others interpret and reflect about them - no matter how personal or "intimate" they are (which though does compel us to treat them/each other with a certain respect and care if we don't want to accidentally or intentionally harm ourselves and others)!

We can NEVER have MEANINGFUL RELATIONS/CONNECTIONS without BEING VULNERABLE and that is the problem: not all of us get the (emotional) Education to have the resilience to endure challenges and possibly abusive behavior from others (or realize we do it as a means of over-compensating by ourselves and to ourselves and/or others)...

That's the dramatic/tricky part, i.m.h.o. and it sure shines through in the plot of your Novel - otherwise I wouldn't have been able to just let these many thoughts "flow out" so easily into my hands in my sleep-deprived state.

My neurologist asked me once, if I take any "uppers" after my EEG, which I was surprised to be asked since I don't take any of those...but I can induce a state of Euphoria intentionally by "opening myself up" to sensual sensations (tender touch, melodic/spherical melodies/rhythms etc.). So I can "inspire" my brain to produce the "real shit" and don't need the chemicals that imitate neurotransmitters to mess up my brain-chemistry.

I can do this very well by myself, thank you very much ;-P
But I have also learned, that my touch can "inspire" others to either feel so relaxed, safe, comfortable ("geborgen" in German), that they sleep in when snuggling with me or get so horny, that they can't stop until we both faint almost...

Therefore I might be a "demi" myself from what I'm reading in your VN - and since there seem to be sooo excrutiatingly few other "entities" around, that seem to even be able to perceive a fraction of this beautiful complexity we're all a part of because most humans need structure and routine, whereas I cannot endure them for longer periods of time and if I am "forced", "accidents" happen to others, myself or I get sick physically (which might be psychosomatic, but accidents are not).

Anyway...I'm pulling the breaks here now and port myself out of this digital connection realm again. You know in a way the Online-Realm is a more uninhibited realm, where the subconscious impulses of many are less numbed by their conscious "maskings" (of how they want others to perceive them) because people feel more "anonymous" here. But with each and every word we type/utter here in public forums, we do give others an insight into our minds/attitudes/World-view/perceptions. And that does have consequences - always. No matter how small/insignificant they might be judged by ourselves and/or others at some point.

As long as there's enough electric power to sustain the servers/"great machines" (Hephaestus-Archetype-vibes ;-), I'm sure some of the thoughts can inspire more insights, questions and progressing understanding in many of us on the long - otherwise lonely - journey through Life.

But - again - we could never know who we are without others perceiving us. We could only ever experience the primal self without the cultural restraints to our physical needs/urges…

Wow, the Prince is really a hot stud - wish there was a way to get him without becumming his slave/b**ch, too - and turn into a homicidal Demon oneself. ^_^

Horny is always hot, but the gory part isn't my cup'a tea...just hope to some time have (vers.) fun with him as part of my "studly Harem" ;-P

But I'm sure the story's gonna take "interesting turns", whatever you've planned with them sexy Daemons...I just hope "love(making) will conquer (them) all" at some point and there's gonna be a hot and peaceful "family" like Fatima's brothers seem to be...maybe even including those of them who are into guys, too (occasionally or for good) and still help the Ladies with everything else, too - and have the bi-/pan- and hetero-guys make sure there's always enough offspring to keep the nekkid tribe's numbers at bay and the "Tradition" of cum-bonding alive and well. Also helps prevent diseases from outside then - even though the Tribe would need new Genes to stay genetically healthy, too. So, I guess the gay folks donate and access a good sperm-bank to get pregnant or fulfill their wish for kids, too (dunno if there are artificial incubators already in your World or if the Ladies will need to be asked to become surrogate-moms like it is possible in some parts of the world already these days. Well-paid and -taken-care of, of course since they still risk a lot already by carrying some gay couple's child to term then [thanks to gene-therapy, any man can donate a body-cell, that can be stimulated to reverse to a stemcell and then stimulated to turn into an egg-cell, that can be fertilized by the sperm of his partner in-vitro] ).

