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Cool! Thanks - I'll check it out. Last one worked like a charm (not sure if I had to set the executable bit still, but that is because of the Windows-File-System, not any programming/coding issues and it's easily fixed/converted - some Linux-Distros allow it with a graphical UI, others need short use of the command line/terminal).

Btw, it's only one file, that is in the Download and adding only this to the existing Windows-Folder and trying to run it, doesn't work.
Would be nice to compile a whole Version really again - like you did in the 1st Version! <3

Well, I'm vers, but I understand the sentiment - in a Game like this, it makes sense to serve all tastes, naturally.

Will you also compile another Linux-Version again? *horny puppy eyes*

Love the Story and the variety of Characters!

Of course I fell for Wil and his caring personality and beautiful looks and humbleness, but Derrick and Roberto (also Carlos seems like a really emotionally smart guy) are also interesting and seem like really sweet partner-candidates.
Kael could be a sweet one, too, I reckon - after he opens up and maybe lets the MC help/support him emotionally or otherwise in the Future since he seems to struggle quite a bit and his nerves are "on the edge" obviously (might even need some mental health counselor for that, but since I know the struggle as a person, I'd definitely love to support him - so, he's like the "mirror" of Wil(bert) in Dynamics, but could be just as sweet.

Well, I certainly love the teasers and the depth of characters, that is at least possible there.

Only one thing confused me: what Javier said in the Sauna when they left - to remind him of what? - Logical would have been to remind him to check the Temperature, but I think he says something weird/confusing in English at least (unfortunately I only know some French and Spanish is similar enough in many cases, but it's not similar enough, that I could play the Game in it [yet] - maybe if I get a Spanish-speaking partner some day, that might change though ;-) ).

Anyway, would be interesting to know what the intention was in that Scene and, of course, despite all that, I'm sooo looking forward to see where the Story is going and how the Love-interest with Wilbert will turn out - but also Derrick, Roberto and Kael as my 2nd-favorite/curiosity-stricken ones.

Otto seems kind of a bit of a self-absorbed a-hole and Javier a little bit too careless/aloof for my taste, even though they both do look still very attractive, of course.
But I've had guys like them in my Life (I'm in my early 40s now) and they're usually too self-absorbed to make good partners, who can care about the *connection* as much as I do.

And, if there's one thing I've learned about Love, it's that it's *all* about *connection* and how to nurture each other's needs (enough) and support each other in fulfilling dreams, if - like it would be for me - the loving Connection itself isn't already its fulfillment!

So, I'm pretty much living for Love (not "falling in Love" though, which is far too superficial and short-lived and completely different from Love - the problem is: only if you have a reference experience you usually know what I mean/refer to with that - and getting this "reference experience" usually means you either are still together with that person or you're a survivor of loss, abuse or other destructive dynamics...).

Well, it's nice to have another of the few available Games out there, "weave" a more complex character/personality Dynamic-"Network" (social) in a Story...this will make it really exciting and I'm sure, if you have only the slightest clue about what I was trying to convey here, you'll have quite a few "surprises" in store for us - and I love you for that alone already!

And whatever anyone says: if their "criticism" isn't constructive - which I hope mine was since I certainly intended it to be -, don't bother taking it to heart, please! There are far too many people out there these days, who seem to sickly enjoy trying to harm others mentally for their own pleasure. I found it's quite important to be(come) (cap-)able of recognizing such personalities/behavioral patterns in order to know, that they have problems, they are too afraid to face on their own and need help, but cannot really ask for it because they were told, that this makes them "worth less" than others. If anyone of these guys/people is reading this: stop believing in this BS, that someone you were dependent on or trusted in the past, told you! Times are a-changing and you are worthy of being a wholesome human being with vulnerable moments, that are not supposed to be abused, too!
Find help and dig through that hellish crap you've been told - unlearning is hard, but it's the greatest treasure and step you'll ever take, if you dare taking it!

