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Perhaps, there will be future romances :B

She’s next up for a final chapter in the patreon build, she has a chapter 3 in the patreon build too.

Will be on Itch when we finish all 3 of the main girls in a few months too.

There is! There’s a hint system in the menus that’ll show you the options you have to pick for her if you’re having a hard time :B

Hiya, we’re welcome to people who want to do fan translation work for the game - and we already have (or had?) someone interested in translating the game into Russian. I’m not sure they are still working on it, but if you’d like to talk with the lead dev about it, you should hop into our discord and send Little Napoleon a message about it :B



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Thank’s for the report! Recently Renpy split their 32 and 64 bit executables and the 32bit one has been getting flagged as a virus on a limited number of virus detection software (including windows base one unfortunately). There’s nothing we can do but hope that it’s eventually flagged as safe by windows in a future definition update and inform people that it’s expected behavior.

If you have 64bit system you shouldn’t need the 32bit executable anyway, if you do need it you’ll have to flag it as safe and restore it.

We’re hoping to have the three first romances in a steam release by the end of the year, yes.

Unfortunately we don’t have a hard release date on Steam right now, we’re planning to release it on Steam and Itch once the main 3 romances are done though.

There’s no alternative to Patreon at this time, sorry :(

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Hiya, we’re still fiddling with the mobile interface - we’ve increased the button size 3 times already, and might need need to do it again.

As for making it past chapter 1, I assume you’re getting the ending where Malcolm stays alone? You need to pick a girl and focus on them, if you choose to go to different places each time you might end up not spending enough time with any of them :P

There are 3 romances in the demo and they each go to the end of their respective second chapters.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :B

Each one is triggered by a different action that you can perform on the screen at a certain time. I can’t remember how many secrets the demo has unlocked, but there’s one in the nightmare scene, one related to the cowbell (that you found), and one with grace in the cave (you also found this one). I think these are the only ones in the demo.

We probably won’t go up to ch4 with the free content unfortunately, but when they will eventually be released for a flat price on here. If you’re itching to play the newer chapters they are available in the patreon builds only for now :(

I think we have one more major demo update planned but it is a long time out.

Monetarily right now, no, no way that will give you access to the previw builds we put out regularly, I’m afraid. We plan to release a build on Itch and Steam once we have 3 chapters finalized and the rest will be some combination of character package releases, but until then there just isn’t a way.

Unfortunately we have no way to distribute the builds to people on any other platform like we do on Patreon. We’ve considered Subscribestar but they don’t have a functional api or integration unfortunately.

Aside from that message above, I have confirmed that your fixes have resulted in fixing both of the problems now.

The campaign owner is now able to refresh the campaign details (he was previously receiving the same error I was when trying to connect and disconnect patreon), and I am now able to verify my pledge and get access.

I’m still concerned that you’re being told we don’t actually have tiers (because I’ve had other people test and we all definitely have tiers selected), but it does work now at least.

Hm, that’s odd because I have confirmed that the error was effecting everyone on our campaign, and I double checked and Patreon does confirm I have a tier with rewards selected.

Perhaps Patreon is erroneously reporting that information in the api then?

I’ve asked them to do that, I’ll let you know if it works for them.

The account owner is also getting the same error when they try to refresh the campaign from the settings window where you set up the link between patreon and the game on

Yes, I’m a pledge on the patreon account at the $10 tier, and access comes in at the $3 tier.

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If I hit refresh on the error page, I get the error: “failed api request POST oauth2/token 401: {“error”: “invalid_grant”}”

(Not sure this is helpful at all)

I’m specifically trying to gain access to an alpha build we deploy using this link:

We haven’t changed the link or changed the settings at all since it was setup a few years ago.

Clicking that link takes me to the Patreon page to allow access, then to the error.

Just tried right this second and I’m still getting the “There was an error with your request” error.

Also confirming that the errors are back again, “There was an error with your request”

And right as I was checking the issue again it appears to be partially fixed. Claiming games now work, we are still getting the “There is an error with your request” when trying to use the “Refresh campaigns” button in the product settings page.

Patreon just informed us that they think they pushed a fix related to this, but it doesn’t appear to have fixed the issue at all. I’m not sure if it’s an issue on Patreon or’s side still. It sounds like they have changed how the api works though.

I notice when you log connect to Patreon using Itch that Itch says there is a minimum dollar amount to gain access. Patreon recently localized currencies based on the users and this broke a lot of things for people using dollar amount instead of tier names to determine whether someone gets a reward or not. This may or may not be related but I figured I’d toss it in as a possible reason for the errors.

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Our game is also having this issue, not sure what broke (Patreon or Itch side), but we’re reporting it to Patreon as well.

Sorry to hit you with the feels, bruh.

The full game will be released to the public, but not for free.

Right now there is no alternative method outside of this demo (which will stop updating with one more characters intro chapters added most likely), the game is still in development, which is why it’s on Patreon. Unfortunately we don’t have an alternative for getting them as they come out other than Patreon :(

When it’s finished it will be released for sale on both Itch here and Steam.

There’s a second one with Malcolm by himself.

That’s one of Malcolms bad ends, I think that’s the one where you connect with none of the girls.

Oh uh… it sounds like you are playing the $25 0.81 early alpha preview build of the game which you downloaded off of f95 (or another site which hosts pirated content), which is currently a beta version that doesn’t have all the flags working, not the demo. This is working as intended for a preview build.

If you’re a $25 backer, you can ask on Patreon for support in the future and don’t need to post on the page! If you’re not, I’m sorry it’s bugged, but when people post these early versions they aren’t supposed to be full releases so you’re going to end up with bugs like that.

It’s possible, you’re not getting the bad end with her are you?

The demo represents a very small portion of the total planned game content, and yes. :V

There are hidden achievements in the demo and the full game - obviously more in the full game right now. There will be more as we release more content as well.

The minigame should work, you can move left and right with the left and right arrow keys and click to move forward, might also be able to use space as well. If it’s not working I’m not sure what the issue is, some people on the discord might be able to diagnose it.

We’re currently translating the game into russian, I don’t know about other languages, if you’re interested in translating you’ll have to hope on the discord and talk to LittleNapoleon, our lead developer about it!

It’ll be updated soon, the final grace 3 hasn’t finished just yet, we’re finishing up the assets for it now, should be a week or two.