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Demo released! Sticky

A topic by Watsup created Aug 01, 2017 Views: 1,123 Replies: 11
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Please feel free to leave any feedback about the game, we appreciate you taking the time to play it!


First off, gorgeous art and music! Much kudos to the people who put so much effort into it! I must admit I got a bit disappointed at the end as I wanted to continue the story and know more. :P A good teaser, I think. I also much appreciate the well functioning and easy-to-navigate interface over all, since that often seems to be an area that don't get as much love and attention as it might need when it comes to small indie games, alphas, and demos. :)



Really appreciate the feedback, hope you'll enjoy the finished game when it's finally released :B

Do you have a place to report bugs or is here good? Just a part of the text in the inn references I am drinking tea although I picked the coffee option o.- Otherwise eager to play more!


I'll let LN  know, thanks! :B

Download options are unavailable from within the desktop application.


Made a change, did that fix it?

Yes, that did the trick. Thank you.

Wow. Just wow. The artwork, the story, but most especially... the sheer heart and effort put forth into the dialogue. Playing through this, you can feel the terror and love and heartache and weariness that Malcolm feels. You can bask in the cameradery of the pubgoers. You can hear almost every lilt and elision of Balgair's accent and dialect in your mind's voice, with no dropped letters in the text and only a few dialectical spellings... You and yours truly know the ancient and artful craft of the dedicated wordsmith.


Thanks a ton for the feedback, I'll send this to our writers for ya!

They are definitely doing some great work - and we're hoping the full game will keep that quality up for the entire story across 7+ romances :B

why does it start in "chapter 2"


Chapter 1 is split between 3 characters and doesn't really give you an idea of what the entire game contains, (also chapter 1 is much longer than chapter 2 for one girl, so we put it together first).