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Inventory related bug

A topic by baldesar created Aug 08, 2017 Views: 213 Replies: 5
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Found a strange inventory related bug.  Not sure if it's related to this last update, or is a legacy, as I haven't played in a little bit.

Basically, for some reason, I couldn't put things into storage chests, as the GUI changed so that upon pressing "E" at a storage chest, it just shows what's in the chest, but doesn't display the customary personal inventory to the right of it.  Also couldn't cook anything in a furnace for the same reason - even though I was carrying a lot of raw meat, the game didn't seem to "know" that, so I couldn't cook anything.  Also, when trying to sell stuff to the merchant, the game only displayed a partial inventory of what I had - I sold a bunch of high value items, but when I left the merchant, and looked at my inventory again, found a lot more items which the interface just didn't seem to be aware of when I was actually with the merchant.


Hi, thank you for reporting and sorry about the issues you faced.

It might of been an item in your inventory that was causing an error, so every time the game tries to display or sort it stops there

if that's the case a simple re-start or reload will fix the issue. 

However I'll look into anyways.

Thanks again!

Hi - it's no problem.  Logging off, and back on to the game seems to fix the issue.  It was just weird coming up against it for the first time.

Another bug I've run into is the case of "disappearing" walls - in a house I built, two of the wall panels just disappeared, and, what's more, I haven't been able to rebuild the walls (the game won't let me put walls where there used to be walls).


Very strange, added to the list. Thank you for reporting!

I have found similar, where I thought, a section was empty on the right hand side, but what I needed to do, was scroll, as the screen was emptied, but when I scrolled up in that "empty looking section" there were my items.  

code fix: when ever we click on the mini-tabs, have a routine run to refresh that section, ie. sort and have it scroll to top(?) ..



Interesting! Will do that, 

Thanks very much!