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BUG/FEEDBACK: games wont download

A topic by hamidreza_ao created Aug 01, 2017 Views: 292 Replies: 5
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i try to download autonauts, hedra, ancient warfare, ANYTHING. the itch app wont download it. it just says in the downloads tab that download started sometime ago. the progress bar will never fill.

i tried to use VPN, it doesnt work


Hello, are you able to download games from the website? Does this only affect our desktop app? We haven't received any widespread reports of failed downloads, and I just tested again to verify there is no issue. It's likely a configuration option on your computer, or something about your internet connection. Is it possible to give us more information?


just from itch app. i can download games from websites with VPN

not at all with itch app

answer pls?


Sorry, missed the notification for your response. Maybe your VPN is not being applied to the app?

oh my absolute good god man! thanks for telling that. i'm now using tunnelbear for itch app.