Anyway, I'm gonna be curious to see where this Chapter's gonna take the main-stud - hopefully he's gonna have plenty of cum to share and absorb - since it's a yummy and nutritious fluid, if the "donator" is healthy or non-infectious with some disease otherwise, right? ^_^
Also: it keeps him from getting depressed - from the way of reception as much as from the slightly anti-depressant contents of this "sacred cream", which you have managed to make look sooo fucking yummy and enticing, I always wanna lick the screen when I see images of it flying to not waste a single drop of it.
*yeah, I'm a guzzler like that - but only for my partner, who hopefully also has some love-induced hyperspermia like me going on and can't get enough of it from me as I from him then).

Gosh, is it hot in here or has my imagination just run away with me again? *mischievous chuckle*

I wanna have Ryddick, the Prince and the Constable stretch my character's hungry holes  and fill him till he tastes their cock-juice-tail in the back of his throat swollen/bloated with their gallons of "lovejuice" and feeding them both with his load until all of their balls are drained...and Sam watching and lapping up the "overflow" trusted "bestie" making sure all is distributed evenly and adding his - or even sliding underneath the character while he's loaded by 3 giant stallions and take his loads up his guts to the last drop, too - mixing them with his own.

Hope your muse/s will keep you "inspired", too - and the hot, sexy and lovely stories cumming ;-P ^_^

Alright, so I do get to the Start-Screen and when I click "New Game" I end up in a night-scene with some small lights flying around, but nothing happens when I click anything there.

Maybe this has something to do with the Menu-Text, I cannot see in the Preferences Menu either. I found all the settings intuitively by trying them out, but there's still some text missing on the buttons - just like when I click to get to the in-game menu when I hit the ESC-key (I see a menu popping up with a different patterned background and there are menu points I can choose, but there is no text rendered on them weirdly enough...

So, the rendering works for the most part, but it could be that WINE doesn't have the Chinese language pack installed...I'll see whether I can do that there and if so, if it fixes the problem with the text not showing (even though I still wouldn't be able to understand it sadly, but I could try to deduct ;-P ).

Hello there,

I was just installing the Game on WINE (/Lutris) on Linux and I can start it alright and set volume, access the menus etc. But there is no text shown (maybe if it's all still in Chinese, I might need to install a language pack on WINE for it?) and when I click "New Game" the Game kinda gets stuck on a black screen.

WINE is an WINdows Emulator for Linux, with which other Unity Games also run pretty flawlessly.
So, I don't know (yet) if all these problems will be fixed once there's an English version available, but if it's possible, a native MacOS and Linux Version would be really nice at some point.

(If you're developing in Windows, Linux and Mac-users will need to set the "executable bits" via the " chmod +x "-command once the Game is unpacked, but I don't think that's unknown to them [well, maybe some MacOS-/Linux-users who aren't as familiar with how their Operating System works in the background ;-P )

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Hi there folks,

I'm happy to have been able to help and hopefully this will enable more folks to play your Games since here on, there are no such restrictions in place so far and therefore it is my main source for buying and playing adult games.

Another option I have found from some creators, who are not present (yet?) here on, also use Patreon for distributing their Adult Games there ("Bonfire", "Lust for Adventure" for example).

Therefore, it seems that merely Steam is limiting its (International) Audience (in some places) so restrictively - whether or Patreon have different legal relations, haven't been obliged by such strict requirements yet or whatever reasons are and may be involved there, I have really no clue (yet - even though I'd be curious to find out, if there have been journalists trying to investigate that already, for example).

But I'm glad you could appreciate my feedback since I would truly like adult games - like yours - to be more easily available legally and with financial appreciation for all the work you've been doing.

There are download portals where maybe older versions of some Games are available, too, but they naturally lack the possibility to reward the artists/creators for their work and only serve to spread the word about the existence of Games (why I'm glad many creators here offer public versions (usually with older and outdated  or at least limited content - serving as "Demo-Versions") as well as paid "full" versions of their Games.

