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Having problems entering the game. (Bonbon) [SOLVED]

A topic by doctor bonnie created Aug 12, 2017 Views: 324 Replies: 6
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So I'm having problems entering the game. It's not loading at all and all I can see is a black screen but I can hear sounds.

Is there anyway I can fit this?


Hi there. Sorry to hear you're having problems. I'll help if I can. During testing, the only time this happened was on a system that didn't meet the recommended system specification.

  • First of all, please check that all your graphics drivers are up to date.
  • Please can you also check your system against the specifications on the main page?
  • If your drivers are up to date, you have the recommended specs, and it still doesn't work, please can you tell me what make and model graphics card you have, what CPU, how much RAM and what version of Windows you are using.


Ah. I notice that my graphic card is a bit low and also I'm using Windows 10 sadly. Sorry

Developer (1 edit)

Windows 10 is fine (it has to be 7 or better) - but yes, I think the graphics card might be the problem. Unreal Engine is hungry for graphics processing. 

Sorry you won't get to play on your current PC. You could keep the game in your account, in case you upgrade your graphics card later.

Edit: If you want to arrange a refund, email

I understand. I wish I could play it but sadly I can't. I think it's better if I get a refund. Sorry for any problems I have put forward. I've seen videos of it and it's a very good game you have but if it's not going to work. There's really no point in me keeping it. I'm really sorry...


No need to apologise!

Thanks for your patience, I just needed to check the refunds process. The best way for you to get a refund is to email You can tell them that you are not able to run the game, and they will process it for you.