People with (self-)destructive or anti-social / harmful behavior usually need serious help mentally and if they cannot find it in time, it can escalate to extremely harmful scales/levels - not just for themselves! But others caring could also help for a first step - but never approach them in their toxic Group-Dynamics then, if you're feeling competent enough to maybe help them take a first step to getting help!
Group(-Dynamic)s are a dangerous masking-accelerator/-catalyst! - The perceived compulsion to adhere to the Group's (behavioral) Norms and Appearances of "Dominance"/"Power", often "allows" people to be at their most destructive/toxic behavior when in the Group's "Orbit" still! Never approach one - especially in those countries, where it's likely that they carry weapons, unless you have a Death Wish, but then it's you who should get the help first anyway!

Life is so complex and exciting - and turning around the destructive Dynamics into more constructive ones, is an Art, that isn't quite taught anywhere really...even though, theoretically, one could use Social Engineering for it, too - and all the stuff, that is currently more used by rich enough Individuals to stack the decks in their favors instead of trying to bring about truly sustainable steps for a "Common Good"...but this is not the only way these "tools" can be (ab-)used for...they're mere tools, after all and can be used either way...

Ooooh, that looks very beautiful - are there PG18/NBSFW scenes (planned)?

I'd love to have a One-Time-Payment Option to unlock the C*m-Scenes - would be nice to have that instead of needing a subscription to your Patreon only.

Or will there be a "Final Version", that will include this after a One-Time-Payment?

Which is the oldest Save-Version I can use to continue - or do I need to restart all over again?

Wow, from what I could understand from the translation so far, the story is really multi-faceted/-levelled and fascinating. <3

I wish we could eventually get it all translated since I clicked a little ahead and saw that there's another couple of characters joining the setting later (again) and they're so cute/hot, too.

But it's still a bit hard to really understand it in depth sadly.

Maybe there will be someone offering you help in the Future, who can help you proof-read and translate some of the Cultural Uniqueness from the Chinese(?) Original - that would be so cool! <3

But the art and sprites and all the "composition" of it, are really awesome - I love it. Only few others look as cool and awesome - and I'd still love to see a "Happy Ending" with some more "action" between the Lovers - the teasing Scene was already really "appetizing" to say the least (and almost all the Beast-Men actually are just that, too! ;-) ). Yet, I didn't get your comment that broke the "Third Wall" quite accurately about the Porn-Game and what to expect of it (?) and your take about it.

Still: great work and I kinda envy Chinese-Speakers for being able to enjoy this whole Game ^_^ But in a good way! <3

So, can you make it entire M/M now, too - including pronouns and looks of all NPCs?

I was really getting excited for the variability possibilities of the Game, so everyone, regardless of their sexual identity on the Spectrum could have enjoyed it in just the "right" configuration for *them*...that's really something I haven't seen anywhere else yet and I found this really exciting and awesome!

But there were still some female NPCs I came across in my earlier configuration, why I'm asking, if that has evolved now to being configurable to that extent now, too?

Since I've also shared my excitement on a M/M-Game-Discord and some guys were still a little sad, that the complete M/M-configuration wasn't possible yet, if I remember correctly.

Yet, if that's possible via the Skins now and there are such already even, that their criticism would be voided now...and this would be sooooo awesome <3 !!!

So, I was trying to fight the Dark Horse now for the Xth time and lost and now my motivation to play this Game has successfully been voided - rebalance that Gameplay and I might try it again. But until then, it's just far too frustrating to me after reaching Level 2.

Ah, alrighty  then! <3 Thanks for the info *downloads it again to check it out finally*

Just wanted to download Version 0.1.2 and the Linux-Version gets hung-up when trying to unpack it and the PC-Version (which I downloaded for the public release first) only shows Version 0.1.1 inside the ZIP-file!

Can you please fix this?

