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this is pure LSD!


amazing mechanics

wow. what a great story

wait a sec? why are we here if we dont know what we are waiting for in the queue?

oh my absolute good god man! thanks for telling that. i'm now using tunnelbear for itch app.

ok tnx. just DO IT!


this game is awesome! but it has some problems:

in creative mode u dont have a space suit, so u cant enter any good ship

and more stuff.

just MAKE IT!

answer pls?

this is buggy. when u dash at a blue guy right before it shoots a bullet, it will lag as hell.

just from itch app. i can download games from websites with VPN

not at all with itch app

ok. racist google. i cant watch youtube or download GOOD games on google play too, eithout VPN.

so how can i fix this? is VPN the only option?


here it is. leafo. pls fix this.

i try to download autonauts, hedra, ancient warfare, ANYTHING. the itch app wont download it. it just says in the downloads tab that download started sometime ago. the progress bar will never fill.

i tried to use VPN, it doesnt work

so u not answering???

when i try to download an app, change my profile picture, or anything a normal person can do in, it says: acces denied. the following service isn't avalible in your location.

WTF itch? why i cant have FUN, like many others do?!!

WHY should i waste my time enabling my Goddammed VPN in order to do the things, that a person in US can do without VPN?

WHAT is going on? i need you to answer this, itch.

or its proved that you are a racist

thanks. now i know what fertiliser is for 😊

i know how to make crude bread. but i dont know how to get rid of the weeds.

and how to get more cereal crops?

please answer ASAP

thanks dude.

also. how can i make metal plates?

i cant find anything related to smelt metal ore. i got the clay furnace and it only gives me charcoal. what to do?