The only thing I am not certain about is, whether or not the other countries with similarly strict restrictions (maybe [South-]Korea, too  and Japan?). It would be quite interesting to know from residents from other such countries if they can access the adult games sold or offered for free here on and Patreon for that matter.

Cheers and hope it helps you in making your Game(s) more available to a larger audience (which is always good for you, too, of course ^_^ )

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Thanks so much. If you're coding on Windows, any other OS than Windows will need to make the executable files executable with a quick "chmod +x"-command, but usually people using Linux (and MacOS maybe, too), are aware of that. I'd be happy to test it if you should give it a try.

Cheers! <3

Cool! That sounds amazing! <3

'Looking forward to it excitedly then! <3 ^_^

That sounds kinda cool, too - since it makes those choices even more meaningful. I think your system of also hinting on how which choices affect which stats/traits really helps with that.

It would be nice if "feminine" and "masculine" were not explicitly bound to appearance though - since I have made the experience, that "rough looking" guys can still be extremely sensitive and have quite a few "feminine" qualities, too.
And, after all, pain-resistence is one of those (if women had the pain tolerance of men, they might die a lot more often from child-birth or at least faint during it from the pain and require c-sections because of it to bear their children) - even though it's often falsely attributed to "hard men" (which is bs, of course).

So, since stories always enforce or challenge/inspire certain concepts in those listening/reading/playing through them, it would be really quite awesome to have this reality-based complexity in human personalities somehow represented. Especially since your dystopian, post-apocalyptic environment seems quite plausible and realistic, too.
I'm gonna be curious to see where you're gonna take this beautifully rendered (love the atmosphere) and intricately thought-through gameplay of your piece of art.

Very intriguing really - especially seeing so many diverse characters, too. Yet, we humans are also diverse within each ourselves - which is making Life more exciting on the one hand, but sometimes also more exhausting and even devastating since too many seem to try and conform to what they think is "expected" of them and not grow to dissolve their own "inconsistencies" within themselves and appease this inner war between head/mind and heart/emotions by understanding that emotions are a "biological feedback projection" for our own values, expectations and needs.

Cheers and looking forward to the next/first chapter (after the enticing Prologue)

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Hi there,

I just tried to see it in the Steam-Store here in Germany (but it's similar in other States probably) and couldn't access it.
The Reason for this has been explained by this guy, I think:

There are a few work-arounds, of course - some of which seem to be to get a "USK"-rating (or respective agencies in other countries than Germany) for the countries, that won't allow Media to be published/sold without a proper age-"marker".

'Hope that helps make your cool game more available for people in those countries like Germany. I remember playing the Demo of your Game and found it really cool. But it's a little hurdle - more for some than for others - to have to use a VPN or something similar to get access to Adult Games, of course.

P.S.: And if Steam detects the use of VPNs, one's account also might get suspended (temporarily) since it's against their "Terms and Conditions", I ready on some of their pages...


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Ah, it worked pretty awesome now with Ren'py <3 Only had a bit trouble clicking anything in the Bedroom in the first scene there. But since it eventually worked, I didn't mind and could enjoy the rest of the story.

Would be nice to have more saving slots though (unless there are a lot more in the paid version, of course) ^_^ But glad it works now *yay*

Ah, alrighty, thanks a lot for the hint.

I think when the Game reaches a certain complexity in the story, it would be nice to have a Wiki or at least "Walk-through" at some point to be able to see, if all the content/paths/possibilities have been explored. Might also give players a nice inspiration to re-play it maybe (unless they play through with the Walkthrough next to them, of course).

To 1st:
Well, it's YOUR Game, so it would be nice to see what kind of story YOU have to tell, i.m.h.o. <3
And you should only take (kindly made) suggestions into consideration, that do not "betray" the essence of your Game - otherwise I don't think it can become its best-possible version because you will never be able to "please everyone". But you can be true to your own vision and inspiration - which will be valuable to look back on once you're older (as me ;-) ).