Do your thing and let the complainy-smurfs complain - there are enough fans of your work - listen to those and those constructive critics, who point out some logical contradictions (unless they're dissolved later and are only appearing this way - which is also an option for a complex and long story, btw. - you know that, but maybe some of those critics don't  ;-) ).

So, yeah, first asking if something is supposed to be looking/seeming a certain way, helps for that case, too.

And when the whiny complainy-smurfs start their temper-tantrums, just delete, block or ignore them, if you can - don't take those folks to heart - it's really not worth it, if there's no constructive approach/reasoning behind it and merely some highly subjective judgements! - Judgements and personal opinions (even when "hidden" behind some imaginary "majority"!) are just bs-comments trying to diminish your hard work and I have yet to see any of those ad-hominem-(pseudo-)"critics" do or show anything better, that is comparable with a unique story / piece of written art.

Yeah, there are writing styles, that are very confusing to me, but yours is most definitely not part of that group of VNs! And it also seems your rate of grammatical and orthographic mistakes is low enough to immerse in the game and enjoy the World you've been building so far in a sensual, enticing and exciting way/manner. I really look forward to see what you're gonna do - but also wish you to not deny yourself the mourning phase, that you need when you lose loved ones. Otherwise you're just gonna set yourself up for an unconsciously festering burn-out, which would take much - much! - longer to recover from then (I speak of experience here - behold: the stubborn human who needed three brushes with death to find the humility necessary to deal with the Life and all its "surprises", that hamper our sense of control when we get too bold and fall for hubris! ;-P )...

So, I send you all the hugs I can and hope you have a shoulder to cry on - because tears are exceptionally potent healing catalysts for this kind of pain of loss and having someone there to just be a sponge for your tears, is the most compassionate gesture anyone can express in such a situation - without any secret agendas but to be there for you (it's usually also a test for those weaker characters, who usually feel at least a small impulse at some point to take advantage of such a vulnerable situation/person - if they do and turn cold afterwards, it'll hurt even more at first, but always remember the most important thing: there are most definitely people out there, who will not do this kinda shit and if you give up, you void any chances of ever encountering them and getting to know each other - that is what keeps me from going full suicidal really after my very pleasant near-death encounter [the first time I had my brush with death]).

And when you can think clearly again after letting your tears pour out all the sadness and pain from this loss, remember: We are all (made of) Stardust! <3

Wow, that was a really nice and atmospheric Tavern-Flirt with this handsome Orc.
Maybe I should learn playing cards, too ;-) - if it'd help finding a boyfriend/partner, who's so charming, strong and handsome. <3

Thank you for creating something, that feels so meaningful in its role and is yet fairly simple. *sing* "The simple things..."

Sweet and I think I'll need to find myself a handsome soldier now, too...hopefully without PTSD or one in therapy at the least already.
I have observed to have mostly 2 kinds of effects on my former lovers: either they get horny around me or they feel so safe and secure/comfortable that they sleep in snuggled up on me. My ex-hubby and still best friend certainly always drifts off when watching something together and he's leaning on me still - which is kinda sweet.

But I'd also wish to have someone with whom I can feel that and who can "see" me not merely with his eyes...but hardly anyone's taking the time to figure someone else out these days. And then people are whining about loneliness, but aren't putting in the time and effort it takes to truly get to know, understand and learn to "see through the eyes/mind of someone else" - which requires the courage to become vulnerable, but also stay true to one's own boundaries, needs and find "interfaces" to the other's needs and desires, that hurt neither. It's a pretty complex process building connection between two unique human beings - but language (spoken language as well as facial expressions and body-language!) is the only way to convey information. And it can have so many intricate and subtle tones and details "woven" into it, too - it's almost like composing a "song" together.

For me, the loss of connection with someone I used to have a powerful one, is always traumatic since they don't even need to die in order for this to feel like part of me is ripped away. Connections can be so fragile and yet so strong - the paradoxical nature of them is rooted in their complexities/intricacies always. And I have never - even not in a decade - got bored to exploring and finding out new, unexplored "areas" in the people I have known and cared for long enough.

