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like the look of the game but i have to ask is there going to be any growing or transformation of any kind?

can't wait for episode 6 soon.

i gotcha i just wanted to ask and i really hope the game goes well.

As far as the public build on here will there any updates for chapter 4 in the future? I honestly love the game and glad certain ideas and innovations can be tied in.

Thank you so much.

Sorry if I made any misunderstandings and I was wondering if you guys check my message from the website.

Not giants really I understand the misunderstanding there I mean like taller than Malcolm or maybe their chest get larger depending on their bodies before transformation. But again that's just my opinion. I really can see Jessie getting taller than Malcolm in some degree and Marion well I can her getting really big in chest area and I hope height but that's just cuz I like her the best so far. Im sorry if im asking or saying too much. Im fine with this novel I just think their should a bit of those growths slightly if a little for each one. But im really just hoping you guys consider it. And I hope im pestering too much with your great work. Also I wish you guys get success with these visual novels. I just really if not little in everyone then maybe one girl transforms to be way bigger than Malcolm but like 7ft or maybe 8 but not expecting the super big part since that's too much reworking and I want respect your guys work.

Its a pretty long comment but I hope it all makes sense.

I gotcha but will the main three be romanceable in those other chapters or no? Also will there be a transformation invovling them getting super tall for a certain character hopefully female in my case?

Will there be parts after Chapter 4 of the 3 romances involving more change?

Thank you so much I tried finding the scene but I just couldn't figure it out Thanks!

Also I left you guys my comment on your website contact list I think.

What about the minigames I can't find them can someone give me a hint?

And I hope the girls can grow as well in future updates to come.

Thank you so much I say this because not many people add that. Also I specifically mean height and chest growth for the girls of course.

I was wondering will there be any items to look for in making the characters you love grow taller or bigger in certain areas. That is one of the hot stuffs I see could be interesting in this game.

No worries I was wondering if there will be any growth effects with the girls in the game.

Also have you thought about growth effects for this game. Examples of these effects are from Growth Academy and Time Tenshi to show you. I just thought I ask.

I have a few questions to ask will there be any DLC for this game?


Does magic in the game make your romance interest have height growth?

Are their height or be effects?

With Magic in the game could there be effects that grow the characters you date like be or gts wise. I really like to see that as a event or magic skill.

Good to know thank you.

I understand and don't worry i will.

Isure will im glad the progress your making is going well can't wait to play this. Also i will keep improvement ideas in mind if something comes up. Also any bugs i should know about?

Will there be an evolution feature where you can make the girls bigger in certain ways?

Awesome story with great mechanics.

Hey there in this game can the scienfically grown lab food make u have like superpowers or certain types of growth effects im just curious and can u get it to your lover? These are my questions before playing.

This the first game or the sequel? If so where can i find the first game.

Also do u of any mods that could make DDLC  have growth effects?

Thank you but where would i look for someone to make the  mod exactly?

Hey new here and i was wondering if there was a my hero academia dating sim novel thank you for making this. I hope we get one with all characters from the anime in this format.

This is just one major thing i wanted to throw out there and see if there's a way to implement the suggestion in game or at least be taken into consideration. My idea/suggestion was added secret Easter egg power ups/items that the player could use on the girls to either help them over there forced Monika demons or just for some random side plot fun if any.