To 2nd:
Well, I don't know where the story will go and if this is part of what you envisioned, but I sure would love to be able to be physically intimate with the two godly "stud-muffins" somehow (one, the other or even both - Gods are just humanized archetypes, so they're bound to be quite "virile", as we can see in almost all the "Pantheons" of Gods created by Humans).

To 3rd:
Well, I think as a creator/destructor (much like the Trinity-of-Aspects of the Hindu God-Union of "Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva", who are all Aspects of the same Entity) he needs to be quite agile and perceptive to realize when which aspect is needed/important/applicable, so I think the "fitter" version does look logical in a way (since it's a "projection" of an archetype into a human form after all).

But there could be a state of him, that has a belly - when he's filled-up too quickly with semen by another god or his apprentice, that breeds him to proof his "mettle" and challenge his God-"daddy" to show off what he's learned and challenges his skills in the process, for example.
Yet, that's just a (naughty) possibility I imagined in the rough framework I perceived from the start of the Game so far. - I might be far from what you've intended, though, but that's at least what my imagination would wish for for an NSFW-Game like this.
And so far, I perceive Torent as one of the most beautiful characters, who has a calm and powerful attitude, yet also hides an evenly powerful virility underneath his loincloth, that he only shares with those who are "worthy" of his love - since it does seem that his greatest and most precious gift would have to be his "essence" (seed/-men) being a God an all...
I'm not really into Mpreg stuff, but I would imagine, some folks might like an optional route for that, too.
For me, just blasting his love-juice into his lover(s) and keeping this powerful essence sealed long enough inside of them until they've absorbed and grown more powerful, healthy - and more deeply and meaningfully connected/attached to him - sounds more than enough with such a character.

Just make sure, you don't get influenced by others too much, if it's too far from your own vision. Since I could still RP something like that on many platforms (Bonfire, Second Life, whatnot), but your story is yours to tell for a reason...

Cheers and hope my sharing of my naughty imagination - which is inspired by the start of your story so far - maybe inspires some unique path for you to implement. I'll be looking forward to be surprised what you're gonna do eventually. Just don't get stuck in too many options - that might probably paralyze your "flow" then (I know what I'm talking about there lol )...

Love your Game, too! <3

How can I meet the Alpha? - He looks tasty for "milking"...and hope to get my hubby-harem filled with at least the five sexy studs on/from the right.

(1 edit)

Unfortunately the Tyrano-Script-Game(s) like this one doesn't work with WINE (WINdows Emulator) on Linux - and when it doesn't have a Youth Protection Rating, it might also not be available on Steam in my country, if it's available there.

It would be cool, if the Tyrano-Developers would provide a Linux-Version finally, but I've seen the Discussions on Steam and it's still not there or problematic for users, sadly.

(Steam-Deck also runs Linux, btw.)
If anyone has tips how to maybe get it to run via Lutris/WINE, please answer to my comment and thanks in advance! <3

I hope you'll recover as soon as your body allows and then be able to let your "creative juices" flow into this project again.
It looks very promising and beautiful and definitely look extremely promising, i.m.h.o.

And since you mention, that it's gonna be NSFW, I can't wait for my first rump with either one of the sexy Gods - expert level would be both lol - and see what "gifts" their "essences" will bestow upon my character.

'Love the concept and looking forward to Updates - after you have recovered and are hopefully safe and sound enough to enjoy what you love to do again.

Well, I can empathize about the music...and it's easily adjustable in the menu, so it's no "biggy".
Cool would be sound effects at some point - but I guess that would need a "sound designer" for the naughty voice-overs and actresses and actors who wanted to perform them (with a bit of voice-manipulation software, it shouldn't be needing too many though, but all the effects would need to be recorded and stuff, so it's probably a bit too much - and I dunno how easy it is on Ren'py to implement them at this point).

