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Discord is an immediate way if you have that!

I’ll point these all out to the developer!

Go for it! :B

Thank you! Always nice to hear people enjoyed the game :B

We have plans for more content, will be some time though!

I’ve gone ahead and reported it, there was a typo in the mobile export that caused this one to make it through when it shouldn’t have, sorry about that! It is disabled, the achievement showing up is the error.

I believe all of the minigames are removed, are you sure this achievement is active on the mobile version?

I’m fairly certain you cannot do this one.

The passage on the left is unlocked somewhere in Jessie chapter 4, and the large field on the right is unlocked when you do the both humans path in Jessie’s, I think.

Hm, it’s weird, I’ve been able to 100% the game on the latest builds just fine - and I’ve confirmed with other people who have also been able to. If you’re missing 1% and you’re on the latest build then I can only think you’re actually missing something. Do you have all of the glossary entries unlocked? All of the scenes? Your tree is completely filled out?

When you said you redid the endings, you redid all 3 of the endings for both marion and jessie? Not just redoing one of them?

I’ll pass this along!

Yes, there’s a free update planned with some smaller additional content and a cleanup pass. There’s another romance that is being worked on that will be free, and then 2 expansions that will be paid content.

No problem, if you’re still having issues let us know - you can still use the skip function (by clicking or holding control) between choices though!

Really appreciate the feedback, we love to hear from players who enjoyed the game! Happy to hear it was worth your time :B

To your questions:

We would love to translated CT into other languages, but it’s a very costly thing to have done and I don’t think we’re at the level where that could happen right now. CT does pretty well month to month but the text right now is 3 novels long and it’s an actively edited script. So that means it would be very expensive and we’d have to call the translators back every time we do script revisions. If translation were to happen it would have to wait until after the script is closer to being finished so we don’t have to have translations edited as much, or if it started to sell significantly more in order to justify the costs.

There are fan translations that have been working on the game, but those are not under our control and we don’t dictate anything they do. If they need assistance we answer questions for them, but they translate at their own pace.

As for your second question, you can already do that if you learn the Renpy engine. The game engine itself is open source and available for anyone to use. All the assets are there, but working on a project like this is a lot of work so I don’t think many people will attempt it.

Thanks for the post and we’re excited to start working on the next romance! :B

(1 edit)

The nightmare secret is triggered after getting a final chapter epilogue ending for each romance, it will show up on the 4th play-through on NSFW mode, and you might miss it if you aren’t paying attention (it’s only one very short altered section of the scene, a minor sprite edit and a remark by Grace).

If you are stuck at 99% there was a bug that was preventing the Marion endings from “counting” in the percentage and you will have to run through them again real quick on skip (you can select the final chapter from each ending branch). If that isn’t it, you may be missing a Jessie ending credit (had the same issue early in release) - or the likely culprit is one of the Grace dates or Marion being hidden scenes when Alana comes to visit. You have to experience all 3 of both of those and they count for completion.

You should be able to see “what if?” multiple times, the issue is that you need to perform the exact steps listed, if you just jump to the chapter it will not work because the game doesn’t store those choices when you jump chapters. It’s an extremely specific set of choices that lead you to asking Jessie “What if?” The achievements should all be functional now, so it should work.

Thank you! :B

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Steps to getting a key on Patreon:

Pledge at the Beta Tester tier listed below.

After you pledge for a key at the on LittleNapoleon’s patreon, send LN a message on Patreon or Discord (preferably a direct message, those notify him), he will get back to you asap with a key. You can even poke me here if you pledge and I will poke him to check his DM’s on Patreon if you want to be extra sure he gets the message quickly.

After you get your key feel free to drop the pledge as soon as you want. You should keep access to all the other tier benefits until the end of your pledge, so feel free to check those out.

There’s no automation for this method yet as we’re still working out how we’ll be doing a storefront and who can process payments for it and will still offer purchased to German users. It’s a surprisingly complex topic.

I said that it didn’t sell well enough to justify getting it rated, and that’s true, but getting it rated is very expensive compared to our budget. I will say the game itself is doing great in our eyes, it’s even doing better than we expected on steam and itch. Our real funding comes through Patreon and it will likely always come through Patreon, high quality games take a lot of crowd support to make in niche topics.

No mainstream game studio would ever tackle a game like this, and big studios are usually necessary to make games at the quality people want to see. Big studios or very long time-frames. That means if we want to make a game that’s as high quality as we’d like to see, it takes a significant amount of support, and thankfully we’ve always had that through Patreon.

Really happy we got to see this through to release and make exactly the game we wanted, now I’m looking forward to the next chapters! :B

Hiya, I answered your question on F95, I’ll just copy paste it here:

This is actually not correct, in order to check the box on Steam you have to have the rating approved by the agency. In order to get USK approval and get a rating you need to pay an upfront fee of 1200 euros. We would have to apply for this again every time we updated the game and added content (that only costs 300 euros per update though). The issue is we wouldn’t make that much back from German sales. Unfortunately, the game just hasn’t sold well enough for that. Also, Steam would remove our game if we were found to be checking those boxes without actually getting the game rated by the agency specified, so it’s not worth the risk to us.

