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Real email from

A topic by matheusfreitas created Jul 31, 2017 Views: 264 Replies: 5
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Hi, i'm having some problems with payment: they charged and didn't give my game I've sent email to but they didn't seem to care.

They have another e-mail? Or anybody can help me? Thanks.

Admin (2 edits) (+1) is the correct email, we read emails daily but sometimes we have a lot to get through. I'll double check to make sure we didn't miss yours, how long ago did you send it? Thanks

Admin moved this topic to Questions, Ideas & Feedback

Thanks leafo, it was sent 3 days ago using the email from  this account. Still didn't receive nothing.

Still waiting. I think you guys understand my hurry since i did want to play the game on saturday but until now i didn't receive nothing: feedback, game or credit card refund.



Hey, sorry about the delay. I forwarded the message to the person that handles support, they should have gotten to it by now. Thanks

Thanks leafo, it was solved.

Appreciate the help. ;-)