Well, the executable-issue is not a Ren'py's issue after all. It's because Windows' File System is so different to Linux' and MacOS'.
Windows File System doesn't "know" (not part of its functionality) an "executable bit", like the other two's main file systems do.

So, it might also be an issue for MacOS users, btw., that they need to go into the app-package and use the terminal to make the executable actually be recognized as such by a short "chmod +x [filename]" or "chmod 755 [filename]"  command there.

But it's only needed once to complete the "file adaption" to the different file system, so that's why it's "no biggy" really.
And it runs smooth as the skin of the main character after the decontamination. Would be cool to have him get the sexier hair-cut option still after the whole spiel (I pissed off both the "officers" lol) in the med-bay, but maybe that's something for later implementation.

I still love the change and growth of the sexy main character. The  "evil end" did kinda surprise me though - since I didn't understand where that transformation would originate from really (I mean on my gay path he did wanna take the Prince in  (and only him from Pandaemeonium) but it'd be hot to have his "enlightened" - and "healed from religious bigotry"-state have a positive ending, too. D[a]emons are misunderstood angels after all ;-P

But in the end it's all your choice, of course - I just find complexity and depth as is definitely part of your cool story, really awesome and enticing. And I still dig the possibilities to change preferences and choices in kinks throughout the story.
Is - or will - there - be -  any possibility to change the "corruption" (which is really "enlightenment" after all, i.m.h.o.), "tribalism" and "obedience" traits further (maybe when joining your Patreon or buying the "unlocked" version with these perks somewhere here or elsewhere?) or are they limited by the state of development for the time being?
And do they change options in certain arks, too?
I mean, since it's really complex so far, I dunno if the different chapters do have variables, that could/do influence anything on others or not (yet?). I mean on the one hand, it's cool to have consistency with one's choices (which the player can also keep by just making those, that are comfortable to them) and maybe auto-limit them in later situations. On the other hand, it also makes sense to give that choice entirely to the player and allow for them to be changed in the course of the story - since it reflects on the "sexual fluidity", too.

Altogether, exploring the choices, that are possible is really entertaining - and "inspiring" ;-P - already, so please keep on doing what you're doing with it...and whether some of my ideas and reflections inspire you or not, they are respecting your choices entirely and the choices you allow the players in this cool Game.

I sure would love to see some inflation when the sexy main-stud gets bred and swells up from the deep breeding of the other studs in the game though. Having him run around with a cum-bloated belly would be kinda hot. And save him the need for food when it's absorbed from his guts ^_^

Oh crikey, my imagination's running away with me already again...well, I've been able to really immerse myself into the story - so, take that as another compliment and hot fantasy possibility, that I might have not (yet) unlocked/found if it's there, but if not, would be really feckin' hot to see.  And the option to run around naked - since it's obviously possible to be issued as an "exception"...and show off proudly what kinda sexy, cum-hungry breeding stud he is...always leaking a bit from his gaping, but also well-trained (in "milking") hole.
Unless you already have that in the planning for the next chapters *swoons*/*fan-boy screams*, of course, then just ignore my ruminations here and take it as a naughty "synchronicity" of ideas ^_^

Cheers and may the Muses never cease to inspire you.... <3

(2 edits)

Wow, I've come to luv this Game - especially since it allows to change which content to experience and which not, so almost all Kinks and Orientations can be served - and "wow!" are they "served"! ;-)

Love the humor also implemented in some of the scenes and was giggling heartily more than once. <3

P.S.: Had to make a couple of files for Linux (the *.sh in the main folder and the files in the Linux-sub-folder) executable before it worked properly. But after doing so, the Game starts with a slight delay (guess it's loading a few megabytes before showing the Screen/UI, but that's pretty normal for such a large game)

P.P.S.: I very much enjoy the whining "conservatives" in the reviews on f95zone ^_^ Yeah, I admit it: I am a bit spiteful and proud to pee on my Nazi-"progenitor" 's grave whenever I can. And it's a relief to see, this game is kinda criticizing this whole fascist agenda, too - in its own really interesting - maybe for some of them even therapeutic? - way.