We’ve been looking into this for a long time so our German players get an equal experience where we can offer it.

If we go viral or something and the sales are significantly higher than they have been, we’ll definitely consider it.

We offer the game both on and stream - and we sell game keys redeemable on Steam through Patreon if you actually want it on Steam and are German.

Also because I’m not sure if you knew this, Steam recently changed how they do ratings on the platform and they include a steam survey that lets you know what ratings you would generate before registering with the official agency and when you plug in any adult content game now with visible sex in it like ours, it comes up with this:

Anyone getting around age ratings for German is either grandfathered in or something changed between them launching and us.

The story will return with him, not necessarily the specific story with Jessie.

Graces cleaned up images should be in a few weeks at most. It took us 7 years to make the game you’re playing so far, so the next romance will probably be at least a year. We have no hard dates though, no.

Steam has sold about 3400 copies and has sold about 600, so 4k all together. It’s fortunate the game was largely funded by Patreon though, we get paid monthly by fans every month who support the idea. I do not think the game would have been a success on it’s own otherwise (4000 sale is nothing to sneeze at, but it would not have funded the games production at the quality level we aimed for).

Glad you enjoyed the Grace path! :B

There’s no way to know for sure who is doing the quotes between chapters, that’s part of the larger mystery of the game and will be explored more in future dlc. But there are enough subtle hints that you could make a good guess - lots of players on discord have been trying to figure these mysteries out.

The finished Grace pics with shading should be available soonish, there are just a few more pictures to finalize, the update will be available to everyone who owns the game.

Just part of the mystery!

The large bloom isn’t really the best ending, it just means you got one of the furthest out endings, all the endings are valid in our eyes! It would tell you which is the key choice for getting other endings in the guide above.

There’s definitely more than one ending for Grace! :B

You would need to follow the endings up until those points and make sure you get the important choices in the instructions.

As for the reasons only he causes changes, that’s part of the mystery, that’s one of the things other players discuss a lot! :B

Most of the game is based directly on Scottish mythology, a small amount of it is improvised. Whenever we need something specific we do make it up, but a lot of the game is filled with direct references. The bairds and bg gallery are good places to learn a lot about the lore for our game too.

And Grace is indeed a reference to the loch ness monster, but the first sighting was 30 years after the game so we didn’t feel is appropriate to do anything crazy like that. :B

If you check out Bairds there’s some pretty good hints to what Grace is ;)

No need to pay, if you just scroll up in this post, the original post in this thread is a guide for getting each ending/easter egg/secret :B

Glad you’re enjoying it! :B

Thanks again!

Little Napoleon and myself did all of the artwork on the game, I don’t know how much they cost since we work on a profit split per month and I just do the work that’s asked of me. We’re excited for the future expansions too! :B

I’m not sure how much it cost, but we’ve been running our Patreon for 7 years now, and it’s up to around $8k at the moment. It wasn’t always up there, but that might give an idea of how much it cost over the length of development.

Thanks so much for the kind words! :B

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it! :B

The characters without faces and bodies and different parts are built that way because that’s one of the easier ways to interpret Renpy objects and put them together to reduce the workload on sprites and such.

You are right that Alanas incantations are in a free to use font that mimics the elvish in lotr, I think. It’s not story important no, just needed a magic looking font.

Not everyone gets the same happy endings I’m afraid, and the circumstances around Jessie and Marion’s transformations are much different, and their stories are different because of that. Sorry it wasn’t as happy as you’d have liked but we did want to make each story its own unique experience.

Slurp is currently bugged, it’ll be fixed in the next patch we do!

The easiest way to figure out how to get a romance is to turn on the hints systems in the preferences, it will place a little icon next to a romance option!


The last Jessie scene is from a specific post credits image in the Jessie path, try not to skip past it! It’s the both werewolf path branch, so if you’ve gotten that ending you may have skipped the post credits scene on accident.

The Grace one is one of the dates in chapter 3 “a promise kept” - you may have missed one of her dates here.

This looks like it just might not fit the particular resolution of this phone. There’s no way for us to verify the game at every resolution on every phone, unfortunately, so some will probably always be a bit off.

In the future we’ll be doing a general cleanup pass for mobile though and this will probably be one of the things we look at, hopefully within a month or two, but it depends on how far along with other things we are. Thanks for the report though, we’ll make sure we take a look at this!

It depends on the ending.

There are 3 characters in the game currently. The current plan is for 1 more that goes into the base game for free. The rest will be split into 2 DLC packages and released as they are finished. It will work like that on Itch and Steam regardless of which platform you pick it up on.

Marion’s changes stay until the end.