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Sexual encounters are kind of integral to the plot of the game, I’m afraid.

Thanks! :B

Thank you, we really appreciate hearing feedback :B

There’s a big list of things we need to go back and add to the old romances that includes small stuff like graphical tweaks and easter eggs and things like that, so there will be a bit more parity there. There’s also plans for much further in the future where we plan to come back and do something with the old chapters. Right now we’re just focused on finishing up the main 3 romances for the initial steam/itch complete 3 sisters release.

There will be more stuff about Effie in the future, nothing anything soon though unfortunately!

Oh, weird, I edited it. Not sure how it did .com when I just copied and pasted it :V

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The discord is open to all,

Glad to hear you like it! :B

Experiences are the different game endings, once you get one you’ll see it pop up there. The demo doesn’t have that many though.

As for a guide on easter eggs, the only guide I know of it the one I’ve pinned in the Changeling Tale discord spoiler discussion channel. It has the all of the easter eggs for the full game listed, so it includes things not in the demo. They are meant to be pretty hidden, most people don’t find more than a couple in a full playthrough, so that’s a normal experience.

No problem, if you have any issues let me know!

It’s a long game, full playthroughs tend to be 6 or 7 hours long per romance (in the full version), sometimes more.

I believe the tf’s don’t kick in for Marion until ch2.

This seems neat, but I don’t know that you’ll get much traction here on the demo forum, people mostly just come here for errors or questions on the games development, it isn’t really an active community. You might be better off asking in the CT discord if you really want to know this stuff :V

Yep! We just released a new build for Jessie’s chapter 4 on Patreon.

The demo realistically only has one future update planned, and that’s the preview chapter for the 4th romance after we finish the main 3 girls. All development builds (early access or the alpha) are exclusive to Patreon - once we finish Grace chapter 4 the first full release will be available on itch and steam.

If you have any other questions, let me know!

There might be one more demo update down the line with a 4th romance preview but after that, probably not. There will be a full (paid) release up at the end of the year (we hope).

We’re pushing as soon as possible 2022, but it’s likely winter if I were to guess. No guarantees though :V

Oh hm, I’ll run this by the lead dev and have him reply back!

Thank you, we really appreciate hearing when people enjoy the game :B

All of the upper songs are originally made by our composer Cheasydino, I don’t think he’s posted them on Youtube (we leave distribution of the soundtrack outside of the game up to him) but they are available on Steam for purchase here:

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks so much for solving this!

You definitely should, this won’t be fixed without their tech team and responses on their discord have been one message a day or two or worse (from non tech employees that won’t contact them). Their email support system is backed up over a month from user reports on the discord.

Thanks for figuring this out, I’ll keep bugging them about it.

Latest response seems to say switch to the new api, they might have broken something accidentally and probably won’t fix it.

Out of curiosity are you using the v1 or v2 for your api requests?

There’s people reporting they are having this issue on v2 as well so it might be a patreon api issue, they haven’t had any announcements (that I can see) about v1 being discontinued yet.

Patreon devs say this appears to be on’s side related to permissions, they aren’t sure what the issue is without more information though.

Same issue for our game, came to make a post about this. Adblock and Script blockers disabled, seems to be everyone trying to access the game.

Yep, we’ve added more as the game has progressed!

Perhaps, there will be future romances :B

She’s next up for a final chapter in the patreon build, she has a chapter 3 in the patreon build too.

Will be on Itch when we finish all 3 of the main girls in a few months too.

There is! There’s a hint system in the menus that’ll show you the options you have to pick for her if you’re having a hard time :B

Hiya, we’re welcome to people who want to do fan translation work for the game - and we already have (or had?) someone interested in translating the game into Russian. I’m not sure they are still working on it, but if you’d like to talk with the lead dev about it, you should hop into our discord and send Little Napoleon a message about it :B



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Thank’s for the report! Recently Renpy split their 32 and 64 bit executables and the 32bit one has been getting flagged as a virus on a limited number of virus detection software (including windows base one unfortunately). There’s nothing we can do but hope that it’s eventually flagged as safe by windows in a future definition update and inform people that it’s expected behavior.

If you have 64bit system you shouldn’t need the 32bit executable anyway, if you do need it you’ll have to flag it as safe and restore it.

We’re hoping to have the three first romances in a steam release by the end of the year, yes.

Unfortunately we don’t have a hard release date on Steam right now, we’re planning to release it on Steam and Itch once the main 3 romances are done though.

There’s no alternative to Patreon at this time, sorry :(