P.P.P.S: Some background music tracks I needed to mute since they "killed the vibe" for me a little since I kinda lose the "pleasure vibe" when I need to giggle so hard from the music choices, but that's easily fixed in the settings, options or preferences menu with a right-click. ^_^

The Concept looks pretty cool - but unfortunately I can't see any text on any of the buttons when playing via WINE on Linux.

It would be cool to also have an option to check which kind of guests and hires orientation and sexes are preferred, so they're appearing more often at least.

But the concept reminds me of a 3-D-version of "Fort of Chains" somewhat...

Are they also available on other Music-Streaming-Services (like Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal etc.)?

Can you make a Linux-Build, too? - Unless it uses TyranoScript/-Builder, it might be possible relatively easily...

Does the Windows-Version also happen to have an *.sh - file in its main directory? - Because that would allow Linux users to play it natively, too and I'd consider buying the game then.

I don't think you need to worry about that - it's probably got something to do with Linux rather than your build then.

And since the Game's running in Fullscreen for me anyway, I don't care much about the Icon when it's started.
And the Icon for the Desktop Launcher is always manually added for Linux - at least in most cases since creating a Desktop Launcher involves adding an Icon manually on my Cinnamon Desktop UI, that I use with Manjaro.

So, no worries there for you, i.m.h.o. <3

(2 edits)

Woohoo! You're awesome, thanks! <3

I just started it - it's actually the first App-Image Application I've ever used on my Manjaro Linux so far, but it runs "like butta"/awesomely so far - I'll post it under here if I find any bugs, hang-ups or weird behavior altogether.

But so far, it's like one of the smoothest experiences I've had. Woohoo! I hope there isn't anything as I play along, but so far it's just as I remember it when first playing it on my Windows PC a couple of years ago.

Only thing missing to create a proper Desktop Launcher, is an Icon for the Launcher - either an *.ico or a *.png with the Game Logo would be cool to include in the Package for Linux since it's a little different to Windows and doesn't show it automatically as the App-Image-Icon (I still had the Windows-ZIP handy and could use the Icon from that one for now - but for other Linux Users, it'd be nice to include it in the Linux-ZIP  ^_^).

I really LOVE this Game.

Yet, I've just tried to play it on my standard-Linux-PC now and I get a white screen only but in the background everything seems to work fine.

So, "Electron" cannot be installed into this WINE-Emulator on Lutris it seems, so I won't be able to enjoy it until I either can find a solution for it (my Manjaro Distro has the Electron installed btw., so maybe I'll just need to use "System Libraries" - I'll tinker around with that for a bit, when I have the time).

But in the meantime: if you have still the source files for the Game, is there any possibility to try and build a Linux-Version from it, that uses the Linux-System's drivers and Electron maybe?

I'm sure other "Penguin"-OS-Fans would be happy about that, too. ^_^ <3

Cheers and still love the Game though - even though I can't play it without switching to another one of my Computers (Windows-Laptop or MacBook) sadly...

One of the Artists sent to me on Discord for the moment - and since I'll merely need to change the path to the new versions in the future within the Desktop-Launcher, I'll have it look really pretty from now until the end of times ^_^

Thanks for that. Now it only needs to be thrown into one of the folders of the package in future versions so everyone can have it.