But this curiosity was also more than 2/3 of the time fatal for the connection over time since it revealed (particularly during the last couple of and the current and ongoing Crises) the narrow- and rigid-mindedness of many of these humans I deemed friends. And how petty they became when they felt their "comforts" limited by a request (and law later) implemented to protect the whole of Humanity. Instead of understanding the ever-changing dynamics of Life, they refused and willingly ignored the situations presented to them - and severed the connection with their own minds' immobility and rigidity. I think that's why rigid mindsets are making it near impossible for people to create long-lasting, meaningful relationships with others - not because they don't want to, but because their mindsets won't allow it.

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Alright, I'm on it ;-)

YES! It works like a charm - now I can finally see all the text in the Game.
I take it you use Windows as your development platform since the usual "Executive Bit", that Linux and Mac-File-Systems need was missing, but that's easily set (you cannot do that under Windows, so it's perfectly alright! - It's a perk of the other Operating Systems' File Systems, which Windows just doesn't support without some tricks, methinks).

Thanks so much!

Since it's more of a concept now still, it's still pretty good show-casing the possibilities, i.m.h.o.
There aren't any interactions yet and I can't access the Settings, but I can see the potential of it.

Some of the backgrounds seem to be A.I.-generated, too - I can see how this makes sense, if artists allowed their works to be taken as training material at the least. Since A.I. will kinda promote their stuff then.
I still hope the artists, that it was trained on will get mentioned at some point though - since otherwise it seems a little unfair towards them.
But if that's implemented into A.I. at some point, I think it can be a great way to even help artists getting their Original Works/Skills promoted and A.I. creating unique variants of it.

Still don't know how to handle the payment/licensing then - since that's a whole legal mess on its own, but I guess, there are people specialized in these fields, who can hopefully figure out a fair process there.

Well, it doesn't show any text in Lutris/WINE under Linux sadly (I know from a few other Unity-Devs, that Unity can also "spit out" Linux-Versions - if you can get it to do so, I'd be happy to test that one), so I can't quite see all the story sadly but only click myself through the world and enjoy the atmosphere and sexy hunk-sprites. ^_^

Wow, it looks like an Adventure-Style NSFW-Gayme - gosh, I love this idea/concept! That's something I haven't seen so far! <3 Awesome! Gonna try it out right away. Woohoo!

Is there also an option to have like a male mate/companion - since Rahi is sweet and all, but for gays who like (cis-)males for their genitals, it's a little hard to find someone "regular" or a love/romance interest for me so far.

I've only started playing today and love the Game Mechanics and extreme variety and number to really identify with one's character, even though it's still relatively generic - but it's just the right balance of (mostly visual for obvious reasons) generics and adaptability (the kinks, character traits, even genitals etc.).

I just hope I can somehow get horns still as Human with hooves already since I so wished to create a gay Ipotane/Satyr-stud character and it's almost there, but just missing the little horny horns ;-) Maybe I can still do that - unless I'll need to enter the "Research Program" with the Doctor - but it'd be cool, if it were possible to get one of the sexy horny male nurses to "help" with the prostate milking instead of her.

I hope the Pump is soon gonna be there, too - but it's all kinda a lot to code, I know, so I'll just be patient and looking forward to new Updates.

Is there anyone doing Mods already for your awesome Game, btw.? I mean, the options this opens for even more intricate Character Adaptation are incredible!

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I see your point about Patreon and the regular funding platforms, but the "appreciation donations" platforms like Ko-Fi would be a nice and pressure-free way to get those who appreciate what you're doing also occasionally / irregularly to donate to your project when they find it deserves this, you see?

It's not as "binding" as Patreon and regular funding platforms are, but allows you to have those, that like and support the Project to contribute to it a little bit at a time - and without the pressure of the regular funding platforms.

