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Copyright Question!

A topic by yasha1607 created Aug 09, 2017 Views: 147 Replies: 3
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So if I download a game , paid or otherwise , Can I use the game for a VJ gig I am doing?

It'll just play in the background. I am all for crediting the creators of the game. Can someone tell me what are the rights over a game?



IANAL, but to me that sounds equivalent to a Let's Play video, which triggers performance rights. You might want to ask permission first just to be on the safe side. A bother, but these days one has to be paranoid.

Of course, if the game happens to be open source, you already have explicit permission, as set out in most (if not all) popular licenses, so check that first.

Hey , 

whats Lets Play video?

Yeah , I'm wondering how to ask for permission from all the devs !!


You know, those videos people post of themselves just playing a game from end to end, sometimes not even saying anything so it could qualify as commentary.

And yeah, asking for permission could be a problem if a game doesn't have comments enabled, and/or if you want to feature a lot of games.