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Character Sheet fix?

A topic by o PazzuzU o created Aug 03, 2017 Views: 1,094 Replies: 14
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Is there a hotfix for the character sheet yet?  Or is it broken till the next update?

The character sheet often appears to be extended off of even slightly off dismount of carriage/wagon/cart

try player model reset for this, and if your horse/wagon are out of control, try the other Alpha 82 save fixer.

You'll need to quit out to use it though, Which I would suggest you do after sleeping, and saving, so that your sleep schedule isn't thrown off in game, at least, not by too much.

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This worked, thank you. But my front door would'nt open till I saved and reloaded after the fix. no biggie

Doors not opening properly has actually been mentioned as a known bug, Probably wasn't related to the fix, but good to hear that it sorted out with just one more reload.


how do you apply this fix to the game

how do you use this fix? I tried running it using the game but that doesn't seem to work

Yeah, i'm still a little confused on running the .jar file as well. Also, not sure if this is the same problem or not, but when i open my character sheet, my player just goes and stares at the ceiling until i can no longer look up anymore. I've had it work a few times to at least let me see the sheet from the reset button and up, but nothing below that.

I tried hitting the P (default key) for the character sheep when camera goes skyhigh unable to see the sheet. When spamming the key it almost works other than the sheet becouse invisible, just got the 1th levelup so only thing the sheet shows the is + for adding the perk but no text.

Hello Guys,

I also had the problem with the camera panning to the ceiling.  The player model reset did fix this for me.  It also fixed this annoying problem of having to jump though the doorway to get into my shop.

To open the Jar file, you need to have the Java Runtime environment installed.  You can get it here, but you might want to search it to make sure you get the most updated one.  The best place to download it from is Oracle, as they're the ones who make Java.

Big thanks to whoever made that tool to reset the character!

but how do you install or use these files in order to fix these bugs? I am so confuse

for those of you that cant figure out how to run it i figured it out on windows. right click the file MyLittleSaveFixer-o.o.82A after you download it and choose open with java(tm)platform se binary. and a window will pop up asking what you want to reset in game.  note the game has to be closed before doing this or it wont work. you can relaunch the game after it says it reset the option you chose.

what do i do if my game says its 0.0.9e but it still is snowy and i dont have the updated game

0.0.9e is the latest public version, which is also still a snow based map - The next update will return to green spring summery appearance

sorry this is late but thx a lot is there any possible way to get an earlier version

Dunno about that.