It looks so "shiny"/"sparkly" UwU  *o*<3

I really LOVE the Game, but I have a tiny problem (only a couple of kilobytes "big"):

In the Linux-Version: where in the folder structure can I find the Game Icon? - I wanna create a Desktop Launcher, but I'm kinda lost trying to find the Icon for it. *sigh* Since it's obviously not stored as an *.ico- or *.png-file anywhere, it's probably part of an executable and (temporarily?) stored somewhere in the dark depths/abyss of the root partition.
But finding it there, is kind of a pain in the bootay! So, it'd be really sweet if either someone can tell me where in the Root-Filesystem this is stored or maybe the devs could be so sweet and post a *.ico or *.png here as an answer - and include a separate one in the Linux-Version maybe. Since in Linux creating a Desktop Launcher is a bit different than in Windows and non-system-level applications do not automatically get their proper icons. - That needs to be added manually.

Sleepy thanks...

You know you can use WINE (Windows Emulator) for MacOS, too, right?
It just might take a bit of space to run Windows-Games, if you don't want to use Apple's "Parallels" to run Windows in a Virtual Machine though.

Just search for "playing Windows Games on MacOS" and you'll be able to learn a lot more of the possibilities of MacOS and Windows Games.
I have an old MacBook still, on which I have installed it and it runs fine for most of the Games - similar to Linux, which I also use - and with a new MacBook you won't even have performance issues on most Games.


(1 edit)

Thanks for your answers.

Now I also understand a little more about the Game and your development (what's Patreon and what's public/free version).

I was merely wondering about the Journal-Entries, that didn't show up all the info I thought were already "discovered" at the progression of the Game (magic spells - which I love the little Puzzle-Minigames to unlock the discovered ones for, btw. <3 - and just the descriptions of locations). The QuickTravel-Points kinda make sense for the most part - just having one in the Throne Room with the powerful Dragon Couple would be nice to be able to skip the long way through the hot Catacombs when we wanna visit them. ^_^

Do you think the Game will have a "finite" version or is it a "progressing project" like some others (like Lustful Desires and similar projects seem to be, for example)?
Since it would be nice to still see the naughty scenes animated and some developers - like Grizzly Gamer Studios with "Robin Morningwood" - also offered a one-time payment option for the final version relatively early here on Patreon, that was definitely a bit higher (around 32 or 39 € even), but allows to get every iteration/fresh version of the Game here afterwards. I really liked that option since I can save up to it and then spend it once and enjoy the full content of their work while also having contributed to the work involved.

And I don't know which platform you're developing the Game on: if you're developing on MacOS a Linux Version that's "built out of the Development Platform" should be working right away with some luck. If you're working/coding under Windows though, you might need to set an "executable bit" via chmod-command (some Linux Versions already support to do that via their integrated graphical UI-Browsers nowadays) to those files, that are supposed to be that since Windows File System doesn't "know" this function (only MacOS- and Linux have these).
But, it's a quite easy step to do and even if you're developing on Windows (which I presume since you only published a Windows-Version of the Game so far) and do have less experience under Linux, you could even boot to a Linux-USB-stick, that has enough space to copy the Game-files for Linux there,  change the necessary files' properties, zip/pack them and then publish them without the need to even change your working system.

Plus: Linux Communities are rather a helpful bunch of people for the most part, who might help you finding what you need - even though you might wanna mention, that you prefer the least intrusive/complex solution ^_^ sometimes.

Cheers and looking forward to what you're gonna do with it. I've got a couple of Games with native Linux Versions (Grove, Forest of Love 2 and a couple of others), that run really smoothly on my Manjaro System now, even though Grove needed a rename of a certain folder, since Linux-(and MacOS)File-System(s) are cas-sensitive, which Windows is not necessarily (depending on the file-system used and obviously addressing in Windows also works without caring for case-sensitivity still when it is under NTFS) so.

