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Devlog to my Survival game

A topic by JNI created Jan 04, 2016 Views: 629 Replies: 6
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A half year is gone now since I started to develop my survival game in Unity and C#, so it's time to write a few lines.

I really like Survival-Games like Day-Z and Rust, but I wanted to play the games in singleplayer mode. Play against AI like in FarCry.

So I decided to create my own game. I already realised some of my plans:

-A easy to use Inventory and CraftingSystem

-A building System like in Rust

-Airdrops, Loot Locations, ...

-Basic shooting


-Fantastic Day-Night cycle

-Objects like crates, water catcher, ...

-And the basics of a Survival Game

Now I have to take care of the following topics

-Graphics, Yeah the game looks really boring, especially the environment, but I'm on it

-The enemy AI, I want to have a patrol helicopter and soldiers should patrol on the map, also other survivers with different moods should try to survive

-The gun animations should be improved

-A random generated Map, I'm currently working on it(The following pictures are from the heightmap generator, I need to smooth it out a bit but it works fine)

I want to share my progress because it's diffucult to work without feedback.

If you have some ideas to a singleplayer survival game just write them in the comments, you can also write what you would expect or wish from a single player survival game.


You can add pictures by copying a url of the image and then pressing enter. More info here

thx for the information


What's the story / setting of the game?


I'm not 100% sure about the story but I have a concept. The game should start with an execution from the army. The main char gets hit from a bullet in his chest. Of course he will survive and wake up with all the dead friends beside him. Now he can try to survive in the open world with lots of mountains and hills. He can either start to fight against the soldiers and try to find out what the army tries to hide or he avoid the patrols and just survive somehow. But if the soldiers see him, he have to escape or die. I think about hardcore mode, which will delete the savegame when the player dies. The soldiers aren't the only danger, other survivors(AI) are hunted by the army, too. They can either be friendly and work with the player or they try to kill or rob the player. The animals can also be an enemy.

Map -> Legacy Map(A Map created from me), Procedural Map(You can set the presets and the game will create the map)

Enemys -> Soldiers, patrol helicopter, animals, other survivors

Friends -> Other survivors

Locations -> Loot locations(Small towns or buildings), camps from survivors, roads, rails, harbor, trains station, ...

Building -> Foundations, pillars, floors, different walls with snapping to build your own house

Atmosphere -> calm and quite but sometimes really exciting and dramatic

Style -> First person open world survival game with realistic graphics but not to bright, it maybe should be a bit dark

I'm not sure where the game plays, maybe in russia.

I hope this answer is enough for you :)


It sounds very nice.But i have a question.How huge will the maps be?

The legacy map has a size of 10 squarekilometers.

The size of procedural maps should go up to 30 squarekilometers.