Well, then allow people to contribute here or on whichever platform (Patreon or Subscribestar, if you plan on regular Updates, Ko-Fi in case you're less regular - also works with LiberaPay, PayPal and so many others) - so those of the players, who have the funds can contribute to your investments and make it maybe a little lighter to bear... <3

Oooh, I love this drawing style with the beautiful character expressions in their faces and body language!

I miss that in quite a few other Games, where it is necessary to read first in order to understand the inner (emotional) state of the characters - it's worth it when the characters and stories are interesting enough to do so, but seeing it in the sprites, too, is just another Level of Quality and effort put in by you as a creator (and the others who also bless us with this extra work, that should also be rewarded accordingly, of course - yeah, I know, appreciation in words is one thing, but an Artist needs to make a living, too, as long as we're living in a capitalist Economy, unfortunately). <3

Cheers and keep up the beautiful work...I'll rate the Game as soon as I've played through the Beta.

No worries, you're not alone in this little oversight ;-P

Holy smokes/-ing hot characters! <3

Any wait for THAT is certainly worth it, methinks!
Take your time, Bob, and anyone nagging you should just be politely ignored like a nagging child on a trip to their favorite Theme Park ;-P

This is gonna be one attraction worth practicing patience for, as it looks in those preview screenshots/sprites.

And don't burn yourself out about it either - you know how it is with the Code in the background: there is likely to be some bug hidden somewhere still, no matter how thorough you go over it.

But the overall impression counts - and if you haven't changed much about the Gameplay and story itself, it should be very "enticing" now with the new images and character pictures.

Cheers and I can see the love put into it - already could in the older versions, but this is certainly quite a leap in the visual attraction, whereas in the older versions, the visuals were still good enough to help immerse into the story a lot more intensely, too.
Yet, now they have certainly "Pin-up-Quality" with all the lighting and more immersive/atmospheric shading added to the backgrounds (really, they look stunningly beautiful).

So, I'm looking forward to snuggling up and playing through the new version as soon as you feel it's ready (important part here is the "you" - not anyone else) and good enough to be published.

Well, it can serve for any English-Learners as a learning experience then <3 Love your Game still, despite a few small mistakes like that in the Text. It doesn't really bother me either. But I don't know how much of a "perfectionist" you are with your story-telling, so I just pointed it out because it's there.

Btw., you have or need any proof-readers? ^_^ I mean, I can't really donate money, but I have quite a bit of my (Life-)time left on my hands these days "thanks" to a couple chronicle illnesses...yet, my wits are still quite intact. ;-)

The Screenshot of the new Bard has a grammatical mistake in it:
Either it should say "You know why the bandit went for the wandering bard? [...]"
"Why did the bandit go for the wandering bard? - Wanna know why? [...]"
Because when you use "do go" only the auxiliary verb (do) is changed in its time-form, not the main verb!

You're welcome ^_^

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Linux is my Main Operating System (Manjaro Linux with most recent LTS Kernel and Cinnamon Desktop - Manjaro is an Arch-Linux-based Distro), if you need testing, I'm up for it when I can! <3

Unfortunately many Windows-Games made with RPG Maker and the Script, that's running when they're loaded, aren't working well with WINE/Lutris in my Linux Distro at least.
And it seems quite a bit complicated to get RPG-Maker to spit-out working Linux-Code, too. I think one Developer did that and it only worked after fiddling around a lot with the Output back then (it was a year or two ago though, so things might have improved by now, as I know the Community).

(1 edit)

Unfortunately, I couldn't unpack the Linux-Version properly - it only contained a binary file, that was recognized as another archive to be unpacked.

I hope this can be easily fixed - since I really would love to try out the game! <3

Edit/P.S.: I just downloaded the Windows/PC-Version and there is the working *.sh-file for Linux contained in it, too - so people just need to download the PC-Version for the Linux-Version to work, it seems!