P.S.: The craft-able clothes for the cute mouse-companion do show up, but not for the player's character - it only ever shows itself in the rags from the original character creation screen (at least with the human I chose).
And while my dog-companion got 2 more skillpoints even after having been maxed-out, Mouse-boy missed one to fill up the whole skill-tree completely (known issue?).
I'm not sure if I mix something up with this since there are a couple of Games out there with that mechanic and in yours the only Skill I found was "Fantasize", that kinda allows some naughtiness to be deliberately acted out (with the cost of losing the fight though). So, had you ever or might you ever consider implemented/-ing a "seduce"-skill to also win fights sexually/erotically instead of with violence (magic/melee)?
That would be kinda really cool, but if you don't intend it because it would add significant complexity to the whole code, I'm sure, I very much understand you when you'd rather not and leave that out since the Gameplay/-mechanic is already pretty complex so far (I'm s a sucker for complexity though since it makes progress less predictable and more exciting - why I'm asking ;-P ).

Sorry for the long text though, I tried to keep it precise though and hope I didn't babble too much insignificant stuff besides the important one. ^_^

Thanks so much - you're a Gem! <3

But don't overdo it - I don't wanna see another beautiful Ga(y)me with so much potential fade into the void because the dev(s) got exhausted (still missing the one planned by one of my favorite artists because he got burned-out in the process and some (toxic) people were having unreasonable expectations towards him, that he sadly took to heart.

Constructive criticism is always valuable and important - any personal judgments should either be ignored or (if they're against hate-speech-laws) reported to authorities. Easy distinction I wish I had known as a young Teenager/Adult (I'm middle-aged to "old" - in Teenager's eyes *lol* - now).

I can also recommend to try and set up a routine, so you don't get overwhelmed from the formal stuff (Uploads/Postings) - I think "orange" who publishes "Only I have Skills" posts 3 different Tiers here every month. But they and others who do similar stuff can also help you give some inspiration through their processes, if they're willing to share them with a fellow developer, whose content they might like to enjoy in their leisure time. ;-)

Anyway, you probably have your sources already though - just don't let challenges drag you down (since they're usually an opportunity for improvements in one way or another - finding out which can be a challenge in itself though, I know from personal experience *lol* ) and listen to constructive feedback only, then we should all be the happier in the end. ^_^ <3

Cheers and looking forward to the next version(s)! <3

(2 edits)

(Just realized that's for the Patreon-supporters, but I hope the public version won't be far behind either - how many versions behind will you keep it? - I saw some artists/developers choose 2-3 versions, some only 1 )

Well, restarting the Game at this relatively early stage isn't a big deal to see all the rewards...there've been Games, that were much further in their development (I remember Lustful Desires, for example) when they required players to restart them at some point because certain bug-fixes or new content changed the way things were stored in the saves and then needed to be renewed.
So, that's cool with me...and I haven't found as many typos as in other Games really. And none, that made it (too) hard to understand the context (like in SbArPg for example).

(3 edits)

Well, I ran the Version via WINE, ok... ^_^ - But it would be nice to have a native Linux version since for some weird reason, that I couldn't figure out yet, the Game running via WINE ramps up my fan speeds to maximum. ^_^

But the part about the "Like/Reputation/Affection System" still is there...I've just been a "little bit" sleep-deprived after a night of playing it to the Dragon Couple. *chuckle*

And is it a known thing in the public version, that the font settings aren't saved - since they seem to be reset each time from Arial when I restart the Game and I need to go into options and set them to it again.

Also, there are only random animated scenes so far - not even the one on the Game Site yet (like the naughty scenes with the skinks after fighting in the catacombs) - even though I have the Animations on in settings.

The "Magics" and "Location(s)" section of the Journal also doesn't show the Catacombs or Sewers as an own part - is that working as intended or not? Would be nice to have a Portal Stone for the Dragons after having saved them from their eternal seal.

So, I dunno if that's part of the issues of this older version still or maybe even because of the Windows-Emulation Environment (even though other Games work as intended)...hmmm.

(1 edit)

Wasn't there a "Like-System" implemented once? - I found that working for the Inn-Owner does give a few, but not for others, it seemed.

I just ran the Windows-Version via WINE on Linux (not the "Linux-Version" since there is [unfortunately!] none - thanks sleep-deprivation *lol* ) for a while now to see how it works...

'Love the whole Story-unfolding/Game-Mechanic...