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We need more SCP games on here

A topic by Trustmeiamnot079 created 5 days ago Views: 168 Replies: 12
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We need more SCP games.

Yes we need more


I agree. There was a cool one I saw recently (so, within the last few years, since it's all kind of blur at this point), that was mainly inspired by Control.  I can't quite remember the name offhand. I'll try to dig it up and post the link, It was short and sweet, possibly a Trophy incursion/hack, and had really nice, Control inspired graphic design. If anyone else remembers better, (or if the author is seeing this) please let me know. 

But yeah, stuff like SCP provides for a lot of potential. 

Yeah CB scares the carp outta me too much even tho i use consle and they dont see me and i cant run SL bc its too good tyvm


On another note, you should also definitely design one. That's how most of us get started, after all. "Oh, we need more of this thing. Hmm ... I am gonna make more of this thing."

i cant only on roblox bc i dont know how to use it :(

SCP as in And Control as in the video game by Remedy?

Yes what else would it be?

I don't think I had ever heard of SCP (at least I didn't remember), and "Control" is such a generic word that could be anything. I have played the game, though, and I love it (and it fits into the whole SCP idea). Just wanted to be sure 😄

Okay enjoy this 999 pics

Oh and one happy and exited SCP-721-J

Nobody knows i have seen 721-J