Hi folks, will there be new versions of this really cool Gayme?

Thanks for the clarification - it's annoying since it might also insecure folks from downloading your Game.
That's why I hope our little thread here helps folks overcome those insecurities caused by that weird message! <3

(2 edits)

When I clicked on the Info Link there was something about "suspicious behavior" and an explanation of corrupted files, that could potentially steal Discord -Accounts:

This is the Link on the screenshot:

That's weird - why's this Game flagged?

If push comes to shove, you could even just put it in a designated subfolder "icon" as a PNG or ICO-filetype and it could be manually used when creating a shortcut or launcher. But I know it can somehow be packed inside an EXE-file, too (the ICO-filetype at least) - but since I haven't coded with Ren'Py myself yet, I can't tell you the exact way to do it. I'm sure it's out there somewhere though and shouldn't be too hard to find.

Thanks for taking this into consideration though! You're a Gem! <3

Oh, ok - but it'd be nice to add the Icon.png or Icon.ico-file in any of the sub-folders or even the main Game-folder in any version.

Also the PC-Version can be added as including "Linux" since it also includes a Linux running script (*.sh-file), which I use on my Linux-PC and it works perfectly. <3

Because the PC-Version kinda only has the standard-Ren'Py-Icon included in the *.exe-file, I'm not sure if this would be a good thing or not now, you see? ;-P

I love your Ga(y)me/VN! <3
Could you please add the Game Icon separately in the Game-folder though?
The *.exe-file only seems to contain the standard Ren'Py-Icon and I cannot find the Icon anywhere else to create a proper Game-Launcher/-Shortcut with the Game Icon shown after the start in the Taskbar.

Could you be so sweet and maybe include that in the next version(s)?

Thanks so much for this - it helps find the Game much quicker on the Desktop than having x Ren'Py-Generic Icons spread all over the place ;-) *bows respectfully*

I'd really love to be able to play it, but it seems to use "Tyrano-Script" and that isn't compatible with WINE (WINdows Emulator) on Linux, I've found in other games already *sighs sadly*

I really love your Game, despite the minor mistakes and some lacking translations of the English Version! <3
Really great work, immersive and very "enticing"/"spicy", and I hope some more meaningful (Love *swoons*) intimacies will occur (which I'm sure they will from what I've seen so far in the story and I'm so looking forward to this - because mean interactions like with the evil bear aren't really my thing, but I see the sense of it in the course of the plot, so no worries there...just recommend adding a "content warning" about "coercing" and at least "semi-consensual sexual acts" maybe for people with Traumas in that field maybe, I kindly recommend).

Also, since I'm playing on Linux and it works awesome there, I just cannot extract the Game Icon as shown when the Game is running from anywhere - been searching for it anywhere in the Game files, but it's nowhere to be found. So, I'd highly appreciate if you could just add the Game Icon as a *.png or *.ico-file in some of the (sub-)folders somewhere, because then my Desktop Launcher could also show it properly instead of having to use the Standard Ren'Py-Icon for your Game, too! <3

Much love for your work again and if you could implement the Icon in the next version, many Linux-Users, who also want to create Game Launchers with the Game's Icon would probably be just as thankful to you as I would! <3

Hugs and looking forward to how the exciting story-plot will continue and if the MC will be able to help his sexy boyfriend(s) in all the hot ways - like in the Sauna ;-P ... I love that Wolf-Guard already so much *swoons*

Mwaaaaah! Cool! Thanks for providing that! - Which packer did you use this time? Since I think last time it was 7z and only worked when using that since it has a few packing algorithms that the standard packing program doesn't have.

Cheers and looking forward to exploring the story further now. *excited swoon*

Woohoo! <3 Thanks so much for the heads-up! That's awesome!

(1 edit)

Will you be rendering/"baking" a(n experimental) Linux and/or MacOS-Version again, too? *puppy-dragon-eyes*

Or even better: WHO is to come? ;-P