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Good luck!

The Grace path has not had chapter 2 added to the demo yet, but it will be soon (within a few weeks).

Yes, and steam does allow sexual content now. When it's finished you'll be able to pick it up on here or on steam!

They're in there! As a hint, they involve clicking on the screen during certain scenes :B

Thanks a bunch! Maybe the dream sequence is a portent of things to come! :B

The demo will eventually be updated, we're looking at adding grace's chapter 2 to the demo here in a few weeks.

Thank you! :B

Yeah, should be fun, I may do a solo sequel to this comic via my personal patreon, we'll see if there's interest when I get around to comics.

Not while we're developing Changeling Tale, I don't think x3

Chapter 1 is split between 3 characters and doesn't really give you an idea of what the entire game contains, (also chapter 1 is much longer than chapter 2 for one girl, so we put it together first).

Thanks a ton for the feedback, I'll send this to our writers for ya!

They are definitely doing some great work - and we're hoping the full game will keep that quality up for the entire story across 7+ romances :B

Made a change, did that fix it?

I'll let LN  know, thanks! :B


Really appreciate the feedback, hope you'll enjoy the finished game when it's finally released :B

If you have any issues, comments, critique or otherwise, feel free to let us know! :B

Please feel free to leave any feedback about the game, we appreciate you taking the time to play it!