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Hey - thanks for responding to my feedback.  I think all of your ideas have merit.  Another thing you could ponder is to add a second type of enemy that would actually find you being perched on high ground with no cover to be to their benefit - maybe some sort of evil human allied with the werewolve(s) who is also armed with a projectile weapon; against someone like that, being on high ground, silhouetted, without any cover, one would be a sitting duck.

Strangely hypnotic.

Is there any way to save the game?

Just noticed this weird bug in compounds in which there are two sets of chests, and medical supplies, in two different buildings; the chests in both building seem to access the same "inventory", i.e. the chests are acting like accessways to the same repository of "stuff".  I'm not sure if this is intended, or a bug.  It seems like a bug to me.

Started playing this.  I like this esthetic.  One question, though - is there a "trick" to killing the turrets?  I can't seem to kill them without getting shot to pieces, which tends to accumulate after a whle.

Ashore community · Created a new topic Finished the game!

Finished the game!  It was , overall, pretty enjoyable.  It took me a while to "aim at the water, though".  I had to aim low for the "escape" prompt to come up, while for a while, I was wading through the water, just aiming any which way, almost drowning at times, trying to escape.

Now, while enjoyable, the game was a bit grindy, mainly due to necessity to keep raiding rebel compounds to get the bits needed to craft the engines.  Basically, it got repetitive.   Also - the skill points necessary to buy crafting skills may be low, or the experience points you get for certain things may be too high.  After a while, I just had a ton of unused skill points left over.  One thing I realized is that you get the same number of experience points for killing a rabbit, as you do for killing a rebel, which didn't seem all that right to me.

I guess something you'll need to do, if you haven't done so already, is try to decide just what this game is going to be.  Is it going to mainly be a FPS?  A survival game?  A crafting game?  Right now, it's trying to be a little bit of all three, and I'm not sure if that's the right approach.

But for an early access game, and a $3 one at that, it was a lot of fun, and I certainly got my money's worth.

Hi - it's no problem.  Logging off, and back on to the game seems to fix the issue.  It was just weird coming up against it for the first time.

Another bug I've run into is the case of "disappearing" walls - in a house I built, two of the wall panels just disappeared, and, what's more, I haven't been able to rebuild the walls (the game won't let me put walls where there used to be walls).

Found a strange inventory related bug.  Not sure if it's related to this last update, or is a legacy, as I haven't played in a little bit.

Basically, for some reason, I couldn't put things into storage chests, as the GUI changed so that upon pressing "E" at a storage chest, it just shows what's in the chest, but doesn't display the customary personal inventory to the right of it.  Also couldn't cook anything in a furnace for the same reason - even though I was carrying a lot of raw meat, the game didn't seem to "know" that, so I couldn't cook anything.  Also, when trying to sell stuff to the merchant, the game only displayed a partial inventory of what I had - I sold a bunch of high value items, but when I left the merchant, and looked at my inventory again, found a lot more items which the interface just didn't seem to be aware of when I was actually with the merchant.

This is interesting, but one point came up.  One of the points of the game is to find a place where you can do battle with the werewolf on your terms.  Therein lies a problem; once you find an ideal location (high ground, with not much vegetation for the werewolf to use as cover), you have no reason to shift from that location.  You can just camp there, and plink away at the werewolf.

Obviously, this game is still young in its development, but there should be something that would force you to shift from such an ideal location, although I have no idea what that something would be.

Hello - just a minor quibble, but with the exception of some small units, there were no US marines that fought in the European theater during WWII.

Ashore community · Created a new topic Some thoughts so far

I just wanted to say that I've greatly enjoyed playing Ashore since I bought it, and it's probably given me the best value for gaming dollar spent in a long time.  I know the game is still an Alpha, but I thought I'd bring up some critiques I have noted so far:

1)  The bow, and arrow is seriously over-powered in that the rebel soldiers can't seem to detect you when you're lobbing arrows at them.  And it's possible to stand off at long range, and just lob arrow after arrow at the rebel soldiers until you kill them all.  Meanwhile, they don't seem to detect you, so you don't stand a risk of getting shot, and killed.

2)  The way the stands right now, there really doesn't seem to be a use for short-range weapons like the pistol, submachine gun, and shotgun.  The game map seems to favor long range weapons.  I'm not sure how to address this, though.  Maybe re-design the compounds, make them larger, so that short-range weapons can be useful?  I dunno.

3)  Respawn rates for resources (rocks, metals, trees) seems to be too high.  There often isn't a need to really explore the map for resources; right now, you can just walk back, and forth along a stretch of land, and get all the resources you need.

4)  It seems the only way to get the aluminum you need to craft the engine parts you need to get off the island is to raid the enemy compounds.  However, each raid seems to only net about 50 units of aluminum.  That's a lot of raids, given how much aluminum you need to craft all the engine components.  I'm at this stage of the game right now, and at this point, it's getting a little bit repetitive, especially given how easily you can take out rebel soldiers with the bow, and arrow.

5)  There doesn't seem to be much of a point in building a compound right now in the game.  Maybe if there were enemy patrols that roamed the map, and attack you, thus requiring you to hole up in a compound of your own, and if predator animals were more numerous on the map, there'd be a need, but right now, in terms of gameplay, you don't really need much beyond somewhere to spawn, sleep, craft, and store stuff.

That's about it for now.  For an Alpha, Ashore is really well along in terms of its development.  I'm looking forward to seeing how the game evolves.


Ashore community · Created a new topic RE: Large compound

Is the large compound not enter-able/attack-able?  I tried to go into it, but there seemed to be an invisible wall preventing me from entering.  I wasn't sure whether this was a bug, or a feature...

Ashore community · Created a new topic Work station bug

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but if you "buy" the work station skill (30 skill points!), and click on it while at a work bench, but don't have the sufficient resources to build it, the skill suddenly disappears, which means you'll have to go accumulate another 30 skill points, and hopefully not make the same "mistake" again.

How do you apply the updates to the game?  Do you need to re-download the game, and re-install?

I think the game is okay for what it is, and its price point.

However, I do have some suggested improvements:

1)  The soldier AI (the guys with guns, and gas masks) could use some work.  Right now, all they do is run toward you, while shooting.  It'd be nice if they moved laterally relative to you, made use of cover, and so forth.  Also, if their bodies would linger for a little bit longer rather than disappearing so quickly, it would be good.

2)  Being able to kneel, and lean would be nice.

3)  Having a save game feature would also be good.

I hope this helps.