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There’s a second one with Malcolm by himself.

That’s one of Malcolms bad ends, I think that’s the one where you connect with none of the girls.

Oh uh… it sounds like you are playing the $25 0.81 early alpha preview build of the game which you downloaded off of f95 (or another site which hosts pirated content), which is currently a beta version that doesn’t have all the flags working, not the demo. This is working as intended for a preview build.

If you’re a $25 backer, you can ask on Patreon for support in the future and don’t need to post on the page! If you’re not, I’m sorry it’s bugged, but when people post these early versions they aren’t supposed to be full releases so you’re going to end up with bugs like that.

It’s possible, you’re not getting the bad end with her are you?

The demo represents a very small portion of the total planned game content, and yes. :V

There are hidden achievements in the demo and the full game - obviously more in the full game right now. There will be more as we release more content as well.

The minigame should work, you can move left and right with the left and right arrow keys and click to move forward, might also be able to use space as well. If it’s not working I’m not sure what the issue is, some people on the discord might be able to diagnose it.

We’re currently translating the game into russian, I don’t know about other languages, if you’re interested in translating you’ll have to hope on the discord and talk to LittleNapoleon, our lead developer about it!

It’ll be updated soon, the final grace 3 hasn’t finished just yet, we’re finishing up the assets for it now, should be a week or two.

Hey, glad you enjoyed it, really appreciate the feedback!

We’re big fans of meaningful narrative and really happy it’s been this well received.

Good news is, we just uploaded Grace’s chapter 3 preview to the latest patron build, rounding out all of the chapter 3’s so far. So there’s should be a decent bit of story for you to explore :B

Hiya, hope you enjoyed the comic! :B

I’ll let LittleNapoleon know to check it out.

There’s some minor growth in Marion Jessie and Grace 3rd chapters, they are Patreon only builds though.

I’m not sure what you mean, each romance in the game has 3 chapters and a section in the introduction chapter planned.

So right now we have 2 chapters almost done for the 3 main romances. The other chapters will be other romances entirely, you will not be able to romance Marion/Grace/Jessie outside of the Marion/Grace/Jessie chapters. As for height growth, there is a couple things but they will not become giants or anything like that.

Glad you found it, I’ll let LN know you sent him direct feedback! :B

Chapter 4 is the final chapter for each characters story, there will be more stories and characters outside of the main 3 romances though.

We’ll be updating the demo with Grace’s 2nd chapter once we update the private build with her 3rd chapter within the next couple months.

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Right now there is only one minigame in the game, and it isn’t available on the Android version of the game (we haven’t gotten it working yet for Android).


It’s in Marion’s chapter 2 and you access it by clicking the bell on the cows horn after it runs away with the necklace you are trying to give her.

I believe it's all available as a reward on the Patreon, but I'll send the lead dev/composer in to answer for ya!


Changeling Tale is actually an in development game, the Patreon features the latest builds, which are ahead of the demo. Right now we're working on the originally planned 3 romances that make up the introduction to the game. As soon as we finish the first of the romances we'll be introducing the 4th romance who is a male character that is changed into an anthro female.

There are more male to female transformations planned than this, but they are further down the line when we hit the "2nd part" of the story. The game has 11 planned romances, and lots of transformations planned, but we're a small team so content comes slow.

Good luck!

The Grace path has not had chapter 2 added to the demo yet, but it will be soon (within a few weeks).

Yes, and steam does allow sexual content now. When it's finished you'll be able to pick it up on here or on steam!

They're in there! As a hint, they involve clicking on the screen during certain scenes :B

Thanks a bunch! Maybe the dream sequence is a portent of things to come! :B

The demo will eventually be updated, we're looking at adding grace's chapter 2 to the demo here in a few weeks.

Thank you! :B

Yeah, should be fun, I may do a solo sequel to this comic via my personal patreon, we'll see if there's interest when I get around to comics.

Not while we're developing Changeling Tale, I don't think x3

Chapter 1 is split between 3 characters and doesn't really give you an idea of what the entire game contains, (also chapter 1 is much longer than chapter 2 for one girl, so we put it together first).

Thanks a ton for the feedback, I'll send this to our writers for ya!

They are definitely doing some great work - and we're hoping the full game will keep that quality up for the entire story across 7+ romances :B

Made a change, did that fix it?

I'll let LN  know, thanks! :B


Really appreciate the feedback, hope you'll enjoy the finished game when it's finally released :B

If you have any issues, comments, critique or otherwise, feel free to let us know! :B

Please feel free to leave any feedback about the game, we appreciate you taking the time to play it!