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Sin, we've known each other a bit since you started releasing this, and though I have taken a step back from support (you know why), I fully support ya man. Do what YOU need to do, something you have heard from me before, and don't worry, you aren't the only Dev I know of who has gone through, is going through, something. Take the time you need, release what You can, when You can, and know that there are plenty of us got your back! Thanks for your Service, not just as a Dev, but in the Military!

Damn! That's quite the can of worms ya opened up there! I really hope that you are able to get some of it situated enough to have SOME semblance of calm! Take your time, and when you get back to it, you do! Until then, will be rooting for ya buddy!

Take your time Ark! This is a pretty big and ambitious system you are plugging into your builds, and if takes a bit longer to get it just right, take the time you need! You've been chugging away and popping this out on the weekly for HOW MANY YEARS NOW?! Now you are in the final stages of your story, really revving things up, adding some really cool new stuff, and it's gonna take a bit longer... I think we can patiently wait! Keep up the awesome work, and don't let the Eldritch eat you in the process Bro!

Yes! Looking forward to the new content! Thanks as always for this wonderful game Carib!

That was fun! Looking forward to the first chapter/part/what-eva ya plan to call it! Prologue v2 was good, and a nice improvement on first version, so keep up the great work!

Looking forward to Friday!

Happy Birthday Kiddle! Just some light jest from a guy turning 49 this May! Have an awesome day, and keep up the great work! Remember, no matter where you go, there you are!

Yeah, it just wasn't showing up when I was looking earlier, no download links.  Fine now,  so no problems.

So, was this just news, or was there supposed to be links for downloading here? Just a bit confused...

LOL!!! Smart arse! Funny guy! Points for funny shite!

Awesome! Was looking forward to the next release! Thanks!


Yes, counting them all up IS totally worth it! Yes, it does make you a Hero! Yes, that might be a little Sarcasm and Humor, but all in good fun, and Congrats on One Year my good sir!

I'm glad to hear that you are safe and sound, and I too wish that one day you can return to your home country. This whole thing has been a tragedy, and my thoughts have been with you and all the people have been put through this horrific event. May you and your family know peace, and may this whole crazy series of events be brought to an end. Supporter at heart.

Well, looks like I will have to give 1.1 a try...just to see what fixes are in far so good though.

I've been waiting for this since I saw your art on certain other Discords...and now, I get to see it in action! YES!!! Looking forward to playing, and good luck!

Take care of yourself first and foremost, and after that, anything else is a plus! Really wish this insanity would stop, for you dealing with that, and for those in Russia having to deal with their insane leader driving this thing ever forward, for those who have zero interest in this whole debacle. man. I know you will be happy when that new PSU shows up, until then, just take it easy, and don't kill your computer! 

Played through and enjoyed, but there are some glaring grammatical issues, like "Am" instead of "I'm", or "been" and "being" used in place of each other. A good proofreader will definitely help fix those issues, but outside of that, really looking forward to the future of this.

A lot of what Jestur wanted to fix in Episode 1 was visual, to bring it up to the same level as the rest as he kept getting better ass he went along, and wanted it all to look like the same level, visual-quality-wise. It's not a rewrite of the story, just fixing the visuals to bring it up to the same level he got it to once he got to Episode 2 and beyond.

That's Day 4, because it's right after Kat's Ascendence...

Well damn! That is quite a hefty amount of work! Looking forward to how it all turns out once it reaches Public release. Gonna be quite the play-through....

Now THAT sounds like fun!

Ah...THAT is something I can understand and appreciate. If there is nothing but following a bunch of arrows, crap music, and lack of story...count me unimpressed, and out...I don't get into rhythm games either, so it never would have entered my interest zone, but looked it up...and the graphics just look...yeah, I can see why you would see it as gar-bage...

Ah, I really didn't read much, thought was more about FNIA...which I I said, FNF itself (if you are speaking of Five Nights at Freddys), I don't know from a hole in the wall. I'm more speaking of my time with FNIA. In which case, I got lost in MY understanding, in which case, boy do I fumble on that one!

I like the story. Honestly, I've never had any connections with the original source material, and that includes Five Nights at Freddys. I also have a fondness for all types of non-human girls, so they all tickle my fancy! I find it refreshing, entertaining, and well done. Thank you for this, honest. I gave it a positive response, because to me, it's enjoyable. Everyone has their own preferences though.

No Problema!

It's okay. Here's to hoping that everything work out for the best for you. I sincerely wish this insanity wasn't affecting you and the others I know that it is affecting, as you aren't the only Dev being affected, whether in the Ukraine, or in Russia, people who shouldn't have to deal with this craziness. Know that there are people like me hoping for the best, and wishing that our Leaders would do something besides useless word wrangling (I live in the US of A, and I really wish that our country was as forward about helping as it is about "spreading 'Freedom and Democracy' " to places like the Middle East....just my personal opinion), just know you aren't outside of our thoughts and well wishes. Here's to hoping things can find some way to end for the better, and you can get back to doing what you enjoy, and bringing smiles to those, like myself, who enjoy your game!


Scott Yerger - a friend in the US

Sorry to hear this. I wish you luck finding a place.

Really looking forward to this, as I know it will be worth the wait! Again, really sorry for your loss, and hope that you are as well as can be considering the circumstances. Thanks as always for your hard work on this game!

Keep up the awesome work my friend, and rest up and take care of yourself once this part is done, taking time to take care of the things you need to, knowing your online Fam is here for ya when you need us. I'm the patient type, game-wise, maybe not always people-wise, and knowing what you've been through lately...I'm just glad to see you still have your head in it. Looking forward to the update, and more! Keep the faith bro.

Damn...I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Do what you need to, and when you are ready to come back, we'll be waiting, and hoping that you are feeling a bit better.

Glad to hear you are still alive and holding strong my friend. Know that there are plenty of people out here hoping for an end to the ceaseless and pointless hostilities in your country, and that you can, at some point, go back to a peaceful existence once more!

I am very much looking forward to the public release on the 12th! All of the waiting, and I know it will be worth it!

I am so looking forward to this coming out! A good game is always worth the wait, and you have built a good game!

Those look awesome, and I am looking forward to these updates! Keep up the great work!

Oh! My! Goddess! This was to precious for words!

better cooling will definitely be something you need to consider, especially if you are going to get a better graphics card. Depending on the program you are using to make it with (HS2, AI Shoujo can be resource hogs, but DAZ is by far heavy on it, thus run your system a bit hotter), you need more than a basic cooling system, at least more than one fan in your computer.