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Easter Eggs

A topic by Smokingenius created Jun 10, 2019 Views: 1,661 Replies: 8
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Has anyone found them yet? I have been through the game and thoroughly mapped out the choices. I think I have gotten pretty much everything done, all the scenes, experiences, etc. However, the Easter Eggs elude me, and my Experiences page reads 96%. I suspect this is why. Has anyone gotten the eggs yet and 100% the demo?


They're in there! As a hint, they involve clicking on the screen during certain scenes :B

Interesting. I will see if I can figure out what the scenes are.


Good luck!

What about the minigames I can't find them can someone give me a hint?

Developer (2 edits)

Right now there is only one minigame in the game, and it isn’t available on the Android version of the game (we haven’t gotten it working yet for Android).


It’s in Marion’s chapter 2 and you access it by clicking the bell on the cows horn after it runs away with the necklace you are trying to give her.


Thank you so much I tried finding the scene but I just couldn't figure it out Thanks!

Also I left you guys my comment on your website contact list I think.


Glad you found it, I’ll let LN know you sent him direct feedback! :B

Its a pretty long comment but I hope it all makes sense.